If you think wearing the right shoes and shirt is the real deal while going out, I have news for you- to stand out and look handsome, get the bottom right. Yes, you read it right. If you get your hands on the right pair of trousers, you are making all the other accessories look a lot better too. However, if you manage to choose a pair of pants that do not complement your style, then your overall look will take a nose-dive.

So what do we do to prevent a fashion miscarriage? You wear Elegante trousers for men. We have all been there where our wardrobes were stocked with only two to three pairs of trousers that we wore with everything we owned, but let’s face it, we are putting people to sleep with the dull aura we have been pulling off for a decade.

Elegante has different trousers for men that you can mix and match with your polos or tees. Pick and choose colors that look impressive yet fashionable. Men’s trousers look amazing if they are not screaming in super bright or uneven colors. You can always invest in trousers that rock your look at all types of events. Whether it is a formal dinner with a very important client or a casual day out with your family, multipurpose trousers can go a long way in carrying your personality.

Things to think About

Did you know that there is always an abundant variety in the trouser aisle at any shopping site? That means there is more than one way you can rock your bottoms in any season. The following pants are some of the must-haves. Most of the available trousers for men are fairly talked-about, and you can find them online also.


Corduroy was a popular type of trousers back in the ’70s, and they have gained a lot of popularity in today’s fashion for men. Although the material is a bit warmer and is perfect for winters, you can sport cords flawlessly any time of the year due to the fabric’s ability to stand all kinds of temperatures. Pair these trousers with a warm-colored jumper or blazer. Furthermore, you can wear cords at any regular setting and pair them with a basic color T-shirt for a casual look. At Elegante, we style you with some fantastic cords that will help you stay stylish throughout the year.


If you have minimal trouser variety in your closet, we are sure that you have a pair of sweat pants amongst them. Men love feeling comfortable no matter where they are, but they want to stay in style, especially in winter. When sweat pants only give off a homely lounge look and feel, how do you achieve both style and comfort?
You can achieve both by adding stripes to your sweatpants. Elegante has changed how you dress up for outdoors in winters because we help you dress in different types of trousers for men. We successfully experimented with sweatpants allowing you to remain comfortable while looking dapper in the striped sweatpants. You can also wear them in warmer seasons due to the fabric’s cozy feel.

Drawstring Trousers

If you want to head outdoors in the summers with minimal effort, drawstring trousers are your wardrobe staple. The fabric needs a little ironing and compliments anything you wear on the top. You can pair your trousers with joggers or white striped sneakers, and if you want to hide the strings, you can always do so by wearing a button-down shirt or a sweatshirt. However, you can always show them off. In that case, you can rock them with a roll-neck or a basic T-shirt. You can wear drawstring trousers indoors when it’s chilly; hence owning one will never be a waste of money.

Slim-fit trousers

When you think about skinny at the bottom, do you always think of denim jeans? Do away with denim slim-fits. This time rock skinny pants in style in a cotton or sweatpants fabric. You can spice things up by buying them in many different colors, and it all depends on the event you are going to. If you are looking for trousers for men, Elegante has no limits.



Mesh and play with dark colors for your slim-fit trousers to design a classic outfit. But do not be afraid to do something different with these skinny trousers; you can use bold colors too. The secret behind rocking slim trousers is to ensure that they are not too tight. After all, you should be able to move around, and if you are uncomfortable, the entire look will look awkward.


Chinos are every man’s best friend, especially those who are super concerned about how they pull off their look. They are the safest yet fashionable clothing item you can own. They are relaxed, easy to style, and look just perfect with everything you wear. You can rock them with tees, polo shirts, or a loose-fit shirt for loungewear. Chinos are perfect for all seasons; whether cold or super-hot, they have a relaxed yet comfortable feel, making them multi-seasonal. If you have a work event or a formal dinner date, opt for darker colors such as charcoal, navy, or black. However, if you are only going out for a casual lunch or dinner with your friends, then you can opt for burgundy chinos that allow you to stand out in the crowd.


Elegante has changed the way men dress up for their events. Getting the shirt right is a challenge, but the real challenge is to get the bottom comfortable and stylish when substantial attention goes towards our trousers. If you wear the perfect polo shirt with dull trousers, you are essentially killing off the entire look. There are numerous types of trousers for men, but with the above options, you will never have a fashion issue, nor will you have to compromise on your comfort.