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How to Measure Your Body – A Complete Guide

When you go shopping, the biggest challenge is to find well-fitting clothing. Sometimes you do not have the option to try on the shirt you really liked, and sometimes it’s just plain ill-fitting even if you do get to the trying room. At that point, you hang the article back because who wants to waste money on something they are unsure of. This means you didn’t get the item you liked and probably have to settle for something that will be available out of sheer convenience.

Online shopping is a different ball game. Almost all brands have e-commerce stores and an online presence. Knowing your exact measurements becomes very critical when you purchase online. You don’t have to try on clothes that don’t fit. But once you press the “Order Now” button and complete the processing, you anxiously anticipate and imagine what the item would look like. No one wants to be disappointed after waiting days for the shipments to arrive only to find out that it does not fit them.

How to avoid this kind of fashion disappointment? You can read on and learn how to take your body measurements. Elegante’s online store has a size chart attached to every item, which helps you match your measurements before every purchase. This way, you can avail the best shopping experience and make sure you purchase the correct size.

General Considerations before starting to take measurements

Consider the following before starting the measurements:

  1. You mustn’t have thick layers of clothing on you when measuring your body. Clothing like sweaters, coats, and pullovers prevent your actual measurements from coming through.
  2. It is advised that you wear only a thin layer of fitted garments. This way, you will get the correct measurements.
  3. Stand with your feet together while taking your measurements. Be relaxed as much as you can and avoid slouching at all times.

Jot down your accurate body measurements and keep them on you while shopping.

What you will need to take measurements

An inelastic tape is essential. When getting the suitable measurement tape, be sure that it is flexible as it can bend. You can look online for good ones as there are many brands available. Take your body measurement at least twice to be sure and remove any inaccuracies.

What to Ensure

For all your body measurements, you should pull the tape measure so that it lands flat on the skin surface. However, do not compress the skin; you will only get an inaccurate reading.

Ideally, you should record your measurements in a progress chart every four weeks to ensure you do not end up buying the wrong size.

Men’s Measurement

Alpha and Numeric Men’s Shirt Size

Men’s shirts usually come in Alpha sizes; they are labeled Small, Medium, or Large. There is no rocket science in there. Casual shirts come in alpha labeling, whereas formal shirts for men are numbered with the sizes. To figure out what alpha or numeric size you are, take your measurements and compare them on the size charts available on the Elegante website.

How to measure men’s shirts?

  1. Start by measuring your neck, as most formal wear translates collar size to this measurement. Wrap the measuring tape around your throat. Once you have the tape in place, place two fingers between your neck and the tape and take the measure. Your fingers will allow some space for breathing once you button the collar.
  2. For the chest measurement, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest and backside. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground and pin the tape between your arm and side as you wrap it around yourself to ensure accuracy.

How to measure men’s trousers?

Measuring your lower body can be tricky.

Your waist starts at the height you wear your trousers. However, if you are unclear where your pants should be, you can always begin measuring your torso, approximately an inch below your belly button. Stand tall and place one finger between your body and the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement. This way, you will get a comfortable measure.

For the inseam and outseam, it is advisable to wear shoes and wear a trouser that fits you. For the inseam, measure the underside of the crotch to the bottom of the ankle. The correct measurement will cover the ankles and not show socks while you stand.

For the outseam, take a measure from your waist to the ankles.

Women’s Measurements

When it comes to women’s shirt measurements, the following measurements will prove to be helpful.

  1. When measuring the neck, wrap the tape at the base of the neck and above the collar bone. This will give you a precise measurement of your neck.
  2. For the shoulder measure, start off by measuring the base of your neck right in the middle of the shoulder and along the shoulder’s tip. Ensure that the measuring tape does not slip at any of the ends.
  3. To measure the arm length, bend your arm slightly and measure your arm from your shoulder, to elbow, then to the wrist. You will need a friend or colleague to help you measure your arm as it can be challenging to do so on your own.

How to Measure for women’s trouser

Waist and Hips

Do not use your old pants for the job. Measure your torso right below the rib cage, bringing the tape slightly closer to your belly button. Ensure the measuring tape you are using is not bent or twisted as you wrap it around your waist.

Wrap the tape across the largest part of your hip area and take the measure. Do not wrap too tight, as this can throw off the hip measure. Please note that hip bone is not the ideal hip measure.


Once you know how to measure your body, you will never experience a fashion disaster. You can confidently choose the best clothing item online from any store, provided they have a sizing chart available.

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timeless mens winter fashion
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5 Timeless Men’s Winter Fashion Trends

The trees are barren in the blink of an eye, your breath is fogging up windows, and the cool days are drifting by slowly and surely. Winter is on its way. It’s time to pull out your warmest clothing. But, if you do not know where to begin, we have got you covered. We’ve collected a list of some of the popular activities this season, as well as men’s winter fashion ideas that go along with them. Learn more about 5 timeless men’s winter fashion trends this season you should be investing in and not missing out on.

1. Winter Party and Wedding Edition

The current men’s winter fashion party and wedding trends are the talk of the town despite the pandemic. If you are looking forward to seeing co-workers and loved ones again or planning a socially distant get-together, it’s time to put your party pants on. Put on a pair of straight-leg pants with pleated accents, and you can embrace the revival of the 70s fashion. Participate in this year’s retro theme by wearing a warm turtleneck under a suit jacket.

Skip the suit trimmings and opt for a basic pairing of jeans with a solid formal shirt for a more laid-back look. Striped dress shirts are the ideal combination of class and elegance. These button-ups aren’t your run-of-the-mill shirts. Experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors to find you’re a style that fits you best. Micro-textures and conversational designs such as dots and diamonds should be given a shot.

Naturally, no ensemble is complete without a pair of shoes. Put on a stylish pair of lace-up boots or chukkas.

2. Winter Work Wear Edition

This winter, some of you may have to return to work. Maybe you conducted a lot of web research and Skype messages with your colleagues to figure out what to wear to work. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one who felt this way.

When deciding what to wear to work in winter, starting with the exterior is a good idea. Men’s winter fashion this year will be dominated by outerwear. Choose a coat first. A trench coat or woolen overcoat can keep you warm if your workplace dress requirement is business formal or professional. Use a work jacket or pea coat with fleece inside to keep warm.

If you are still working from home with a relaxed dress code, you may dress in anything from a parka to a trucker jacket to your heaviest sweatshirt.

The classic men’s hoodie is another item that perfectly fits men’s winter fashion this year. Experiment with woodsy browns and burgundy if you are new. Want to try something new? Use a marled or heathered knit to add extra color to your outfit. Take your hoodie game up a notch with an embroidered design if your workplace permits it. For those rushing into meetings, a statement-striped sweater provides a professional punch.

3. Winter Gym Wear Edition

This year, winter fashion for men will be dominated by athleisure and loungewear. It’s always a good idea to be comfortable at home and working out. Your trip to the gym will be more relaxed and fun if you opt for fleece-lined joggers. Track pant is a good option too, for comfort and warmth. Wear these jogging alternatives to work out inside or outdoors.

Add a premium tracksuit to your wardrobe. Essential hues like black, red, and navy will simplify your styling routine so you can focus on your training. Look for a slim-fitting design you can wear over a shirt and beneath heavier layers. Extendable sleeves are advantageous since they allow you to manage your body temperature while exercising.

4. Winter Trekking Edition

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. Go for a stroll through the white-blanketed forests and look for inspiration on how to dress fashionably in winter because you might just get some.

While you do so, we have some advice on how to layer up so you can look stylish. Layer your ensemble with a checkered flannel to embrace the winter trekking trend. Buffalo check was predicted to be a key trend last year, and it’s not going away this season. Wear it knotted, closed, or even open around your waist if you’re feeling hot on your trek to the summit.

While trekking, you don’t want to be carrying too much weight in your backpack or on your person. Simple layers are an excellent option. You can start with a warm thermal tee. If it’s made of wool, you will not have to worry about the cold all that much. This warm knit is ideal for keeping body heat in. Opt for merino wool as it is much softer than ordinary wool yarn.

5. Winter Casual Edition

It’s time to go inside the house and warm up after and nice walk in the snow. Take the comfortable winter sensations to the next level with embroidered crewneck tees. Pair your favorite crewneck tee with joggers or sweatpants to go street style. Look into fleece alternatives when it’s time to update your at-home outfit. Lined joggers and a matching fleece hoodie in classic blue or warm brown will help you relax.

Layer fleece on fleece for fun and to add warmth. Stick to neutral colors underneath and brighter tones on top to add personality to your clothing. To beat the winter blues, think honey yellows and flaming reds.

The ultimate balance of comfort and style is a sherpa bomber jacket or a trucker-inspired shacket layer. Whatever laid-back vibe you choose, don’t forget to finish the outfit with a pair of warm slippers.

Are you ready to up your winter wardrobe this year? The tips and trends provided above will help you make this possible so that you look your absolute best, regardless of the occasion and location. This winter is about keeping it comfortable and stylish and sticking to basic colors while also experimenting with colors where you can. Feel like adding something, leave a comment below!

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Top 5 Men’s Formal Dress Shirts Your Wardrobe Should Have

Formal shirts are a fundamental part of a man’s wardrobe. They are among the essential articles of clothing, seeing they are useful for a variety of events and occasions. It is important that you look neat in your office meetings but also look dapper during a night out. Having different types of formal dress shirts in the closet is always a good idea because sooner or later, they do come to use.

Several factors come into play when buying the right dress shirt. The shirt’s fit is just as important as the design and color. The best fittings are done by getting a shirt stitched by a tailor. The tailor ensures the shirt is stitched to your exact proportions. Whether you’re looking for men’s office wear shirts or shirts that you can wear otherwise, these basic shirts are something you should have in your closet.

Basic Formals

A crisp white shirt is the cornerstone of any man’s wardrobe. It is a basic necessity. The versatility of a high-quality, well-fitting formal shirt is unquestionable. It can be worn with formal trousers or be paired with jeans to create a smart-casual look which is very popular. A timeless piece, it is perhaps the most classic and traditional look.

white formal shirt

A plain white shirt with a medium spread collar and barrel cuffs ensures that it can be worn to formal events and casual settings. It is better to choose a medium-weight fabric because that will ensure it can be worn year-round. Thin materials are suitable only for the summer, while thicker fabrics are suited to winter. A medium-weight fabric makes the shirt versatile, making it feel comfortable and look good no matter how it is paired.

Checkered Shirts

Subtle and classic, checkered shirts are always an excellent go-to option when nothing else works. The right checkered shirt looks perfect when paired with a suit and a plain tie. You could add a printed pocket square to give your outfit a little boost. If you prefer to go for a smart-casual look, checkered shirts can be paired with cropped trousers and a pair of sneakers.

blue and white checkered shirts

There are a variety of checkered shirts available with different sizes of checks. If you’re unsure about what type of checkered shirt to buy, it is always sensible to stick to the basics. A light blue check on a clear white background or a red and blue check on a white background is a classic and always looks good. Button-down cuffs and collars are recommended as checkered shirts are usually more suited to semi-formal and smart-casual settings.

Stripes All the Way

Stripes are a great alternative for checkered shirts and are preferred for the strong, formal look they provide. They are perfectly acceptable in a business environment and go well with a suit just as well as they pair with nicely fitted trousers. Different sizes and types of striped shirts are available, but it is recommended that you stick to the classics and avoid excessively spaced or large stripes. With how easy striped shirts are to wear, it is no surprise that they are an integral part of formal fashion men follow.

blue striped shirt

Some of the most common color schemes for striped shirts include blue or navy stripes. Stripes can also make you look slimmer, although it is recommended that you avoid extremely fine stripes as well as extremely bold ones. Striped shirts can add a twist of color to a solid black suit, and you can use them to express your individuality. Having a few different striped shirts in your wardrobe is always a good idea as they will add to many occasions.

Gingham Shirts

Gingham shirts are a classic, and you probably own a couple of them already. If you don’t, then now’s the time to get one, at least. While the commonly seen color combination is navy and white, feel free to switch it up by going for different colors such as various shades of gray or beige.

gingham shirts

Gingham shirts are highly versatile, and they are easy to dress up or dress down. They can be worn in every setting, from concerts to brunch or dinners. The smart-casual options are perfect for multiple occasions, and your final outfit often depends on your choice of trousers and jacket. They are an ideal choice of formal shirts for busy men, given that they’re more than acceptable for workdays as well as weekends.

Solid & Silk Shirts

Silk shirts are arguably just as popular as ties, pocket squares, and lapel facings of the same material. In fact, it has become a wardrobe essential for many men. Opting for a silk shirt can provide a myriad of benefits. The fabric is breathable and natural, explaining why it has been used to make clothing for centuries.

High-end silk shirts have gained a lot of popularity and are available in various shades with woven patterns. They can be dressed down or up, looking great under a suit and providing a classy but casual look when paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Silk shirts come in solid colors and various unique and exciting designs.

There are a shocking number of dress options and there is no dearth of shops stocking the best and the priciest ones. The colors, designs, and styling options only add to this variety, but it is essential to find what looks chic and best on you, and fits well. The fitting of a formal dress shirt is just as important as the design and style of the shirt. The look and feel of a formal shirt are not defined by the fabric, they are heavily influenced by your style choices.

Personal preferences can differ widely; it is not necessary for everyone to follow the exact same trend, although adhering to basic guidelines will make you a better dresser. This leaves you with the freedom to make your own stylistic choices while ensuring that you’re wearing shirts as they’re meant to be worn.

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How to Wear Female Stylish Hoodie Outfits?

We have all become quite familiar with hoodies or hooded sweatshirts this past year. Anyone who did not like wearing hoodies now allegedly cannot live without them. No one blames the newbies, as it was the ultimate loungewear attire that kept us all warm and cozy while the rest of the world was going crazy with dropping temperatures.

On the other hand, hoodies did not remain homebound; they officially became a public fashion statement. Furthermore, hoodies were used as a fashion staple that doesn’t seem to go out of style anytime soon. They can be seen almost anywhere, from branded stores to the streets and runways.

So it is not surprising if you have ever wondered how to style a female hoodie in a way that looks more than just ordinary. But you don’t have to wonder any longer. Here are five styles that can turn your lazy hoodie outfit into a well-dressed, show-stopper hoodie outfit.

1- The Laidback Style

The “Laidback” look is one of the most popular ways to wear a hoodie and takes no time to put together. Pick any of your hoodies or hooded sweatshirts and pair them with a pair of matching sweatpants to complete the sweatsuit look. Sweatsuits were all the rage during the lockdown, and thankfully, that craze has not subsided yet, as they can be both comfy and stylish. Women are seen going shopping, having lunch, going to the gym, playing sports in these easy outfits.

A full sweatsuit, hair done up in a high ponytail, and a pair of bright kicks, and you are ready to rock and sing.

2- The Baddie Style

This hoodie outfit style is ideal if you want a sleek yet classy look for a hoodie that will make you feel powerful and decent. In addition, this “Baddie” styling technique is excellent for traveling and evenings out since it makes you look fabulous and well-dressed while remaining comfortable.

Take any plain black hoodie and pair it with some excellent latex or leather pants to give an edge. Pull up a leather jacket or a boyfriend blazer on top for a chic look. Combat boots or knee-length boots will be perfect for this style.

Add a pair of black sunglasses, a hat, and a designer bag to complete the look, and you have got yourself a baddie outfit.

3- The Dress-Up Style

Another way to “Dress up” your female hoodie is to transform it into a dress. Choose oversized hoodies for this look as they are huge enough to fall mid-thigh and leave no room for a wardrobe malfunction. Underneath, you can pull up a nice pair of biker shorts or even a skirt to cover all the bases.

dress up hoodie

Cinch up the waist with a thin or chunky belt to give the hoodie a slimmer look. With the addition of a cute pair of shoes, boots, or heels, the outfit can be transformed from casual to trendy, unique, and sensual.

4- The Athletic Style

This outfit is the polar opposite of the oversized hoodie style. If you do not want to wear an oversized hoodie or hooded sweatshirt, try styling it as a cropped hoodie as an alternative. One of the best things about this style is that you do not need to buy a separate cropped hoodie. Any regular hoodie will suffice for this look.

Take any type of hoodie and loop a small belt across the space between your chest and waistline. Then, pull the hoodie out of the belt as much as needed to achieve a cropped fit, smooth down the edges, and – voila, you have got yourself a cropped hoodie.

Wear it with yoga pants, sweatpants, or biker shorts, a beautiful pair of sneakers, and a waist bag for an athletic-style hoodie look.

5- The Denim Style

There can never be a post on styling a hoodie outfit without including jeans. It is simply not fair. You can wear any of your hoodies with an essential pair of blue, black, or white denim. The choice is yours. Denim shorts are also an excellent option for keeping your appearance casual and simple. You can even tuck your hoodie in for a more feminine look, but otherwise, keeping it casual yet chic is the way to go with denim.

You can spice up the look with some knee-length boots and jackets.

To Wrap It Up

A hoodie is one of those versatile clothing items that every woman should have in her closet at all times. It is a great all-year-round garment that works in any season. You can wear it in various ways, including casual, stylish, sexy, and even fancy. The best part is that hoodies look good on people of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a big girl or super slender, a hoodie will end up looking fabulous. The options are limitless. If you are a fan of zip-up hoodies, you can try the same styling techniques with a zip-up hoodie as well. Having a closer fit, zip-ups can be layered with coats, t-shirts, and jackets to bring out different colors, textures, and themes.

However, choosing the right type of hoodie is essential if you want to keep it for years to come and dress it differently every year. Always ensure that the material of the hoodie is of the highest quality and that the size fits you well for the purpose you are buying. Hoodies can grow out of size with washes and wear. Fortunately for you, Elegante sells high-quality hoodies with attractive color schemes at reasonable prices.

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styles for men during winters
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Best Casual Styles for Men During Winters

When it comes to the best casual styles for men during winters, there are many options out there. However, not all stores offering men’s casual styles are worth looking into. Whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store, you will need to be careful where you are shopping. The last thing you want to do is to find stylish men’s outfits ideas from a store that does not deliver the quality you expected. For this reason, and plenty of others, you will need to stick to reliable and trustworthy brands for winter clothing.

Men’s Casual Staples

Men need to ensure they have casual everyday outfits appropriate for all the seasons. What you wear is incredibly important, especially during winters, which is the best time of the year, although it can be a bit chilly. Certain items are must-haves so you can look stylish and stay warm at the same time. Here, we will look at cool outfits for men.

Leather Jacket

Believe it or not, leather jackets are the most versatile piece of clothing you can get your hands on. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a jacket or two at your disposal. The way you can wear a leather jacket is limitless. You can wear a roll neck or hoodie under a leather jacket when it gets chilly. If you want to keep things casual, you can stick to a t-shirt for a timeless and classic look that will make any man stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Black Jeans

Sometimes sticking to the basics is all you need to look your best. Black jeans may not be something to write about, but they are a must for any wardrobe. Regardless of your style, be it business, boho, or rebellious, you can rock a pair of black jeans without breaking a sweat.

Wool Overcoat

When the mercury nosedives, you can always count on a woolen overcoat to keep you warm. Yes, woolen overcoats are pretty expensive, but it is essential for any man who wishes to look their absolute best.

Wool overcoats are available in various lengths and colors, and they make it easier for you to dress up for any occasion. However, you will need to stick to bold colors like camel, charcoal, or navy to match your wardrobe.


No winter is complete without boots. There is so much to love about this rugged footwear, but they shine due to their comfort and style. You will find many designs to choose from, and they can be blended with any outfit. By pairing boots with your outfits, you bring sophistication to your overall look. Boots are exceptionally terrific because they can be worked into your wardrobe, so you are not restricted by your footwear.


A scarf is a great choice to fight the cold. This stylish accessory will complete a winter outfit and make you look fantastic. Whether you let it hang loose or wrap it around your neck, you can never go wrong with a scarf. You can create new looks with a scarf, essentially coming up with styles for every day of the week.

Leather Gloves

Prevent your fingers from frostbit with leather gloves, mainly if you belong to a cold region. Soft leather gloves are stylish and versatile and will keep your hands toasty. Leather gloves pair well with almost any outfit you can think of, especially if you have a lot of black and brown in your wardrobe. But then again, you do have the option to blend leather gloves with bright colors.

Men’s Casual Shirts

Picking the right casual shirt for winter can prove to be quite a chore. Even more problematic if you are not fashion conscious. Fear not, as the following tips will help you come up with the best casual fashion ideas in no time:

Men’s Casual Shirts


The decisive factor to take into consideration is size. If you do not know your measurements, it is time to find out. However, if you are not aware how measurements are taken, head out to any popular department store and they will help you in this regard. It may seem like a hassle, but it is essential to finding the perfect casual shirts that fit and make you look good.


As tempting as it may be, never compromise on quality. Purchasing a cheap shirt may seem like a great idea, especially if they look good, but they are hardly comfortable and durable. Look for good-quality shirts, either silk or cotton. Pay close attention to the stitching, as it needs to be solid and subtle.

Style and Color

If you are unsure what color or shade to select, you can always count on blue to save the day. Blue is the safest color to work with. If you want to add more personality to your outfits, feel free to try brighter colors like orange, green, or even pink. For style, you will fare better with solid colors. Solid color shirts are easier to match than patterns. If you want to try out patterned shirts, make sure they are understated.

Luxury Layers

To up your outfit game, you can also look into luxury layers. Casual fashion ideas for luxury layers are plentiful, which is why you will need to mix and match to create an outfit that fits your personality. For example, a simple polo shirt can be transformed into an elegant outfit by pairing it with a knitted waistcoat.

If you weren’t aware of the best casual styles for men during winters earlier, you now have enough information to start creating your own outfits to look dapper during this season. With numerous options currently available, you may find it challenging to find the right place to shop for casual outfits for men to create your signature winter outfits. Fortunately, you can count on Elegante for casual clothes for men. Elegant, as a brand, has the necessary expertise to offer high-quality products at an affordable cost. Most importantly, Elegante offers a wide variety of products, meaning you will not have to go elsewhere to find products to create new looks for different seasons.

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5 Best Types of Formal Shirts for Women that Every Woman Should Have

Have you ever wondered why there are tons of tops in your closet but not one seems to ignite a spark? Chances are, you don’t know what you are buying until it is hanging in the closet or squeezed in one of your drawers. You begin to feel that it does not match your persona, and then it never gets to see the daylight.

Sometimes we shop mindlessly, hoping that certain tops will look great on our bodies. But some of us can be very picky fashionistas also. It is not just about having a top you love; the magic lies in what complements your body and helps you to stand out. We all want to look our best and want heads to turn and notice us. But we can’t really do that unless we know what is in fashion and what types of clothing would rock on us. Fashion giants like Elegante know how to style their divas. Picking the right designer is one of the tricks to learn when searching for who can dress you best. Everything else just falls into place as the design sense starts to kick in with the right designer on your back.

The biggest challenge for women is pulling off clothing that has a professional appeal. Most women are confused when they have to dress for that big corporate annual meeting they were preparing for all year. Also, it is hard to mix and match and choose the right kind of shirt that looks professional yet fashionable. A big dilemma in the fashion industry is that the fashion element diminishes as one moves from casual to formal clothing. However, some brands can still pull off some fantastic chic professional looks.

This post is about formal shirts you can wear this year, the next one and the ones after. These women’s shirts become the talk of the town and are truly timeless. Women did not realize their true fashion potential until they started to appear on some of the big retail brands of the country. It is all about carrying yourself and looking chic in formal attire. You can definitely dress to impress while displaying your professionalism through a style statement like never before.

Basic Formal Dresses for Women

Don’t let your closet brim out! You have a whole new day at work tomorrow. Who knew that there are outfits that can cover your corporate day event and look good in the evening as well? Get your hands-on chic yet simple pastel color formal knee-length shirts that can keep you warm on a chilly winter day. Your dress will speak for your professional accomplishments and allow you to be the center of attention in cool colors. Perhaps your sense of fashion will spark a great conversation with your client and land you the next big deal.

Embroidered Formal Shirts

Embroidered Formal Shirts

White Emroidered Special Edition

Don’t make your closet boring with just the dark and old shirts. Just because you are professional and hardworking doesn’t mean your clothes have to reflect only the strong side of you. You must admit, the same color palette can perhaps become a little boring. You can always experiment with formal shirts by adding some chic yet smart elements to the outfit. Embroidery is a statement; it speaks for itself. When you walk into a meeting or an important event, you will most certainly stand out and look graceful. The idea is to keep it sophisticated, minimal yet relevant to your age and the scheme of the outfit. You can order formal shirts for women online and get the best of the best at your doorstep.

Checkered Formal Shirts

Checkered Formal Shirts

Light Weight Blue Checkered Shirt

Checkered shirts were never a thing of the past; they were always a fashion statement and will always be. Although they did lose popularity through time, women have found their way back to these ultimate fashion beauties. The days are long gone when checkered shirts were just a piece for men to don. Women have conquered checkered shirts, adding them to their closets, and are making fashion statements casually and formally. It is one of the best professional formal shirt designs for ladies who want to stand out in the crowd.

Multi-Button Formal Shirts

Buttons! More buttons! There is always something to button when you want to look crisp and neat on a very productive day. Perhaps you are meeting with the board and want to convince them of your idea. Buttons will surely help because they can convince others that you know what you are doing. Some of the country’s top fashion brands have successfully launched professional formal shirts for women with multi-buttons. You can find formal shirts with multi- buttons on collars, as design elements or on the sleeves. They make for a compelling fashion statement without adding bling to your look. A must-have.

Short-Sleeved Formal Shirts

A formal look can be hard to pull off when it is 50 degrees centigrade outside. But say no more. You can always style yourself in short-sleeved formal shirts that can keep you cool and your summery vibe intact. Pair your short-sleeved formal shirt with a nice pair of leggings or black tights and end up looking stylish, cute, and formal for a team meeting. Short sleeves look professional and casual, making them a must-have, especially if you work in warm environments.


All hardworking and professional women want the best of both worlds. We want to close all our corporate deals sometimes at the expense of our sleep and personal life. But we should never compromise on our style. Times have changed, so have fashion and the fashion requirements of women across the world. Elegante brings a new shopping experience to you. You can choose your next formal through the e-store. Now order formal shirts for women online from the comfort of your home or office. So, click away and order yourself the formal must-haves every woman is talking about!

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How to Wear A Polo Shirt?

A Polo shirt can be as diverse as you want it to be. It is one of the most fashionable shirts that can make any man stand out. Depending on the occasion, you can always dress up or down with this one or add pieces to your Polo shirt, a 2. O version of a standard T-shirt. Whether going to a casual dinner or wearing it on a hot summer day, here are a few fantastic ways you can rock your Polos.

Long Sleeves Polo

Who said that Polos are just for summers? You can rock them on wintery nights too with long sleeves Polo shirts. Pair them with chinos, sneakers, or a leather jacket. You really cannot go wrong with Polo shirts in any season or on the days when you can’t crack the code of what to wear to your work meeting.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Got muscles to show off? Do it in style with a short sleeve polo shirt. The design is timeless and makes many heads turn. The style works best with denim jeans and a pair of white sneakers. You could up your style by adding a blazer with loafers to give it a classy look. Be confident with whatever way you choose to style it because that is all you need.

Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted Polos are your go-to choice in warmer or cooler months. They come in cotton and wool depending upon the season and have a comfy feel. Style them with a suede jacket and slim trousers.

Polo Shirts Paired with Sweat Pants

If you are out and about but want the comfort of your pajamas all the while looking pleasant and appealing, then polos with sweat pants are a great combo. Polish your look with crisp and sexy low-top sneakers and carry a snapback or a weekend bag. Make sure your clothes aren’t too baggy to maintain a neat look. The combo is perfect for a long-haul flight too.

Polo Paired with Shorts

Try your Polos with denim or cotton shorts. It’s easy to carry yourself during the summertime while looking the best. It is an effortless way to stand out and maintain your style. Pair the Polo with chinos and always go for monochrome colors. Keep the Polo untucked and make sure it is well-fitted.

Polo Shirts and the Love Affair with a Blazer

From going out with your mates for a casual dinner at the local steak house to attending a business meeting, your safest bet is to wear a Polo with a blazer. If you want to attend a more formal gathering, always opt for the black Polo with a dark suit. Get ready to be noticed.


The days where you spent hours wondering how to dress are long gone. You can rock a Polo shirt in many ways than you thought you could. It is the most versatile outfit in your closet, and we just told you the secrets of wearing it in the best way possible. You can find different kinds of Polo Shirts with other mix and match items at our Elegante.PK store. Make your life easy and your closet less messy!

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How to Choose the Right Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is a commonly adorned piece of clothing that is hugely popular amongst both men and women. Comfortable, fashionable, and extremely versatile, the polo shirt has become a go-to when it comes to having something to wear during the blistering heat.

A key part of everyday wear, it provides the perfect blend of smart and casual and is an ideal choice of clothing in a lot of situations. The polo shirt can be worn all year round, whether it is with a pair of shorts in the summers or with a nice jacket in winters.

However, finding the right polo shirt can be tricky as there are various aspects that influence how good the polo looks on you.

Finding the Perfect Fit

A task that is easier said than done, the fitting of any article of clothing plays an integral part in how good you look in it. When it comes to finding perfect-fitting men’s polo shirts, there are a few key elements to keep in mind.

One of the most basic components of a well-fitting polo shirt is the length. The bottom hem of the shirt should not fall any lower than the back pockets of your trousers or jeans. At the same time, it should also not be higher than the hips. The sweet spot is just a couple of inches below the beltline.

An excessively long polo shirt can end up looking like a night suit, which needs to be avoided at all costs. The ideal polo can be tucked into your pants or be left untucked without looking shabby.

The second element in fitting is the sleeves. The perfect sleeve length of polos is midway down the bicep. The sleeves of a polo must not reach your elbow or fall any further. A good-fitting polo shirt sits close to the body.

Different body types mean different fitting, and this difference is pronounced when you compare men’s polo shirts with women’s polo shirts should not be too large as that makes the shirt look untidy and leaves excess fabric. However, even if you’re someone who is in great shape, a polo shirt should not be too tight or form-fitting.

Picking the Right Garment

The choice of fabric not only changes the look of the polo shirt, but it can also change the feel and fitting of it. This makes the choice of fabric an important thing to consider when picking a polo shirt to buy. Polos can be found in a lot of materials from synthetic to natural materials.

These usually range between pure cotton, cotton-poly blends, and 100% polyester polo shirts.

There are also polo shirts with a silky blend but they are usually reserved for special occasions and are not fit for sportswear as they sweat easily. Polyester or cotton/poly blends are more popular due to their robustness and comfort.

Polyester polo shirts are preferred by athletes and for sports as the material is usually made from light synthetics or blends, including spandex which offers elasticity and comfort. The material also helps to keep body odors to a minimum.

Polo shirts are more commonly worn in the summers which make 100% cotton material an ideal choice as the material is light and breathable.

Types of Polos

There are two main types of polos:

Pique Polo

This is the original design of the polo and the fabric is knitted in a pattern that has a woven pattern. This provides a material a textured surface, adding a subtle design layer to the shirt itself. Polo shirts made from this material are usually a little heavier than other options that are available.

Pique polos are also more breathable as the weave has tiny, minuscule holes in its weave which makes the fabric more sweat resistant. With the sleeves having a ribbed band/cuff finish, Pique polos are usually seen as a bit more formal and professional.

Jersey Polo

Jersey polo shirts are commonly made with the same type of fabric that is commonly used in t-shirts. This provides a more flat look when worn with the fabric having a smooth, soft, stretchy feel to it. While they are lighter than Pique polos, Jersey polos are more likely to highlight sweat patches while also being less durable in the long run.

The sleeves of Jersey polo shirts end in a simple hem. The lightness of the material and the relaxed drape of the fit makes it a better option for casual situations. Pique polos and Jersey polos have their own unique advantages and feel. When choosing one or the other, consider what type of events you plan on wearing them to.

Other Design Elements

Since a majority of polo shirts follow the original, classic design, the other design elements are often the element that sets them apart from each other. These can include a variety of things such as the size of the logo and how many of them there are.

This is often the personal choice of the buyer as different brands have a different outlook on this. Lacoste, known for its polo shirts, has just one small logo on the left side of the chest.

Another brand renowned for polo shirts is Ralph Lauren. Their shirts have a much larger logo on the left side of the chest, accompanied by another one on the right side, and also usually have a number embroidered into one of the sleeves.

The logo can be embroidered, printed or laser etched. The most common is embroidery as that provides a classy look and feel. Laser engraving offers a more modern, minimalistic look, and printing is often found on polos of lower quality.

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The Ultimate Polo Shirt Guide

Polo shirts are something that almost every man and woman owns and wears on a regular basis. These highly versatile shirts are a must-have and can be worn in a number of different ways.

Polo shirts can be seen on the golf course, tennis courts, and beaches. They are also a common sight at many semi-formal events and can also act as office wear in some cases. Polos can be paired with chinos, shorts as well as formal a number of other pants.

Despite being a popular and commonly worn item, it is not easy to find the perfect polo shirt as different types of fabric, cuts, and combinations provide a range of style possibilities to choose from.

The Origins of the Polo Shirt

While the exact timeframe cannot be confirmed, it is believed that the polo shirt first came about in the 1920s and was originally made famous by Rene Lacoste. He is considered to be the originator of the modern Polo shirt as we know it today.

The design he chose was an instant classic and remains unchanged to date, with only slight modifications being made by different designers and brands. The Lacoste line of polo shirts itself is famous around the globe.

The Perfect Polo for You

When shopping for any item of clothing, the most important aspect to keep in mind, arguably, is the material and fabric it is made out of. Pique cotton shirts are made with cotton yarn with a slight ribbing in it, providing a distinct look.

It is more suited to men with a heavy-set physique as the fabric provides a decent fit without bringing attention to the less flattering areas, including the chest and body. So, if you’re looking for men’s polo shirts, don’t forget to pay attention to the fabric for the body type you have.

If you’re someone that prioritizes comfort overlooks, you could opt for a cotton or cotton-poly blend. The material is softer and more comfortable to wear while providing a sleek, modern look. Whether you want to wear just the polo or if you want to throw on a jacket on top of it, they are both excellent options.

Polos are known for being a single, block color. Muted shades always work well and these can include white, black, navy, and grey, amongst others. You can slowly work your way up to stripes and patterns as you gain an understanding for what suits your physique. A key rule of thumb is to opt for colors that complement your skin tone or hair color instead of clashing against it.

Tucked or Untucked?

One of the most confusing things when wearing a polo is not knowing whether it should be neatly tucked into your pants of left untucked. In most cases, it is safe to leave your polo is you’re not wearing a jacket or blazer over it. If you are wearing a jacket, tuck in your shirt just so that your belt is covered.

Golfers usually choose to tuck in their polos while tennis players do not. There is no correct way to do it, get an understanding of what feels right and what looks better.

The Fitting

Polo shirts should be fitted but they should never be too tight. However, this does not mean that they should be baggy with a lot of slack material on your body. Find a nice balance that drapes fairly well over your body, without restricting movement or showing too many lumps.

There is no need to wear an undershirt or vest when wearing a polo. This helps you stay cooler in the summer and wearing a vest or undershirt can ruin the fitting of the polo itself. For ladies, a simple, breathable bra can do just fine under women’s polo shirts from Elegante. The length of the shirt should be according to your height, with the tail of the polo shirt ending just below your belt line.

The collar of the polo shirt should be kept down. A propped-up collar is guaranteed to ruin the overall aesthetic of the wearer. When it comes to the logo, opinions tend to differentiate. Some people prefer the larger, more eye-catching logo such as on Ralph Lauren polo shirts while others prefer the small and sleek branding, such as the Lacoste logo which can be found on the left side of the chest area on their shirts.

Some designers have chosen to implement a breast pocket in their renditions of a polo shirt. The issue is that polo shirts with pockets tend to become saggy much more quickly than those without it. The pocket itself is not very useful as putting anything inside it will pull the shirt out of shape.


Polo shirts are an extremely popular choice of clothing amongst men. While there are different designers and brands implementing their own ideas on the classic design, the original has largely remained unchanged and has only seen a few minor changes throughout the year.

It is more than likely that one guide cannot be ideal for every person. Fashion, in a lot of cases, is about personal preferences and aesthetic choices. This guide will act as an outline, teaching you about the major dos and don’ts, leaving you to make your own choices.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Polo Shirt

A piece of clothing that can be found in every fashionable man and woman’s closet, polo shirts are a common sight for people of all ages, whether they are at a beach party or on a golf course. Comfortable, versatile, and effortlessly worn, it is not difficult to see why polo shirts are so popular amongst modern men and women.

The polo shirt has a rich and color background. Having originated on the polo field and made famous by Jean René Lacoste, it became an instant classic.

Despite being hugely popular, there are still a few things that are important to consider when it comes to polo shirts. These small but important style choices can be the difference between you looking average and amazing.

Collars That Fit

When shopping for a men’s polo shirt, make sure that the collar is just the right size. Polo shirts fall in between a formal dress shirt and casual-wear t-shirts. If you want a shirt with a really small collar, then a Henley might be a better choice.

Similarly, a collar that is too large can seem out of a place for a polo shirt. It is best to stick with the original size which is neither too large, not is it too small. There’s a reason why the design of the polo has remained unchanged for so long.

For Occasions

It is important to understand that polos are worn in a lot of different situations. This has resulted in polos of many different types of materials and fabric blends being available on the market.

The Pique cotton polo has a signature woven pattern that distinguishes it from other polos. The textured material is breathable with the sleeves usually having a ribbed finish. It is not uncommon for this to be worn at semi-formal events where a suit and tie is not a requirement.

Polos made from a cotton-silk blend are also quite popular. On the other hand, a cotton-linen blend makes the material more breathable which makes it ideal it the polo is to be worn in the summer season.

Such fabrics occupy a nice space between a t-shirt and an Oxford shirt, making them perfect to be worn on casual and smarter settings alike.

Polyester rich blends are more suited to sports. Polo and tennis are where the polo shirts are most commonly seen but they are also worn during golf, tennis, badminton, and a host of other athletes. The polyester helps with moisture-wicking and keeps body odor to a minimum which makes it the material for athletes.

The Right Fit

When it comes to finding the perfect fitting polo shirt, paying attention to two particular areas can yield excellent results. These are the waist and the arms. A well-fitting polo is similar to a t-shirt. It should skim your body and have room for free movement without being too baggy.

The ribbing on the collars and cuffs of polo shirts provides them with more structure as compared to t-shirts but they should not draw too much attention. The sleeves should reach the middle of the bicep even in the case of a women’s polo shirt. If they go all the way to the elbow, it is a sign that the polo is too large.

These is no need to wear an undershirt with a polo. An undershirt can cause the collar to crumple while also being likely to slip out from under the sleeves. The collar of a polo shirt should always remain down. When buying a polo, ensure that the tail does not extend further than midway down your back.

What to Wear on Top of Polos?

While polo shirts might be sported more commonly in the summer, they are an excellent option for year-round wear. A polo shirt is a great replacement for a button-down if you plan on wearing a lightweight suit with it. A blazer with a pair of chinos can also work well.

In the fall, a nice sweater can be the perfect option for a textured look in place of a t-shirt or a button-up. Make sure the polo is tucked in and use a belt to avoid looking sloppy.

Why Jeans Are Not the Only Option?

Polo shirt and jeans are a classic combination but that does not mean that they are the only choice of trousers that you must stick to. Polos can be paired with chinos, joggers, shorts, formal trousers, and more, depending on the time and place.

Each option has its own style which allows the wearer to have their own unique look. Polos can look equally good with a pair of jogging trousers and trainers or with chinos and a pair of loafers.

Thinking about these dos and don’ts can help ensure that you look smart before you head out. Feel free to implement some personal stylistic choices while paying homage to the original.

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