In the dynamic world of fashion, staying ahead of the trends is crucial to elevate your style game. Shirts are a wardrobe staple that can make or break an outfit, and having the right type of shirts in your collection is essential. In this blog post, we will explore the classic and contemporary types of shirts that every fashion-forward man should own in 2023.

 As you build your wardrobe in 2023, might we recommend investing more in quality and design than quantity? We all know how quickly fashion trends change. But stylish shirts for men will always include classic, timeless pieces and designs from polo shirts to casual or formal dress shirts. Let’s see what are the must-have shirts to stay fashionable and confident for the year ahead.

Discover the Classic and Contemporary Type Of Shirts Of 2023

Fashion is one of the best expressions of our personality, and owning the right shirts and other apparel can greatly enhance your style. Shirts are a fundamental piece of clothing for men. They are the first fashion piece that people usually notice. And we all know how first impressions last. 

 Hence, it’s imperative that you build a wardrobe consisting of shirt types from classic to contemporary. This will add more variety to your closet and your style. Moreover, you will always have a piece ready for any and all occasions. 

 From classic designs that stand the test of time to contemporary styles that reflect the ever-changing fashion landscape, we are here with a list of shirts that will add charm and elegance to your fashion game. 

Mastering Men’s Fashion: The Best Type Of Shirts You Should Own

The Classic Dress Shirts

Classic dress shirts are an essential wardrobe staple when it comes to timeless sophistication and versatility. These shirts are perfect for formal events and professional settings. You can wear them to your office or for a business meeting, and they will help you appear more professional and exude an air of elegance and refinement. 

 Whether you opt for a crisp white shirt or experiment with subtle patterns, dress shirts can be effortlessly styled with suits or dress pants for a polished and refined look. We would like to recommend adding a classic white shirt from Elegante to your wardrobe. Our cotton formal shirt is best suited for all occasions, whether it's a date night or a hangout with friends. You can pair it with dress pants for an elegant look or wear it under sweaters if you are into the dark academia aesthetic. With this shirt, the styling options are limitless! 


Image source: Elegante

Stripes And Checks

To add a touch of charm and allure, the best way to go is to opt for stripes and checks among the many different kinds of shirts. After all, these patterns have stood the test of time and are as fashionable today as they were ages ago. 

 Incorporating stripes or checks in your outfit allows you to pattern mix and match. You can easily pair this red checkered shirt with neutral-colored pants for a balanced and stylish look. Furthermore, you can also experiment with different color combinations and outfit styles to showcase your personal style and elevate your fashion game.  

Image source: Elegante

Timeless Polo Shirts

Polo shirts strike the perfect balance between casual and semi-formal attire. Polo shirts exude a sense of sophistication with their collars and buttons while maintaining a relaxed vibe. They are a versatile option that is suitable for various occasions. From weekend outings with friends to casual Fridays at the office, you can break the monotony of casual shirts and replace them with stylish polos.

 Usually, there is no such thing as too many polos when it comes to elevating your fashion sense and your wardrobe. However, if you have to choose from various type of shirts and polo designs, always go with colors and designs that are easy to style. 

 The green elegante polo is an excellent design to add to your wardrobe. It can be effortlessly paired with chinos, jeans, or shorts, providing a modern and stylish appearance that is both comfortable and refined.

Image source: Elegante

 Printed Formals

If you are tired of the traditional solid-colored formal shirts, it’s time to break away from them and choose printed formals. This type of shirts offers a contemporary twist to your professional attire and allows you to express your personality. It also adds a touch of flair to your formal ensemble.

 To start off, you can opt for subtle prints like microdots or discreet patterns. The dark blue printed shirt from our store is one of the best examples of subtle prints that creates a sophisticated look while still adhering to formal dress codes. Pairing this shirt with tailored trousers or suits in complementary colors will create a modern and fashionable outfit that showcases your unique style and confidence.

 The best part is that this shirt is a versatile choice so that you can easily transition from professional settings to casual events and parties. For professional occasions, it’s better to pair it with dress pants for a more polished look. And if you have a party to attend afterward, just replace the pants with dark denim or chinos, and roll up the sleeves for a laid-back yet stylish look. 


Image Source: Elegante

Timeless T-shirts

While dress shirts and polo shirts are essential, quality basics like T-shirts should not be overlooked when searching for stylish shirts for men. T-shirts provide a versatile foundation for casual and relaxed occasions. When investing in t-shirts, you must opt for high-quality fabrics like cotton or linen in solid colors or subtle patterns. 

 This black regular-fit basic tee is one of our most sought-after pieces of apparel. And why must it not be? With a timeless color, highest quality fabric, and seamless stitching, it’s the perfect tee for casual days. If you are in the mood to perk up your outfit, the layering technique is the way to go. You can pair it with an open shirt or a lightweight jacket to add colors and style to our ensemble.

Image source: Elegante

Caring for Your Shirts: Maintenance Tips for Longevity and Freshness

To make the most of your shirt collection, proper care and maintenance are essential. Follow these tips to keep your shirts in pristine condition.

  • You should always read and follow the care instructions on the label. This will help you take proper care to keep your shirts in pristine condition.
  • You must always separate your shirts by color and fabric type before washing them to prevent color bleeding or damage. Use detergents that are not too harsh, and always follow the recommended washing temperature. Moreover, you should hang or fold your shirts properly after washing them to avoid wrinkles.
  • Storing your shirts in a well-organized manner will ensure easy access and prevent unnecessary creasing. This will also prevent damage from wear and tear and rough usage. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to build a versatile shirt collection, choosing one or two pieces from all type of shirts is the right option. Never forget to embrace both, the classic pieces and contemporary designs. This will keep your wardrobe in line with the current fashion trends while also maintaining the timeless appeal of classics.

 Now that you know which type of shirts you should own in 2023, the next phase is shopping. Instead of roaming around aimlessly in the mall, we recommend checking out Elegante’s exquisite collection for men. We are sure you won’t return empty-handed!