If there is one thing in the fast-moving world of fashion that has remained constant and relatively unchanged, it is the t-shirt. A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, the t-shirt is a casual and comfortable item of clothing that is highly versatile. A well-fitted t-shirt is an ideal choice for various occasions, and styling it gives a crispy and cozy vibe.

T-Shirts come in different cuts, with various patterns and many colors. All this may feel like too much to process but know that t-shirts flatter all body types. Looking for the cut and colors that make your outfits look good is important. The fabric, style, print, and fit of the t-shirt are crucial aspects in making you decide which t-shirt will go with a particular style. Here we discuss six ways to style men’s t-shirts. There are probably more than six ways to do it, but we narrowed it down to the six most popular ones. Let’s find out which ones they are.


The Classic: T-shirt and jeans

You probably have done this a million times by now. The white t-shirt and blue jeans pairing is a classic combination proven timeless. Made famous by iconic stars such as Marlon Brando and James Deen, this minimalist look is suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions such as a date, a night out, or a casual business meeting.



The beauty of this outfit lies in its simplicity. Ensure that the jeans and t-shirt fit you well to avoid looking sloppy in either. Pair classic suede boots, Chelsea boots, or even some trendy sneakers with the outfit to complete the look. It is a look that suits everyone and is easy to pull off.


The Casual: T-shirt and trousers

You have trousers lying around, and this combination is practically a no-brainer! The look can be described as subtle but elegant. This outfit can be worn to many events and even to your workplace. Various trousers, such as pleated trousers or modern “cropped” style trousers, can be paired with a well-fitting t-shirt for a restrained but classic look.



Footwear and accessories add some flair to the outfit, but generally, sneakers work best. T-shirts and trousers give off a restrained and understated vibe while also being exceptionally comfortable. The style is easy to pull off for almost everyone and can be a go-to option for anyone when unsure of the dress code.

The Relaxed: Unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt

You have seen it flaunted tons of times. It is a perfect fit for the fall season. This look is optimal when the weather changes, but it is not cold enough for a jacket yet, and layers are what you are craving for. A nicely-fitted t-shirt can be worn under an unbuttoned shirt combined with chinos or jeans to complete the outfit.



This style can be customized in a lot of ways. You can put together plain, striped or printed t-shirts with plain shirts or flip them around to have plain t-shirts with flannel or striped shirts. Denim shirts are also an option if you’re looking for something that makes you stand out without looking too flashy. Try different combinations to find something that looks and suits you best!

The Daily Wear: Using t-shirts as a base layer

The t-shirt was initially meant to be used as a base layer with regular clothes to be worn over it. T-shirts are often worn as business shirts as this provides a casual impression without looking out of place in a semi-formal setting. However, t-shirts can also be worn under sweatshirts as everyday wear. This combination is modern, chic and casual.

T-shirts can also be worn under sweaters if it’s a little chilly. While some prefer their t-shirt to be tucked in when they’re wearing an additional layer on top, you can have it sticking out just slightly under the top layer too. There is no rule regarding what is and is not the correct way; wear it however you like it!

The Timeless: T-shirt under a jacket or blazer

Instead of wearing a button-down shirt under a jacket, wear a t-shirt for a lighter, more casual look. To upgrade this look, swap your jacket for a blazer. There are many options of t-shirts you can combine with a jacket or blazer for a contemporary look acceptable for a workspace.

Pick to look elegant or opt for a sportier option and combine it with a jacket or a blazer to complete your look. It is important to note that when wearing a t-shirt under a jacket or blazer, make sure the t-shirt has a round neck. Accessorize with comfortable shoes and a watch.

The Informal: T-shirts as loungewear

T-shirts are known for one thing: the comfort they provide. Most t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, which accounts for the soft texture that lends it the comfort and cozy feeling. If you need one article of clothing to wear when relaxing at home, it is a plain t-shirt with matching pants.

T-shirts were designed to be comfortable and have retained their basic purpose over the years. They do not restrict movement, and the ones for loungewear are made with an extra stretch. Pairing them with sweatpants is ideal when all you have to do is stay home and relax. The men’s casual t-shirt is a staple everyone should have in their wardrobe.

The t-shirt is a timeless article of clothing that has remained relatively unchanged. There are countless styling possibilities. Tees are comfortable and highly versatile. They are also available in plain, striped, patterned, or printed designs with varying styles such as round necks, V necks, crew necks, Henleys, etc.

A well-fitted t-shirt is a reliable option when pairing for formal and semi-formal use. The relaxed fits are suitable for more casual use. Soft pastel colors and muted tones are guaranteed to suit nearly everyone. They are also a great option when used as a base layer under jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, or even sweaters.