The Best Summer Collection For Men In 2022

The winds have changed course, and the sun is brighter than ever. The scorching heat and the humidity that comes with summers have forced us to change our wardrobes to cope with the weather. People are on the hunt for the best summer collection for men.

In earlier times, men didn’t really care about their clothes. However, the new age of trends and fashion has made them step up their game. With the increasing heat intensity, men are on their quest to find the perfect summer collection 2022. With trendy designs, breathable fabric, and top-of-the-line styles, we are here as a cheat code on your quest. Let’s see what we have in store for you, shall we?

Summer Collection For Men: Classic, Chic, And Comfortable

Basic Is Essential

If you are on the lookout for the best tees to add to your summer collection for men, we recommend starting from the basic t-shirts. The basic tees offer a casual look that’s signature to many men. It’s comfortable yet stylish. The biggest benefit is that the basic, solid-colored t-shirts offer versatility in styles.

You can pair this simple teal blue basic t-shirt from Elegante with jeans. Or, if you are in the mood to create a funky fit, you can pair it up under a printed shirt and slay the fit.

We also have a wide variety of plain, basic tees that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Going out to a family dinner? Look no further, a white basic tee comes to the rescue. Want to hang out with friends? Wear our black, regular fit with printed jogger pants, and you are good to go!

Flaunt Your Polos

A forever favorite for men is always a polo that they can flaunt at every gathering. Hence, our men’s summer collection 2022 wouldn’t be complete if we forget to add trendy and stylish polo shirts to it.

We understand how essential polos are, so our designers have come up with elegant and chic styles for polo tees. Our polo shirts are perfect for formal outings and hangouts. And if you want a breathable, cool-for-the-eyes color to wear at the annual beach picnic, the light blue and white striped polo would help create a perfect fit.

The polos we keep in stock in our summer collection for men are manufactured using 100% premium pique cotton. The material is soft and airy. And it doesn’t show pit stains, which is a huge win for this heat!

Be Casual

Living in the age of fashion, we see daily changes in designs, styles, and trends. Yet, something that has been a staple in men’s summer collection 2022 is the casual shirts.

Casual shirts are popular among men of all ages because they are suitable for all events. Elegante provides the best choices in casual shirts. From the plain aqua blue shirt to the paisley blue printed casual shirt, we have it all. And don’t worry, we have many colors available at our stores.

The button-down collared shirts are made of soft linen fabric that’s ideal for summers. What are you waiting for? Buy some of these shirts and go crazy with the styles.

The Classic Formals

We all know men’s wardrobes aren’t complete if they don’t have formal shirts stocked to the brim. For all those men who have been looking for classic formal shirts to add to your summer collection, your search ends here.

The summer collection for men at Elegante is stocked with in-style and crisp formal shirts. Some top choices include a white formal shirt that features signature Elegante details and a green shirt with a dobby design and collar.

The new colors and styles would definitely help you level up your wardrobe. The forest green formal shirt is best if you want to step out of your comfort zone that only includes white, black, and blue.

Patterns And Prints

Whimsical prints and patterns are all the hype right now. Men are stepping out of their comfort zones and preparing to wear funky designs that show off their fashion knowledge and upbeat personality. Minimalist and plain designs are for office meetings, while patterns and floral prints are for playing volleyball at the beach and enjoying summer.

If you are looking for the best patterns and prints, the men’s summer collection at Elegante would be a wonderful place to start. We have shirts ranging from minimally structured prints to over-the-top floral prints. Whatever your style may be, we recommend trying our blue floral shirt with golden flowers, it will definitely turn many heads toward you.

If you want simple prints, you can check out the white and peach houndstooth shirt. It is made with 100% cotton fabric. It is also easy to style. Just pair it up with white jeans or dress pants, and voila! You’ll look as dashing as ever.

Checks And Stripes For The Win

Much like prints and patterns, the check and stripes are a versatile style that can be worn on every occasion. Men who don’t want to go overboard while dressing up prefer checkered or striped shirts. So, it’s a no-brainer that we stock them up for our pals who like to keep things minimal.

We have a huge collection of checkered and striped shirts that are made up of a variety of fabrics such as cotton, cotton blend, and linen. These shirts are tailored-fit yet airy. You can go out wearing a light beige and white striped shirt in scorching heat, and you won’t complain about being too hot. Fortunately for you, we can’t say the same for people’s opinions of you.

The ideal weight: Lightweight

Summertime might be cheerful for some but for others, it’s depressing. People constantly point out our flaws which – obviously – puts a bump on our mood. However, this summer, we pledge to stop caring about others’ opinions of our bodies.

This time around, the only weight you should be worrying about is the lightweight shirts at Elegante and how you can buy them.

The lightweight shirts are perfect for the heated weather. The shirts are comfortable to wear all day. They are super lightweight because they are made with a blend of fabrics. If you love denim but aren’t willing to buy it because it’s hot out there, our lightweight denim shirt will make you change your mind.

Sweatpants And Jogger pants

Shirts aren’t the only piece of clothing that our summer collection includes. The store also offers sweatpants and jogger pants. You might be wondering that jogger pants and summer don’t go well. The sweatpants and jogger pants from Elegante’s collection are made of soft and breathable fabrics. Take a look at this black jogger pants, which is comfortable and durable, so you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on it this summer.

The best part is that you can style these pants with basic tees and be ready for casual hangouts within minutes.

Be Cool This Summer

The best summer collection for men in 2022 is available at Elegante. From casual shirts to printed button-downs, from stripes to dots, we have everything available and ready for you to take home. Shop at our store, avail discounts, and create the coolest, trendiest wardrobe for yourself this summer.

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NightWear Buying Guide

NightWear Buying Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Women are looking for the best nightwear buying guide to be well informed before shopping for their favorite sleepwear.

Nowadays, women’s nightwear is no longer just the outfit they wear to bed. It is the outfit they wear when they get home from a long day of meetings and deadlines. It keeps them at ease and helps them in getting a peaceful sleep. At the end of the day, all we want is to get out of our fitted or nice clothes and wear something that allows our bodies to breathe easily. 

However, looking for nightwear can be confusing because there are numerous night suit styles and options that women prefer to sleep in. Different types of nightwear are preferred in different places all over the world. This is because each place has different weather conditions and facilities. One major reason to invest in the best nightwear is that we sometimes have to spend the majority of the day in our sleepwear, and so they should offer comfort while being stylish and cozy.

There are numerous styles available in the market. These range from camis and shorts to babydolls and pajama sets. This guide is here to help you decide which style best suits you so that you spend your hours comfortably in them while doing all your chores, including lounging and catching up on your long list of movies.

Everything You Should Know Before Investing In Nightwear

Let’s take a closer look at the factors you should consider before buying your next night suit.

The Quality of the Fabric is a priority in our nightwear buying guide

One of the most important factors to consider before buying sleepwear for women is the fabric’s quality. Without a doubt, the material should be breathable and comfortable. Since our bodies breathe better while we sleep, it is critical to cover them with fabric that is comfortable, soft, and cozy.

You do not need any rough or dirty fabric that could irritate your skin and cause issues.

Among the breathable and soft fabrics are:

  • Cotton – The lightest and softest fabric. It is also the most popular fabric for nightwear.
  • Silk – A luxurious fabric that allows air to circulate more freely in our bodies. Some people prefer silk nightwear for sleeping and lounging.
  • Velvet – The best nightwear fabric for keeping you warm and cozy during the cold winter months. It is softer and cozier than any other nightwear fabric.
  • Velour – Another soft, plush winter fabric that is ideal for nightwear.

Think about the Fit and Size

Another essential factor to consider before buying any nightwear is the fitting. Tight or very fitted nightwear will not allow your body to breathe easily. It will have the opposite effect. Moreover, since we spend the majority of our days in fitted clothing, home is the only place where we can let the air in. For this purpose, Comfortable sleepwear is the best option that will not bother you when you sleep, relax, and unwind. 

In addition, when summer arrives, wearing tight and fitted sleepwear to bed can cause skin problems such as excessive sweating, rashes, and backne.

So, it is always recommended to choose slightly loose and oversized nightwear because this is the only resort to make you feel comfortable.

Maintenance is the Key

We do not have enough time to care for our nightwear because our days are hectic. Some nightwear, such as silk, velvet, and velour, require special care, whereas others, such as cotton and lawn, do not.

As a result, it is always advised to wear those nightwear regularly that do not require special attention and care, because they don’t demand much attention. On the other hand, those sleepwear that require a little more effort for their upkeep should be worn on special occasions only.

Before buying any sleepwear, make sure you understand how to care for it. Read the instructions; do they require hand washing or machine washing? Do they need soft or hard detergent when washing? Is it necessary to wrap them in special covers when they are not used?

You must know the answers to the preceding questions because they are essential. This way, you will be able to care for your nightwear in a better way, making it last longer. And so, you can wear and enjoy them for a more extended period.

Pick the Style that suits your preference and personality

There are numerous styles to choose from when it comes to sleepwear for women. You simply need to decide which style best suits you and your personality.

Young women prefer styles such as camis and shorts, satin slips, and babydoll nightwear. On the other hand, older women prefer long styles such as pajama sets and nighties.

It is entirely up to you to determine which style is best for you and whether or not it is comfortable for you.

Remember that the primary purpose of nightwear is to help you relax, so anything that does not provide you with a comfortable sleepwear experience is a wrong choice.

However, this does not prevent you from experimenting with new styles. You can try on one unique nightwear style to see if it is comfortable for you. If it is, add it to your wardrobe; if not, give it away or resell it.

Final thoughts

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about how to buy nightwear, it is time to go shopping!

Since you are now familiar with the nightwear buying guide, you can make an informed decision based on your preference. Begin with Elegante’s latest women’s sleepwear collection, featuring unique styles and beautiful prints. We have striped, floral, and dotted prints with various pops of color. Each nightwear set is soft, easy to care for, and loose-fitted to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

So time to say goodbye to your boring nightwear sets and welcome cute and breezy nightwear that will help you sleep well while also making you look beautiful.




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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wear a Polo Shirt with Style

Have you always wondered how to wear a polo shirt? Don’t want to go with the same boring style every time? We have your back with the best ways to style a polo shirt, plus bonus tips to help find the perfect polo shirt for you!

While the chances are high that you’ll find one in every gentleman’s wardrobe, the polo shirt is one of the most underrated pieces of clothing. It’s the best choice when a man doesn’t want to step out wearing a formal shirt or a t-shirt. Whether you want to dress up or down, this cross between casual and formal is ideal. Moreover, contrary to common belief, the polo shirts for men are perfect for all seasons. Depending on how you accessorize and style your outfit, the polo shirt will go a long way.

So, let’s get started and find out all the different ways you can style your polo shirt.

How to Wear a Polo Shirt – 4 Styles to Try

The Casual, Relaxed Look

Men’s polo shirts have been around a long time. They have revolutionized how men dress and taken men’s fashion up a notch. It is also one of the favorite looks for celebrities all over the world! What other excuse do you need to buy one today!

The easiest look to pull off when wearing a polo shirt is a relaxed one. Going to the airport and want to wear something comfortable but effortless? Pair your favorite polo shirt with sweatpants and sneakers, and you are ready for your next vacation trip! However, remember that even the perfect effortless look requires your clothes to be fit and clean! Let’s talk more about that a little later.

The Too Hot To Handle Look

This is what polo shirts are most popular for. When the mercury rises and you need to cool off, the perfect combination with a light-colored polo shirt is a short that complements it. If you’re looking for a timeless style, go for monochromatic colors that create an attention-grabbing profile. Experts recommend keeping the polo shirt untucked to complete the casual look.

For more style, accessorize with sunglasses, a watch, and a nice pair of loafers. Boat shoes also go well with this sort of look, so wear what you want and experiment to your heart’s content.

The Perfect Business Look

Some days, you want to transit from work to play in a matter of minutes. This might be for a business meeting or a dinner date with that special someone. But in times like these, when you don’t feel like changing out of your work clothes, the polo shirt combined with a blazer is all you need. This look works wonders and will look charming or professional depending on the angle you’re going for.

Original polo shirts that are black or white can be worn with dark-colored suits to complete this business look, so you stand out from the crowd.

The Smart Casual Look

The final one in our list of looks you can try is the smart casual ones. The best thing about this one is that it serves dual purposes. Not only does it look fashionable and neat, but it will also keep you warm and cozy during winter. Yes, we are talking about pairing your men polo shirts with chinos or jeans.

For an even more polished and sleek look, don’t forget to tuck in your shirt either halfway or the way to the back. Instead of looking all puffed up with layers that bulk you up, go for long-sleeved polo shirts that look chic and fashionable.

Tips To Find the Best Polo Shirt

You’re now aware of how to wear a polo shirt, but are you still clueless about finding one right for you? With many manufacturers making polo shirts in the thousands every day, it’s hard to pick and choose the best provider for men’s shirts. However, there’s nothing to worry about since we’re here to help.

Here’s everything you ideally need to be looking for when buying a polo shirt.

The Fabric

The most classic option for polo shirts is cotton. However, depending on the manufacturer, the fabric can also be mixed or otherwise compromised. When looking at the material, make sure it is breathable. Some shirts also need to be treated with special water-repellent products to keep them from losing their quality so remember this when choosing the fabric.

Other than the material, you’ll also need to consider the color. Pick out colors that look good on you and according to the occasion or style you want to follow. Also, be careful about the quality of the shirts because dark-colored men’s polo shirts can sometimes bleed.

The Fit

Picking the fitting-sized polo shirt can make or break your look. Finding the perfect balance between dressing with shirts that are too loose or fitted can mean the difference. So, before buying polo shirts, ensure you know your body measurements. Check the collar size, sleeve, and shoulder fitting, as well as the body measurements.

The Type

You can find several types of polo shirts in stores around you. Some things you should be looking for when choosing a polo shirt are as follows.

  • Button-Down Shirt
  • Collared Shirt
  • Number of Pockets
  • Short or Long Sleeved
  • Embossed Shirt

When picking out the collar, make sure the material is soft and comfortable. If you’re not careful, you can buy a polo shirt with a stiff collar that’s uncomfortable and will start irritating your neck. Likewise, embossed shirts give a more informal and casual look, so consider this when picking out fashionable men’s polo shirts.

Final Words

So here you are with an ultimate guide on how to wear a polo shirt. You can perfectly style your polo shirt with the right size and measurements. Men are picky about their clothes, and rightly so! Fortunately, finding the right look doesn’t require as much effort as you think. And with Elegante’s polo shirts at your service, you can rock every occasion and steal the show. So keep your worries aside and get onto the polo journey right away!

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unstitched summer lawn
CategoriesUnstitched Lawn

Elegante Unstitched Summer Lawn Collections

As the temperature continues to rise this summer, there is only one way to beat the heat: buy an unstitched summer lawn dress and carry it according to your style preference.

Pakistan is now on the list of the hottest countries in 2022, and temperatures are expected to rise day by day, month by month, despite the fact that we are only are halfway through the year. Although many people revamped their summer wardrobes at the start of the season, the scorching heat necessitates another wardrobe reboot with the latest and most unique designs of women’s unstitched lawn.

If you have been out and about this summer, you may have noticed some bright and bold colors, long and loose shirts, and floral and flowy dresses. This summer is all about these styles and much more. All of these designs keep our summers light and breezy, and so we should start our hunt for the latest stitched and unstitched summer lawn collections. Lawn collections are everywhere, from brands to local stores, with unique designs and high-quality fabric.

With so much attention given to lawns, we too, need to look around to see what designs, patterns, and colors are popular this summer and whether they will make their way into our newly updated wardrobe.

Best Unstitched Summer Lawn Designs 2022

Since there are so many designs and cuts prevailing in the market, one may get confused about what suits them and their personality, and is best for this summer season; but do not worry, because we are here to keep you up to date on which unstitched lawn is in fashion and which is not. So, let’s get started!

Bright and Bold Floral Lawn Designs

We all know that summer and spring are synonymous with flowers and bright colors, and this year is no exception. Floral prints can be seen everywhere, from unstitched lawn 1pc to 2pc and 3pc.

Floral prints are very popular this year because they go well with everything. They provide a sense of peace in the summer breeze while adding a splash of color to your wardrobe. With floral lawn prints, you can experiment with bright and bold colors to see if you can pull them off well. Our verdict? Anyone can wear florals. It’s that timeless print that almost everyone already has in their summer wardrobe.

Elegante has the most beautiful and bright women’s unstitched lawn collection in floral prints, ideal for long flowy dresses on a breezy summer day.

Chic and Fancy Geometric Lawn Designs

Nothing is as casual and chic as the classic geometric patterns. They have a distinct design that keeps repeating but looks very stylish. Some prefer bright geometric lawn prints, while others prefer dark geometric lawn prints.

Elegante has a great variety of unstitched Kurtis in both colors, giving you a plethora of options for your next unstitched lawn shopping.

Each of these designs is suitable for any occasion. You can also stitch them in a casual style. 

So if you have to attend a hot lunch or dinner date? Buy these unstitched Kurtis and add some beautiful embellishments for a fancy or formal style.

Also, if you have nothing to wear to work or university, the lovely geometric unstitched lawn prints are your best bet. Style them casually and wear them every day.

Casual and Formal Digital Lawn Print Designs

2013 was “the” year of digital prints as they went viral. Just as fire spreads through the jungle, digital prints were available in various fabrics, including cotton, chiffon, and linen. However, lawn also caught pace and caused a stir in the world of digital prints

The reason? It is light and breathable, making it the most popular fabric among Pakistani women in this scorching heat. And the sweltering heat only encourages Pakistani women to restock on their favorite summer lawn collections.

This year digital prints are back with full force and are spreading vibrancy and comfort through the millions of options available.

Elegante’s beautiful and high-quality unstitched summer lawns can now be stitched into long or medium-length shirts. Dress them up with straight trousers or palazzo pants for your next summer BBQ party.

Elegant and Sophisticated Minimalist Lawn Designs

If florals, digital prints, and geometric designs do not appeal to you, you can get minimalist lawn designs. Nothing is as elegant and simple as tiny and delicate patterns in your favorite lawn fabric. Minimalistic prints are always the safest bet for any occasion.

Elegante’s unstitched summer lawn collection features one-of-a-kind, minimalistic designs that will instantly catch everyone’s attention and turn you into a summer-style diva. The fabric is light, breezy, and soft, ideally suited to the rising heat. 

Get any unstitched minimalistic 1pc from Elegante’s summer lawn collection stitched into long and loose Kurtis, and enjoy the rest of the summer in style.

Cool and Vibrant Canvas Lawn Design 

Canvas lawn designs can never go wrong. They have a distinct repetitive pattern that blends well with almost any color. Canvas lawn prints are widely available because they are one of the most wearable print designs.

Check out Elegante’s latest lawn collection for canvas designs in almost every pattern, from intricate to bold to minimalist.

Canvas designs are available in unstitched Kurtis. Pair up your classic black or white straight pants with them and be the star of every occasion you attend.

Parting Thoughts

Surviving in hot weather is unimaginable without adding lawn to your collection. And since there are so many options and styles available in the market, you can carry them to almost every event and steal the show.

Now that you know which unstitched summer lawn designs are in fashion and how to style them, it’s time to stock up and get them to your seamstress so that you can wear them to your next summer party.

Elegante is Pakistan’s leading premium clothing brand, with a plethora of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. Elegante has everything from western to eastern styles and more at very reasonable prices. Check out its most recent lawn collection and give your wardrobe a much-needed makeover.




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how to wear men dress shirt
CategoriesCasual Men

How To Wear Men Dress Shirt Casually

There are many ways a man can rock a casual look, and if you are wondering how to wear men dress shirt, then you are at the right place. Depending upon the occasion, a man has endless fashion styles to choose from to look his best.

The smart and casual dress shirts are one of the few styles that allow a man to express himself truly. The best part is that no matter how you wear a casual dress shirt, you are most likely going to look incredible in it if you know how to style it. Although the word casual seems to give an impression that your style will lack sophistication, the reality is that wearing dress shirts is always about having a certain level of classiness once you style them.

Because of this reason, it is important that you carry a casual dress shirt carefully, allowing you to look the best wherever you go.

So if you are supposed to attend an event where the clothing attire means that you need to go for only the casual dress shirt, then this guide can help you achieve a crisp yet sexy look enabling you to get those eyeballs wherever you go.

What is Casual for men?

Casual can mean different things to different men; there was a time when men used to only wear denim with a tank top calling it casual. However, fashion statements have changed over the years. Men like to look sophisticated, elegant, and neat even when they are wearing casual. Perhaps it is due to the changing times in the world, where corporates are taking over your sense of fashion. A modern-day man wants to look professional yet casual even when he is taking his girl out for a dinner date to a fast-food restaurant.

So it is not just about the dress code as such, rather, it is about the attitude too. Now dressing casually is a part of how you want people to approach you and how you want to appear in a large crowd. Your dressing will say everything about your personality; hence having said that, you don’t want to appear as though you put no thought into your wardrobe. Therefore, if you are pondering over how to wear men dress shirt, then the good news is that there are several ways to execute it without having a fashion miscarriage.

When can you wear a casual dress shirt?

A casual dress shirt can be worn anytime. You can even style a dress shirt however you want. One of the best places you can rock a dress shirt is at a dinner party or your friend’s house. You don’t want to look too casual in a tank top, right? The next best option for you is to go for a striped dress shirt paired with dark pants that never looks out of place. Such an attire can be pulled off at any occasion as per your wish.

Other places where you can rock casual dress shirts include lunch dates, dinners, and outings with your soulmate. Choose a place that has a romantic feel and a candlelight theme. Your dress shirt will add magic to all these important events and places. A piece of advice here would be to go for warm colors for any dinner dates and cooler tones for informal lunches.


How to wear men dress shirt with style

The question still remains how to carry your dress shirt and steal the show. So let’s look at some of the ways to rock your shirts.

Add some Chinos to the Casualness

Striped casual dress shirts are one of the best options you have. Surely, you can never go wrong with stripes. So, if you are going to a casual dinner with your colleague after a workday, you can pair your casual striped dress shirt with olive chinos that will add to the entire look. The overall appearance will give you a soft yet crisp look that won’t be too loud. Hence, it’s a perfect way to dress for the next-door restaurant. So now, stop thinking and start working on your style, you need to take over the show wherever you go.

Dress Shirt with Jeans

One of the coolest ways to wear your men’s dress shirt is by pairing pair it with your favorite jeans. Although you cannot wear the combo to a work party, it is the perfect wear for a Sunday afternoon with your partner to grab a coffee from the nearest cafe. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort, yet you will look smart. A recommendation here would be to choose soft color tones for your shirts so that they go well with all your jeans.

Go wrinkle-free with your casual shirts.

There are many ways of wearing a dress shirt, and a man can rock his casual look while pairing the shirt with wrinkle-free pants. You definitely know that if you wear pants that look un-ironed or do not match with the tone of your shirt, they will weaken your entire look. So, you might be busy picking the right shirt for the occasion, but your pants play an equally important role in adding perfection to your appearance. 

You can also choose a white or a black shirt that looks casual and pair it with a cigarette or slim-fit pants. Such a look will add elegance to your appearance, especially if you have a lunch meeting with a client. Furthermore, you can even add a dark-toned slim-fit blazer allowing you to stand out in the crowd.

Parting words

If you were wondering how to wear men dress shirt, you are at the right place because Elegante has a huge collection of casual dress shirts for you to rock. Whether it is a meeting that you have to attend with a boss or a dinner date with your fiancé, having a casual dress shirt in your closet will come in handy no matter where you go. Hence if you don’t have one, purchase it from Elegante right away at an affordable price and gain instant fans who will admire you for ages.

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CategoriesFashion Guide

6 Ways to Style Men’s Casual T-Shirts

If there is one thing in the fast-moving world of fashion that has remained constant and relatively unchanged, it is the t-shirt. A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, the t-shirt is a casual and comfortable item of clothing that is highly versatile. A well-fitted t-shirt is an ideal choice for various occasions, and styling it gives a crispy and cozy vibe.

T-Shirts come in different cuts, with various patterns and many colors. All this may feel like too much to process but know that t-shirts flatter all body types. Looking for the cut and colors that make your outfits look good is important. The fabric, style, print, and fit of the t-shirt are crucial aspects in making you decide which t-shirt will go with a particular style. Here we discuss six ways to style men’s t-shirts. There are probably more than six ways to do it, but we narrowed it down to the six most popular ones. Let’s find out which ones they are.

The Classic: T-shirt and jeans

You probably have done this a million times by now. The white t-shirt and blue jeans pairing is a classic combination proven timeless. Made famous by iconic stars such as Marlon Brando and James Deen, this minimalist look is suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions such as a date, a night out, or a casual business meeting.

black t-shirt

The beauty of this outfit lies in its simplicity. Ensure that the jeans and t-shirt fit you well to avoid looking sloppy in either. Pair classic suede boots, Chelsea boots, or even some trendy sneakers with the outfit to complete the look. It is a look that suits everyone and is easy to pull off.

The Casual: T-shirt and trousers

You have trousers lying around, and this combination is practically a no-brainer! The look can be described as subtle but elegant. This outfit can be worn to many events and even to your workplace. Various trousers, such as pleated trousers or modern “cropped” style trousers, can be paired with a well-fitting t-shirt for a restrained but classic look.

Footwear and accessories add some flair to the outfit, but generally, sneakers work best. T-shirts and trousers give off a restrained and understated vibe while also being exceptionally comfortable. The style is easy to pull off for almost everyone and can be a go-to option for anyone when unsure of the dress code.

The Relaxed: Unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt

You have seen it flaunted tons of times. It is a perfect fit for the fall season. This look is optimal when the weather changes, but it is not cold enough for a jacket yet, and layers are what you are craving for. A nicely-fitted t-shirt can be worn under an unbuttoned shirt combined with chinos or jeans to complete the outfit.

This style can be customized in a lot of ways. You can put together plain, striped or printed t-shirts with plain shirts or flip them around to have plain t-shirts with flannel or striped shirts. Denim shirts are also an option if you’re looking for something that makes you stand out without looking too flashy. Try different combinations to find something that looks and suits you best!

The Daily Wear: Using t-shirts as a base layer

The t-shirt was initially meant to be used as a base layer with regular clothes to be worn over it. T-shirts are often worn as business shirts as this provides a casual impression without looking out of place in a semi-formal setting. However, t-shirts can also be worn under sweatshirts as everyday wear. This combination is modern, chic and casual.

T-shirts can also be worn under sweaters if it’s a little chilly. While some prefer their t-shirt to be tucked in when they’re wearing an additional layer on top, you can have it sticking out just slightly under the top layer too. There is no rule regarding what is and is not the correct way; wear it however you like it!

The Timeless: T-shirt under a jacket or blazer

Instead of wearing a button-down shirt under a jacket, wear a t-shirt for a lighter, more casual look. To upgrade this look, swap your jacket for a blazer. There are many options of t-shirts you can combine with a jacket or blazer for a contemporary look acceptable for a workspace.

Pick to look elegant or opt for a sportier option and combine it with a jacket or a blazer to complete your look. It is important to note that when wearing a t-shirt under a jacket or blazer, make sure the t-shirt has a round neck. Accessorize with comfortable shoes and a watch.

The Informal: T-shirts as loungewear

T-shirts are known for one thing: the comfort they provide. Most t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, which accounts for the soft texture that lends it the comfort and cozy feeling. If you need one article of clothing to wear when relaxing at home, it is a plain t-shirt with matching pants.

T-shirts were designed to be comfortable and have retained their basic purpose over the years. They do not restrict movement, and the ones for loungewear are made with an extra stretch. Pairing them with sweatpants is ideal when all you have to do is stay home and relax. The men’s casual t-shirt is a staple everyone should have in their wardrobe.

The t-shirt is a timeless article of clothing that has remained relatively unchanged. There are countless styling possibilities. Tees are comfortable and highly versatile. They are also available in plain, striped, patterned, or printed designs with varying styles such as round necks, V necks, crew necks, Henleys, etc.

A well-fitted t-shirt is a reliable option when pairing for formal and semi-formal use. The relaxed fits are suitable for more casual use. Soft pastel colors and muted tones are guaranteed to suit nearly everyone. They are also a great option when used as a base layer under jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, or even sweaters.

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Summer fashion trend
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Summer Fashion Trends 2022

The year 2022 is turning out to be much hotter than we anticipated. When the sun is shining brightly, you try to keep your clothing bright, breezy, and light. Looking at previous fashion trends, we see baggy and oversized clothing were all the rage. Curvy designs and slim fits were almost overlooked amid the craze for oversized tops and baggy bottoms.

This year’s fashion forecasts have something new to keep you cool but away from baggy clothes. This year’s summer fashion trend will help you update your wardrobe by revamping your look.

If you have been paying attention to the fashion runways and magazines, you have probably noticed that they have hinted at a “blast from the past.” Long and flowy dresses, denim on denim, stripes, fringes, and bright colors are all over billboards. Our television screens can also be seen resurrecting trends from the past. To say that this is not disappointing is an understatement.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the happening summer 2022 fashion trends for you to watch out for when shopping for your summer wardrobe.

Colors of All Kind

If you go through your closet for the last two to three years, you will notice more clothes in neutral and pastel colors. We all were obsessed with these colors. Ranging from nude to beige, off-white, tea-pink, and pistachio. Now the time has come to say goodbye to these colors, keep them safely somewhere, and welcome bright colors with open arms.

The color wheel for summer fashion is going to be strong this year. Bold, bright, and funky colors will make a statement. Bright pink, cobalt blue, dark orange, scarlet red, and lime green will take up residence in your wardrobe, adding a playful and cheerful element.

With these vibrant colors, you can experiment with any style and cut while enhancing your confidence and courage to play with the bold side of the color wheel.

No More Trails

The red carpets were all about trails during 2021. Whether it was a wedding or a summer outfit, trails became a thing. This summer’s clothing trend will lean more toward sleek and minimalistic looks. Smaller or no trails to carry.

Slim-fitted, less-oversized, and streamlined apparel will dominate summer fashion this year. Look for tops that fit you well and highlight your curves on your next shopping spree. Look cute and comfortable in the perfect fit.

Prints and More Prints

Prints are back in trend. But who is to say they were out of a trend? As a wardrobe staple, prints never go out of style. With thousands of patterns and new printing techniques being discovered every year, prints appear to find their way into every season’s apparel, whether it is summer, spring, autumn, or winter. Style and experiment with block prints and digital prints, available across multiple fabric types.

The most popular fabric type, printed lawn, is available in a plethora of collections designed by small-to-very-large brands every summer. Lawn happens to be light, breezy, and comfortable, making it ideal for dealing with the heat of the blazing sun during the hot summer days, which South East Asia sees a lot of. Elegante has launched an unstitched lawn collection with vibrant prints that are highly unique. Experiment with single print dresses or mix and match prints to create suits, trousers, shirts, or ghararas.

Rustic Accessories

Complementing accessories are the only element that add a personal touch to the entire outfit. Bring the rustic ones back, and the outfit becomes a game-changer. This year rustic accessories have taken center stage. With its vintage style and color, rustic jewelry is a class of its own compared to gold or silver plated jewelry. It exudes culture, adds a touch of history, and brings out warm vibes that enhance any of your everyday outfits to chic status. Rustic jewelry will dominate all other types of jewelry this year. Whether you dress up for a casual day at work, university, or hang out with friends, you can sport the same rustic piece.

Rustic sandals and bags have also made a few magazine headlines for setting the trend for summer with their unique color and quality. Do not forget to include rustic accessories on your list of items for your wardrobe for summer 2022.

Texture is Back

Yes, you heard it right. Texture is back in full force this summer. Prepare to include a few textured pieces in your wardrobe. You can already find textured clothing in addition to prints selling in top shops. Texture adds depth and class to your summer wardrobe, especially enhancing monotone and duotone outfits. Try monotone white, beige, blue, or black textured shirts and trousers with accessories if you think prints are a bit too much. Such clothing is highly appropriate for formal interviews, meetings, brunches and sometimes can be sported throughout the day. Opt for subtle textures and get your dress tailored to perfection. Unless you can get the fit right, such clothing can easily make you look out of shape.


Athleisure is the hottest summer trend for 2022 and has been going strong for a while now. Designed to keep you comfortable when you work out, athleisure is multipurpose and can be worn outside gyms also. Tracksuits and co-ord sets are widely used for their versatility while being comfortable.

Getting an athletic outfit is a valuable investment. Going for a run? Athleisure. Running errands? Athleisure. Going to a class or a conference? Athleisure. Shopping? Athleisure.

Though the 2020 lockdown certainly played a role in hyping up athletic wear as every day and comfort wear, it did stick around long after and was lifted to the status of trendy wear. By the looks of it, it plans to stick around even more in the coming years.

Elegante has a comfortable range of tracksuits for women. Add the best picks to your summer wardrobes this season.

The list must have given you an idea of what to expect this summer. This year’s summer fashion is undeniably energetic, relaxed, cheerful, and vibrant. You can easily update your summer outfits without busting your budget. The trends are here to stay and for the rest of 2022, let’s rock them.

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Unstitched Kurti
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How To Style Unstitched Kurti

Today the fashion industry speaks louder than ever before. There are countless styles that women and men can flaunt with out-of-the-world in never seen before color palettes. There is no one correct way to style yourself, and it all boils down to what you like and how you can pull it off. The fashion industry is no longer dominated by one staple design that is up for grabs; instead, clothing goes far beyond just aesthetics. Today women love to wear what is convenient yet fast and chic. Women want to stand out in their uniqueness but also want to breathe.

Fashion giants have also taken the same line and made it clear that your style defines you. You can be who you are in what you wear and look beautiful. In 2022, women have shifted from the corridors of open street malls where elegant saris were on display and from bazaars that sold unstitched fabrics with heavy hand-made kaam. Today’s youth is aware and believes in going the extra mile to look stylish and unique but with a catch. The mystery here is in simplicity, and we at Elegante believe that true style lies in the art of creating pieces cut out of quality. Your fabric is your canvas, and you can experiment as much as you like. But with some guiding principles and some hot and trending designs, you can take your outfits up a notch.

Women’s Love Affair with Kurtis

The word “Kurti” originated from long shirts called “kurta,” worn in the subcontinent for centuries. People back then were as keen on how they looked as we are today. However, the long flowing outfits cannot be worn today for several reasons. The classiness can be maintained nevertheless. Today, women of the subcontinent are breaking stereotypes and working long hours, traveling as far as a man has ever been, and being completely hands-on with whatever they like to do.

Those long hours can be nerve-wracking if your clothes aren’t right. You wouldn’t want to be sitting in a chair feeling itchy because you chose something uncomfortable to wear. Kurtis in today’s fashion era go far beyond just looking noble; instead, they are a way to relax and carry out your day without feeling uncomfortable.

Kurtis, today, are worn in many ways with a mix and match concept and in very soft and casual colors. You feel comfortable whether you are working six or twelve hours a day, and let’s not forget that every woman feels confident in a Kurti no matter how she styles it

Kurti Styles in today’s modern fashion era

Kurta but with Pockets

Did you know you can do away with a purse because your kurtis are no longer just an average piece of cloth? You can have pockets to stuff your phone or jewelry in. Why should only men have all the luxuries of having pockets in their shirts and pants and a woman cannot due to limited styles? Today you can do anything with an unstitched Kurti material. Choose cotton unstitched Kurti with vibrant color and stitch it with perfection with a v-neck and quarter sleeves. Don’t forget to tell the tailor you want some pockets on each side. The best colors that would rock such a style are sea green, mustards, and blue. Pair it with some chic white sunglasses because the day may be hot, and your comfort needs to be a priority.

Unstitched Kurti black

Get This 1PC Unstitched Hyacinth Kurti From Elegante

Front slit Kurti

It is pretty old school to have your Kurtis with no cuts and mystery. You can always slit your Kurti in half and show off your pants. Such styles are best shown off when they come in darker tones like navy blue or black. One shouldn’t stop just there, you can always turn it into a frock style, so it falls perfectly on your body. If you are into a breathable little fairy-like dress, you can always go for pleats and A-line stitching. A round neck with front buttons will uplift the slit Kurti because you don’t want to keep it too simple. Buttons can add fusion and mix in your style. Try using bright color buttons on your dark-toned Kurti.

Get This 1PC Unstitched Blue Nebula Lawn Kurti From Elegante

Tail Cut Style

If you are into long shirts still, fret not, there is a style that offers amazing cuts and fixes. Many believe that long shirts don’t have much going on for them. But in 2022, the styles are pretty different. Style your long Kurti with a U-cut hemline. It will add visual length and look unique. You can select a lawn unstitched kurti and keep the printed end on the hemline. If you are looking for something different, try inverting the U-cut on the hemline that will have the sides of the kurta fall deeper, giving your kurti a classic look.

Get This 1PC Unstitched Tribal Obsession Lawn  Kurti From Elegante

A mother-to-be Kurti

Many pregnant women complain that they don’t have much to shop for because most brands don’t make specific clothing. But Elegante has realized that pregnant women, too, want to look beautiful. You can select an unstitched cotton Kurti and style it in a square shape with zippers on the sides that can be used to feed the baby when it comes. The zippers will also add a design element, and the design will keep you comfortable as your belly grows. You can opt for vibrant colors with polka dot patterns that are not just cute but very refreshing. Don’t forget to add a round neck because you need to be relaxed during your pregnancy.

Unstitched Kurti pink

Get This 1PC Unstitched Rosemary Lawn Kurti From Elegante

The Bell sleeves

In 2022 if anyone is talking about something, it is about those bell sleeves women are in awe of. These bell sleeves were initially found on western tops, but desis have adopted the style and created a jaw-dropping fusion that is fun to recreate. Select any unstitched Kurti material with floral prints for this style to stand out in the crowd. Pair the Kurti with some bright-colored straight pants, and the bell sleeves will add their style statement.

Get This 1PC Unstitched Purple Fuschia Bloom Kurti From Elegante

Off-shoulder kurta

For the bold and the beautiful, this subtle look will stand out with a monotone or duo-tone unstitched kurti material. However, it is better to go simple on the design elements for this style. Geometrical patterns such as parallel lines would look amazing with off shoulders, whether you choose a dark tone or a light one. Pair it with your hair tied up high with bronze makeup, which should work wonders for you.

Get This 1PC Unstitched Rueil Lawn From Elegante


There is not just one style to anyone can swear by. Women do exceptionally well in many new styles and designs. Add designs that keep you comfortable and add to your productivity. Thanks to online fashion stores that have revolutionized the fashion industry with their unique and high-quality fabrics and styles, it is easier than ever to procure unstitched kurti fabric and have it delivered to your tailor for new and fascinating designs. At Elegante, you can find unique designs to keep your wardrobe fresh and updated.

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Dress for Work
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How to Dress for Work?

Dressing appropriately is one way to convey commitment, value, and professionalism. Our clothes communicate our personality traits to our superiors, who, unfortunately for us, have the power to make or break our professional careers. This means we should be paying more attention to our work dress. How we dress for work is something our bosses consider sub-consciously, and for certain jobs consciously, before giving us a job or a promotion. Although you should always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, you should also vary your working clothes based on the firm’s values for which you work.

Before heading for an interview, business meeting, event, or conference, you must have opened your cupboard and wondered, “what should I wear?” and stood staring at your wardrobe for a while. The answer may have magically appeared right in front of you if you work in an environment where formal clothing is a norm, and your closet is full of them already. On the other hand, if the working environment of your organization or industry is more traditional, for example, if there is a policy of only ever dressing up in eastern wear, the answer may be entirely different for you.

For men, the same cannot be said to hold true. Give them a neat button-down shirt, formal slacks, and khakis, and they are ready to go. A plain shalwar kameez with a waistcoat and oxford shoes will suffice for formal eastern attire. When professional women enter the picture, the playing field becomes more challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to eastern work apparel, as there is no defined formality for different occasions in Pakistan.

It is challenging but not impossible. To assist you, we have listed some proper professional clothing for each type of working environment, so you can dress for the position you want rather than the position you have.


Casual Business Work Attire

Going with casual business attire is a win if you work in a firm or agency, such as a production house, where the working environment is not just informal but also comfortable.

Button-down shirts and blouses look great with straight trouser pants and khakis. Jeans can also come and go but try skinny or straight jeans only. Baggy jeans have no place in any work environment.

Dress up any medium-length kurti with straight trousers, capris, or shalwars for an ethnic look. Long gowns are also welcome. Colors can range from vivid to bold, whatever suits you and your personality the best. Accessorizing is essential. Use small pieces of traditional jewelry. Carry lovely small purses that are not too dazzling or gaudy. Wear sandals, pumps, khusas, or low heels.


Business Casual Work Attire

To take it up a notch or two, go from casual business clothes to business attire.

Pair medium and long-length Kurtis with simple ankle-length straight trouser pants minus the embroidery and lacework. Avoid conventional jewelry and instead opt for jewelry that does not demand immediate attention. Wear a slim chain, studs, little stone-studded rings, and bracelets to keep it basic and minimalistic. Carry simple purses and wear low heels, plain khusas, and sandals.


Professional Work Attire

Dressing professionally is essential if you work in law, corporate, or banking. Casual or smart casual has no place in this dressing mode because anything less than professional attire should be avoided at all costs.

Banks, particularly Islamic banks, frown on women wearing western attire at work and make it a policy for women to always dress in eastern attire. If you work in those banks or law offices, it is advised to avoid wearing shirts with bold or vibrant colors that have been printed or embroidered. Always choose two-piece suits in solids or basic colors with minimum embroidery and lacework and no bold cutwork. Kurtis should always be medium or long length, with full sleeves and straight ankle-length pants. A dupatta or scarf is essential. Add a traditional shalwar and avoid any other variation.

Accessorize with simple and minimalistic jewelry such as simple chains, rings, bracelets, small studs, and sleek watches. Wear low heels, pumps, and khusas and carry small, essential bags.


Formal Work Attire

Formal work attire is similar to professional work attire, except it is typically designated for award ceremonies, work dinners, benefits, and other evening events. It preserves professionalism even outside of the office setting. You should always be cautious when dressing in formal business clothes because you are representing your organization and its value, which should always be in a positive light.

Wear simple kurtis with flared pants and long solid-color dresses. Avoid wearing anything with large prints, such as florals, and bright hues, such as magenta. Three-piece suits are also appropriate for a formal business atmosphere. Keep your accessories to a minimum, opting for an essential chain, bracelet, earring, and watch. Wear heels and pumps with a  simple clutch.

Gender Neutral Work Attire

If your business does not have a gender binary dress code, you can dress in gender-neutral work clothes.

Sweaters, cardigans, shirts with jeans, and khakis are appropriate for a casual setting. Pair slacks, trousers, crisp chinos with sweaters, button-downs, or cardigan shirts for a more formal work environment. Button-down shirts with trouser pants and blazers are appropriate in a business context. Pantsuits are an excellent option for a formal situation as it does not get any more gender-neutral than this. Although you can add a touch of pink, red, or peach to highlight feminity. Adding wristwatches and simple bracelets will complete your look.

It is always necessary to look put-together at work to be considered seriously. No one wants to follow orders from someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed and is late. Clothes give a perception of professionalism. They tell others that we know what we are doing. If we can take care of ourselves well enough, aka keep ourselves well-groomed, that gives our bosses the signal that we can take care of more responsibilities handed down to us. Imagine showing up to your workplace in pajamas. You would stand out like a sore thumb with inappropriate workplace attire. Fall in line with the dress code or, better yet, excel and develop your own sense of style in each category.

Elegante carries a wide choice of clothing for women for the formal workplace at affordable prices. You can enhance your wardrobe by getting your formal clothing custom stitched using the unstitched lawn or adding a new pair of trousers for your casual wear. Visit us anytime for more formal wear for women.

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Styling Guide For Men
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A Beginner’s Styling Guide For Men

Men seem to have limited options when it comes to impressionable style and may run short of ideas and styling advice when they are scouring for it. Perhaps you want to go to the movies on your second date and are stuck with the same two-year-old red t-shirt. Even worse is when you have a job interview and can’t seem to put together an outfit to impress your potential employer. Fret not most of us have been there when our favorite suits don’t even make sense to us anymore. We see others pulling off cardigans or cigarette pants like pros, and our trusty old red t-shirt seems to be screaming for help.
Style, believe it or not, is all about knowing the kind of dressing that suits you the best. We all want to look dapper with a cigarette in one hand, donning a warm leather jacket relaxing on a sofa outdoors with a couple of friends, but can we all look stylish doing it?
Whatever your reason is to look good, you can easily pull off a look with just a few tweaks and changes in your dressing. Note that style is not about expensive clothing; no brand can guarantee you that you will look stylish. So throw out the notion of expensive brands being the only way to look great.
Style is a way of life that you need to learn or adapt to. It takes a bit of learning and dedication; it takes time to get your style right. Hence expecting instant results could be a recipe for disaster. You can also upgrade your wardrobe with prudent shopping through sales and other budget-friendly stores if you live on a budget. Remember, style is not limited to money; you know what looks the best on you; here is a styling guide for men.

Dressing up well is a skill

Before jumping on the styling bandwagon, know that styling is about skill and awareness of the self and individual strengths. Some cuts don’t work well with certain body types, and some styles don’t compliment personalities. The skill is in choosing the right colors and brands that extol your features and personality. Maybe you look at very bold colors that are hard to pull off. The key to styling yourself perfectly is by upgrading your knowledge and skills in choosing the right fabric, the right colors, the right brands, and the proper fitting. Without these, you set yourself up for a fashion miscarriage.

Identify your style

As one of the most crucial steps, know your authentic style. Many people can tell you what their style is and then tell you they are not happy with what it has turned out to look like. This blog is for these people, and we hope you are reading it. However, 90% of the time, people add something like, “I don’t have an eye for good style,” “I don’t know what looks good on me.” These types of thoughts often cloud our judgment.
The best way to learn what you love the most is to take a piece of paper and write down the names of those whose style you really like. Note that these people could be anyone, from your friends, family, or even celebrities.
People often write names like James Bond, or Tony Stark, which is perfectly fine. This shows that you can tell what style feels like and identify people who can dress very well.
The next thing you do is list down all the impressive things about their clothing. It could be anything, from the colors they choose to the cuts they wear. Whatever your eyes find attractive, write it down even if you think you may never look good sporting any of it.
Now that you have a list, start scouring it for clothing you think will look good. You can begin by finding stores within your budget that carry the clothes. Elegante has many stylish outfits for men and has a variety in each to choose from.

Get the right fit of clothing

The right fit goes a long way in deciding how the clothes look overall. The best outfit for men is the one that sits perfectly on the body. You will solve 90% of your problems if you can get clothing appropriately tailored.
Loose clothes make you look disproportionate. The excess fabric creates a sloppy, fatter, or even shorter outlook. Having too loose fittings are a big no.
Some men have a problem wearing clothes that are either too loose or big because they prioritize their comfort; however, with the proper fitting, you can achieve the style you are looking for and at the same time enjoy the comfort of your outfit. Appropriately fitted men’s shirts can be found at Elegante in both casuals and formals. They are not just exquisite but also very comfortable to wear. Here are a select few we think you should try out:

1.  The Brown & Being Gingham Check

Check shirts are very popular and a must-grab. Sometimes elegance comes in soft and neutral colors; hence, you can always grab the latest checkered shirts if you want to look dapper.

Brown Gingham Dress Shirt

2. The Stripes

One of the most appealing men’s apparel designs is stripes. You cannot go wrong with them unless you have a pre-disposition of looking overweight in them. Wear your polo shirts in stripes or buy your next tailored dress shirt with white stripes. If you are someone who wants to play it safe yet look their best for the meeting with your new boss, try something green and white. Elegante has introduced green and white Oxford stripes dress shirts collection. A cool breezy fabric that will make you look clean and crisp throughout the day. The perfect outfit for your office day!

Green & White Oxford Stripes

3. White but not basic

White has the potential to make you look very attractive. Believe it or not, it looks good on all men and has a classic charm. Especially if the white is made out of high-quality fabric. At Elegante, we use a material that does not wither away and can be washed or dry cleaned repeatedly. Styling yourself in Elegante’s white geo print shirts, a black belt, and navy blue pants to stand out.


Live and breathe style with stylish people

When you want to make a change, it is quite possible that people see you as the odd one out. Avoid those who don’t understand the process of wardrobe up-gradation or stylization. Most people will like to see you wearing select few things because they are used to it. If you want to change yourself, ensure that you don’t listen to others. Surround yourself with people who support your change and relate to it. They say you are the product of the people you move with. So choose style-aware people to hang out with.

Try classic before going wild

The best way to figure out if a style is comfortable is to try it on. The second best way is to see it on someone else. People tend to think they can look stylish if they start sporting unique stuff and wear things no one else wears. That may be the worst choice you make for yourself. The reason is simple- those styles may either be outdated or not exactly complementary to current trends. A better idea is to try on clothes that have already been rewarded with the ‘stylish stamp.’ Once you can easily carry the classics and the evergreen styles, you can start personalizing your closet. This time you will know how to handle crazy.

Stay clear of graphics, logos, and wild prints while starting out

Many men ask how they can achieve a more mature look when starting out. The best men’s dressing style is when you eliminate clothing with graphics and wild prints. When your clothes have too many pictures, they make you look younger but probably not mature enough for the look you are trying to achieve. Try simple and bold colors with sleek cuts and good fits to achieve a mature look.

Solid and Neutrals will take you a long way

Remember, neutrals are a man’s best friend, even after you have come a long way from being a beginner. They never let you down when it comes to fashion. If you want to go for bold colors, you might have difficulty mixing and matching them. It is far better to opt for natural colors as they find their own pairs. These colors are body-defining too. If you love to go to the gym, you may want to add these colors to your wardrobe. Neutral colors like white, black, grey, navy, brown, khaki, olive, and light blue are largely available in t-shirts, pants and formal shirts.

Build with confidence; its never there to begin with

If you think you don’t have enough confidence to start building your stylish wardrobe, it is perfectly okay. When you first started driving, you were not a hundred percent confident either; you became better at it with practice. It is the same with styling. Start with the classic neutral styles. Once you wear them, your confidence will get a boost. These styles will not fail you. Keep improving your technique, adding your personal touch, and experimenting with the wild side. As you go from a starter to a pro in a few years, you will realize how far your confidence has also come.


Starting out with style isn’t difficult. All you need are tried and tested tips, and you are on your way to becoming a guru yourself. If you are looking for some stylish pieces, don’t forget to check out the men’s range at Elegante. You will be surprised how easily they will fit your wardrobe.

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