The winds have changed course, and the sun is brighter than ever. The scorching heat and the humidity that comes with summers have forced us to change our wardrobes to cope with the weather. People are on the hunt for the best summer collection for men.

In earlier times, men didn’t really care about their clothes. However, the new age of trends and fashion has made them step up their game. With the increasing heat intensity, men are on their quest to find the perfect summer collection 2022. With trendy designs, breathable fabric, and top-of-the-line styles, we are here as a cheat code on your quest. Let’s see what we have in store for you, shall we?

Summer Collection For Men: Classic, Chic, And Comfortable

Basic Is Essential

If you are on the lookout for the best tees to add to your summer collection for men, we recommend starting from the basic t-shirts. The basic tees offer a casual look that’s signature to many men. It’s comfortable yet stylish. The biggest benefit is that the basic, solid-colored t-shirts offer versatility in styles.

You can pair this simple teal blue basic t-shirt from Elegante with jeans. Or, if you are in the mood to create a funky fit, you can pair it up under a printed shirt and slay the fit.

We also have a wide variety of plain, basic tees that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Going out to a family dinner? Look no further, a white basic tee comes to the rescue. Want to hang out with friends? Wear our black, regular fit with printed jogger pants, and you are good to go!

Flaunt Your Polos

A forever favorite for men is always a polo that they can flaunt at every gathering. Hence, our men’s summer collection 2022 wouldn’t be complete if we forget to add trendy and stylish polo shirts to it.

We understand how essential polos are, so our designers have come up with elegant and chic styles for polo tees. Our polo shirts are perfect for formal outings and hangouts. And if you want a breathable, cool-for-the-eyes color to wear at the annual beach picnic, the light blue and white striped polo would help create a perfect fit.


The polos we keep in stock in our summer collection for men are manufactured using 100% premium pique cotton. The material is soft and airy. And it doesn’t show pit stains, which is a huge win for this heat!

Be Casual

Living in the age of fashion, we see daily changes in designs, styles, and trends. Yet, something that has been a staple in men’s summer collection 2022 is the casual shirts.

Casual shirts are popular among men of all ages because they are suitable for all events. Elegante provides the best choices in casual shirts. From the plain aqua blue shirt to the paisley blue printed casual shirt, we have it all. And don’t worry, we have many colors available at our stores.

The button-down collared shirts are made of soft linen fabric that’s ideal for summers. What are you waiting for? Buy some of these shirts and go crazy with the styles.

The Classic Formals

We all know men’s wardrobes aren’t complete if they don’t have formal shirts stocked to the brim. For all those men who have been looking for classic formal shirts to add to your summer collection, your search ends here.

The summer collection for men at Elegante is stocked with in-style and crisp formal shirts. Some top choices include a white formal shirt that features signature Elegante details and a green shirt with a dobby design and collar.

The new colors and styles would definitely help you level up your wardrobe. The forest green formal shirt is best if you want to step out of your comfort zone that only includes white, black, and blue.


Patterns And Prints

Whimsical prints and patterns are all the hype right now. Men are stepping out of their comfort zones and preparing to wear funky designs that show off their fashion knowledge and upbeat personality. Minimalist and plain designs are for office meetings, while patterns and floral prints are for playing volleyball at the beach and enjoying summer.


If you are looking for the best patterns and prints, the men’s summer collection at Elegante would be a wonderful place to start. We have shirts ranging from minimally structured prints to over-the-top floral prints. Whatever your style may be, we recommend trying our blue floral shirt with golden flowers, it will definitely turn many heads toward you.

If you want simple prints, you can check out the white and peach houndstooth shirt. It is made with 100% cotton fabric. It is also easy to style. Just pair it up with white jeans or dress pants, and voila! You’ll look as dashing as ever.

Checks And Stripes For The Win

Much like prints and patterns, the check and stripes are a versatile style that can be worn on every occasion. Men who don’t want to go overboard while dressing up prefer checkered or striped shirts. So, it’s a no-brainer that we stock them up for our pals who like to keep things minimal.


We have a huge collection of checkered and striped shirts that are made up of a variety of fabrics such as cotton, cotton blend, and linen. These shirts are tailored-fit yet airy. You can go out wearing a light beige and white striped shirt in scorching heat, and you won’t complain about being too hot. Fortunately for you, we can’t say the same for people’s opinions of you.

The ideal weight: Lightweight

Summertime might be cheerful for some but for others, it’s depressing. People constantly point out our flaws which – obviously – puts a bump on our mood. However, this summer, we pledge to stop caring about others’ opinions of our bodies.

This time around, the only weight you should be worrying about is the lightweight shirts at Elegante and how you can buy them.

The lightweight shirts are perfect for the heated weather. The shirts are comfortable to wear all day. They are super lightweight because they are made with a blend of fabrics. If you love denim but aren’t willing to buy it because it’s hot out there, our lightweight denim shirt will make you change your mind.


Sweatpants And Jogger pants

Shirts aren’t the only piece of clothing that our summer collection includes. The store also offers sweatpants and jogger pants. You might be wondering that jogger pants and summer don’t go well. The sweatpants and jogger pants from Elegante’s collection are made of soft and breathable fabrics. Take a look at this black jogger pants, which is comfortable and durable, so you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on it this summer.


The best part is that you can style these pants with basic tees and be ready for casual hangouts within minutes.

Be Cool This Summer

The best summer collection for men in 2022 is available at Elegante. From casual shirts to printed button-downs, from stripes to dots, we have everything available and ready for you to take home. Shop at our store, avail discounts, and create the coolest, trendiest wardrobe for yourself this summer.