The year 2022 is turning out to be much hotter than we anticipated. When the sun is shining brightly, you try to keep your clothing bright, breezy, and light. Looking at previous fashion trends, we see baggy and oversized clothing were all the rage. Curvy designs and slim fits were almost overlooked amid the craze for oversized tops and baggy bottoms.

This year’s fashion forecasts have something new to keep you cool but away from baggy clothes. This year’s summer fashion trend will help you update your wardrobe by revamping your look.

If you have been paying attention to the fashion runways and magazines, you have probably noticed that they have hinted at a “blast from the past.” Long and flowy dresses, denim on denim, stripes, fringes, and bright colors are all over billboards. Our television screens can also be seen resurrecting trends from the past. To say that this is not disappointing is an understatement.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the happening summer 2022 fashion trends for you to watch out for when shopping for your summer wardrobe.

Colors of All Kind

If you go through your closet for the last two to three years, you will notice more clothes in neutral and pastel colors. We all were obsessed with these colors. Ranging from nude to beige, off-white, tea-pink, and pistachio. Now the time has come to say goodbye to these colors, keep them safely somewhere, and welcome bright colors with open arms.

The color wheel for summer fashion is going to be strong this year. Bold, bright, and funky colors will make a statement. Bright pink, cobalt blue, dark orange, scarlet red, and lime green will take up residence in your wardrobe, adding a playful and cheerful element.

With these vibrant colors, you can experiment with any style and cut while enhancing your confidence and courage to play with the bold side of the color wheel.

No More Trails

The red carpets were all about trails during 2021. Whether it was a wedding or a summer outfit, trails became a thing. This summer’s clothing trend will lean more toward sleek and minimalistic looks. Smaller or no trails to carry.

Slim-fitted, less-oversized, and streamlined apparel will dominate summer fashion this year. Look for tops that fit you well and highlight your curves on your next shopping spree. Look cute and comfortable in the perfect fit.

Prints and More Prints

Prints are back in trend. But who is to say they were out of a trend? As a wardrobe staple, prints never go out of style. With thousands of patterns and new printing techniques being discovered every year, prints appear to find their way into every season’s apparel, whether it is summer, spring, autumn, or winter. Style and experiment with block prints and digital prints, available across multiple fabric types.

The most popular fabric type, printed lawn, is available in a plethora of collections designed by small-to-very-large brands every summer. Lawn happens to be light, breezy, and comfortable, making it ideal for dealing with the heat of the blazing sun during the hot summer days, which South East Asia sees a lot of. Elegante has launched an unstitched lawn collection with vibrant prints that are highly unique. Experiment with single print dresses or mix and match prints to create suits, trousers, shirts, or ghararas.

Rustic Accessories

Complementing accessories are the only element that add a personal touch to the entire outfit. Bring the rustic ones back, and the outfit becomes a game-changer. This year rustic accessories have taken center stage. With its vintage style and color, rustic jewelry is a class of its own compared to gold or silver plated jewelry. It exudes culture, adds a touch of history, and brings out warm vibes that enhance any of your everyday outfits to chic status. Rustic jewelry will dominate all other types of jewelry this year. Whether you dress up for a casual day at work, university, or hang out with friends, you can sport the same rustic piece.

Rustic sandals and bags have also made a few magazine headlines for setting the trend for summer with their unique color and quality. Do not forget to include rustic accessories on your list of items for your wardrobe for summer 2022.

Texture is Back

Yes, you heard it right. Texture is back in full force this summer. Prepare to include a few textured pieces in your wardrobe. You can already find textured clothing in addition to prints selling in top shops. Texture adds depth and class to your summer wardrobe, especially enhancing monotone and duotone outfits. Try monotone white, beige, blue, or black textured shirts and trousers with accessories if you think prints are a bit too much. Such clothing is highly appropriate for formal interviews, meetings, brunches and sometimes can be sported throughout the day. Opt for subtle textures and get your dress tailored to perfection. Unless you can get the fit right, such clothing can easily make you look out of shape.


Athleisure is the hottest summer trend for 2022 and has been going strong for a while now. Designed to keep you comfortable when you work out, athleisure is multipurpose and can be worn outside gyms also. Tracksuits and co-ord sets are widely used for their versatility while being comfortable.

Getting an athletic outfit is a valuable investment. Going for a run? Athleisure. Running errands? Athleisure. Going to a class or a conference? Athleisure. Shopping? Athleisure.

Though the 2020 lockdown certainly played a role in hyping up athletic wear as every day and comfort wear, it did stick around long after and was lifted to the status of trendy wear. By the looks of it, it plans to stick around even more in the coming years.

Elegante has a comfortable range of tracksuits for women. Add the best picks to your summer wardrobes this season.

The list must have given you an idea of what to expect this summer. This year’s summer fashion is undeniably energetic, relaxed, cheerful, and vibrant. You can easily update your summer outfits without busting your budget. The trends are here to stay and for the rest of 2022, let’s rock them.