How can we bring you the quality that premium brands boast about? What can we do to deliver our products to you at an affordable price?

These are the questions that compelled our CEO, Asad Fancy, to start Elegante as an online venture.

The answers would come to define our brand and its offerings in the future.

Elegante became a major supplier for quality clothing major retail stores and wholesale markets throughout the country.

And soon, we took the initiative to introduce our clothing brand – all in an effort to facilitate our customers with products they would genuinely enjoy.

It’s what strengthened our appeal! The strong, positive feedback meant we were doing it right. From there, we learned to strive higher.

There’s no doubt about it – when you wear our products – you’ll feel the distinctive quality and the reassuring comfort that are synonymous with Elegante.

Call or send us a text at +92 336 2117472 for any queries you might have. Our team will assist you with any problems that may arise.

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