Formal shirts are a fundamental part of a man’s wardrobe. They are among the essential articles of clothing, seeing they are useful for a variety of events and occasions. It is important that you look neat in your office meetings but also look dapper during a night out. Having different types of formal dress shirts in the closet is always a good idea because sooner or later, they do come to use.

Several factors come into play when buying the right dress shirt. The shirt’s fit is just as important as the design and color. The best fittings are done by getting a shirt stitched by a tailor. The tailor ensures the shirt is stitched to your exact proportions. Whether you’re looking for men’s office wear shirts or shirts that you can wear otherwise, these basic shirts are something you should have in your closet.

Basic Formals

A crisp white shirt is the cornerstone of any man’s wardrobe. It is a basic necessity. The versatility of a high-quality, well-fitting formal shirt is unquestionable. It can be worn with formal trousers or be paired with jeans to create a smart-casual look which is very popular. A timeless piece, it is perhaps the most classic and traditional look.


A plain white shirt with a medium spread collar and barrel cuffs ensures that it can be worn to formal events and casual settings. It is better to choose a medium-weight fabric because that will ensure it can be worn year-round. Thin materials are suitable only for the summer, while thicker fabrics are suited to winter. A medium-weight fabric makes the shirt versatile, making it feel comfortable and look good no matter how it is paired.

Checkered Shirts

Subtle and classic, checkered shirts are always an excellent go-to option when nothing else works. The right checkered shirt looks perfect when paired with a suit and a plain tie. You could add a printed pocket square to give your outfit a little boost. If you prefer to go for a smart-casual look, checkered shirts can be paired with cropped trousers and a pair of sneakers.



There are a variety of checkered shirts available with different sizes of checks. If you’re unsure about what type of checkered shirt to buy, it is always sensible to stick to the basics. A light blue check on a clear white background or a red and blue check on a white background is a classic and always looks good. Button-down cuffs and collars are recommended as checkered shirts are usually more suited to semi-formal and smart-casual settings.

Stripes All the Way

Stripes are a great alternative for checkered shirts and are preferred for the strong, formal look they provide. They are perfectly acceptable in a business environment and go well with a suit just as well as they pair with nicely fitted trousers. Different sizes and types of striped shirts are available, but it is recommended that you stick to the classics and avoid excessively spaced or large stripes. With how easy striped shirts are to wear, it is no surprise that they are an integral part of formal fashion men follow.



Some of the most common color schemes for striped shirts include blue or navy stripes. Stripes can also make you look slimmer, although it is recommended that you avoid extremely fine stripes as well as extremely bold ones. Striped shirts can add a twist of color to a solid black suit, and you can use them to express your individuality. Having a few different striped shirts in your wardrobe is always a good idea as they will add to many occasions.

Gingham Shirts

Gingham shirts are a classic, and you probably own a couple of them already. If you don’t, then now’s the time to get one, at least. While the commonly seen color combination is navy and white, feel free to switch it up by going for different colors such as various shades of gray or beige.



Gingham shirts are highly versatile, and they are easy to dress up or dress down. They can be worn in every setting, from concerts to brunch or dinners. The smart-casual options are perfect for multiple occasions, and your final outfit often depends on your choice of trousers and jacket. They are an ideal choice of formal shirts for busy men, given that they’re more than acceptable for workdays as well as weekends.

Solid & Silk Shirts

Silk shirts are arguably just as popular as ties, pocket squares, and lapel facings of the same material. In fact, it has become a wardrobe essential for many men. Opting for a silk shirt can provide a myriad of benefits. The fabric is breathable and natural, explaining why it has been used to make clothing for centuries.

High-end silk shirts have gained a lot of popularity and are available in various shades with woven patterns. They can be dressed down or up, looking great under a suit and providing a classy but casual look when paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Silk shirts come in solid colors and various unique and exciting designs.

There are a shocking number of dress options and there is no dearth of shops stocking the best and the priciest ones. The colors, designs, and styling options only add to this variety, but it is essential to find what looks chic and best on you, and fits well. The fitting of a formal dress shirt is just as important as the design and style of the shirt. The look and feel of a formal shirt are not defined by the fabric, they are heavily influenced by your style choices.

Personal preferences can differ widely; it is not necessary for everyone to follow the exact same trend, although adhering to basic guidelines will make you a better dresser. This leaves you with the freedom to make your own stylistic choices while ensuring that you’re wearing shirts as they’re meant to be worn.