The trees are barren in the blink of an eye, your breath is fogging up windows, and the cool days are drifting by slowly and surely. Winter is on its way. It’s time to pull out your warmest clothing. But, if you do not know where to begin, we have got you covered. We’ve collected a list of some of the popular activities this season, as well as men’s winter fashion ideas that go along with them. Learn more about 5 timeless men’s winter fashion trends this season you should be investing in and not missing out on.

1. Winter Party and Wedding Edition

The current men’s winter fashion party and wedding trends are the talk of the town despite the pandemic. If you are looking forward to seeing co-workers and loved ones again or planning a socially distant get-together, it’s time to put your party pants on. Put on a pair of straight-leg pants with pleated accents, and you can embrace the revival of the 70s fashion. Participate in this year’s retro theme by wearing a warm turtleneck under a suit jacket.

Skip the suit trimmings and opt for a basic pairing of jeans with a solid formal shirt for a more laid-back look. Striped dress shirts are the ideal combination of class and elegance. These button-ups aren’t your run-of-the-mill shirts. Experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors to find you’re a style that fits you best. Micro-textures and conversational designs such as dots and diamonds should be given a shot.

Naturally, no ensemble is complete without a pair of shoes. Put on a stylish pair of lace-up boots or chukkas.

2. Winter Work Wear Edition

This winter, some of you may have to return to work. Maybe you conducted a lot of web research and Skype messages with your colleagues to figure out what to wear to work. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one who felt this way.

When deciding what to wear to work in winter, starting with the exterior is a good idea. Men’s winter fashion this year will be dominated by outerwear. Choose a coat first. A trench coat or woolen overcoat can keep you warm if your workplace dress requirement is business formal or professional. Use a work jacket or pea coat with fleece inside to keep warm.

If you are still working from home with a relaxed dress code, you may dress in anything from a parka to a trucker jacket to your heaviest sweatshirt.



The classic men’s hoodie is another item that perfectly fits men’s winter fashion this year. Experiment with woodsy browns and burgundy if you are new. Want to try something new? Use a marled or heathered knit to add extra color to your outfit. Take your hoodie game up a notch with an embroidered design if your workplace permits it. For those rushing into meetings, a statement-striped sweater provides a professional punch.

3. Winter Gym Wear Edition

This year, winter fashion for men will be dominated by athleisure and loungewear. It’s always a good idea to be comfortable at home and working out. Your trip to the gym will be more relaxed and fun if you opt for fleece-lined joggers. Track pant is a good option too, for comfort and warmth. Wear these jogging alternatives to work out inside or outdoors.



Add a premium tracksuit to your wardrobe. Essential hues like black, red, and navy will simplify your styling routine so you can focus on your training. Look for a slim-fitting design you can wear over a shirt and beneath heavier layers. Extendable sleeves are advantageous since they allow you to manage your body temperature while exercising.

4. Winter Trekking Edition

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. Go for a stroll through the white-blanketed forests and look for inspiration on how to dress fashionably in winter because you might just get some.

While you do so, we have some advice on how to layer up so you can look stylish. Layer your ensemble with a checkered flannel to embrace the winter trekking trend. Buffalo check was predicted to be a key trend last year, and it’s not going away this season. Wear it knotted, closed, or even open around your waist if you’re feeling hot on your trek to the summit.



While trekking, you don’t want to be carrying too much weight in your backpack or on your person. Simple layers are an excellent option. You can start with a warm thermal tee. If it’s made of wool, you will not have to worry about the cold all that much. This warm knit is ideal for keeping body heat in. Opt for merino wool as it is much softer than ordinary wool yarn.

5. Winter Casual Edition

It’s time to go inside the house and warm up after and nice walk in the snow. Take the comfortable winter sensations to the next level with embroidered crewneck tees. Pair your favorite crewneck tee with joggers or sweatpants to go street style. Look into fleece alternatives when it’s time to update your at-home outfit. Lined joggers and a matching fleece hoodie in classic blue or warm brown will help you relax.

Layer fleece on fleece for fun and to add warmth. Stick to neutral colors underneath and brighter tones on top to add personality to your clothing. To beat the winter blues, think honey yellows and flaming reds.

The ultimate balance of comfort and style is a sherpa bomber jacket or a trucker-inspired shacket layer. Whatever laid-back vibe you choose, don’t forget to finish the outfit with a pair of warm slippers.

Are you ready to up your winter wardrobe this year? The tips and trends provided above will help you make this possible so that you look your absolute best, regardless of the occasion and location. This winter is about keeping it comfortable and stylish and sticking to basic colors while also experimenting with colors where you can. Feel like adding something, leave a comment below!