Have you ever wondered why there are tons of tops in your closet but not one seems to ignite a spark? Chances are, you don’t know what you are buying until it is hanging in the closet or squeezed in one of your drawers. You begin to feel that it does not match your persona, and then it never gets to see the daylight.

Sometimes we shop mindlessly, hoping that certain tops will look great on our bodies. But some of us can be very picky fashionistas also. It is not just about having a top you love; the magic lies in what complements your body and helps you to stand out. We all want to look our best and want heads to turn and notice us. But we can’t really do that unless we know what is in fashion and what types of clothing would rock on us. Fashion giants like Elegante know how to style their divas. Picking the right designer is one of the tricks to learn when searching for who can dress you best. Everything else just falls into place as the design sense starts to kick in with the right designer on your back.

The biggest challenge for women is pulling off clothing that has a professional appeal. Most women are confused when they have to dress for that big corporate annual meeting they were preparing for all year. Also, it is hard to mix and match and choose the right kind of shirt that looks professional yet fashionable. A big dilemma in the fashion industry is that the fashion element diminishes as one moves from casual to formal clothing. However, some brands can still pull off some fantastic chic professional looks.

This post is about formal shirts you can wear this year, the next one and the ones after. These women’s shirts become the talk of the town and are truly timeless. Women did not realize their true fashion potential until they started to appear on some of the big retail brands of the country. It is all about carrying yourself and looking chic in formal attire. You can definitely dress to impress while displaying your professionalism through a style statement like never before.


Basic Formal Dresses for Women

Don’t let your closet brim out! You have a whole new day at work tomorrow. Who knew that there are outfits that can cover your corporate day event and look good in the evening as well? Get your hands-on chic yet simple pastel color formal knee-length shirts that can keep you warm on a chilly winter day. Your dress will speak for your professional accomplishments and allow you to be the center of attention in cool colors. Perhaps your sense of fashion will spark a great conversation with your client and land you the next big deal.


Embroidered Formal Shirts

White Emroidered Special Edition

Don’t make your closet boring with just the dark and old shirts. Just because you are professional and hardworking doesn’t mean your clothes have to reflect only the strong side of you. You must admit, the same color palette can perhaps become a little boring. You can always experiment with formal shirts by adding some chic yet smart elements to the outfit. Embroidery is a statement; it speaks for itself. When you walk into a meeting or an important event, you will most certainly stand out and look graceful. The idea is to keep it sophisticated, minimal yet relevant to your age and the scheme of the outfit. You can order formal shirts for women online and get the best of the best at your doorstep.

Checkered Formal Shirts

White Emroidered Special Edition

Checkered shirts were never a thing of the past; they were always a fashion statement and will always be. Although they did lose popularity through time, women have found their way back to these ultimate fashion beauties. The days are long gone when checkered shirts were just a piece for men to don. Women have conquered checkered shirts, adding them to their closets, and are making fashion statements casually and formally. It is one of the best professional formal shirt designs for ladies who want to stand out in the crowd.

Multi-Button Formal Shirts

Buttons! More buttons! There is always something to button when you want to look crisp and neat on a very productive day. Perhaps you are meeting with the board and want to convince them of your idea. Buttons will surely help because they can convince others that you know what you are doing. Some of the country’s top fashion brands have successfully launched professional formal shirts for women with multi-buttons. You can find formal shirts with multi- buttons on collars, as design elements or on the sleeves. They make for a compelling fashion statement without adding bling to your look. A must-have.

Short-Sleeved Formal Shirts

A formal look can be hard to pull off when it is 50 degrees centigrade outside. But say no more. You can always style yourself in short-sleeved formal shirts that can keep you cool and your summery vibe intact. Pair your short-sleeved formal shirt with a nice pair of leggings or black tights and end up looking stylish, cute, and formal for a team meeting. Short sleeves look professional and casual, making them a must-have, especially if you work in warm environments.


All hardworking and professional women want the best of both worlds. We want to close all our corporate deals sometimes at the expense of our sleep and personal life. But we should never compromise on our style. Times have changed, so have fashion and the fashion requirements of women across the world. Elegante brings a new shopping experience to you. You can choose your next formal through the e-store. Now order formal shirts for women online from the comfort of your home or office. So, click away and order yourself the formal must-haves every woman is talking about!