When we hear the word “smart casual dress,” it confuses us. We are so used to dressing up either too smartly or too casually that the smart casual dress code puzzles us. So, if you are tired of struggling to find the right outfit for a smart casual dress code, look no further than this ultimate guide for men.


Figuring out what to wear for a smart casual dress code can be challenging, especially for men. Whether you're attending a business meeting or a social gathering, this ultimate guide will help you navigate the world of mens smart casual dress code with ease. From essential items to outfit inspiration, we've got you covered.

What Do We Mean By Smart Casual Dress Code?

Dressing appropriately can have a significant impact on the impression you make, and smart casual attire for men strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. Don’t look so confused, let us explain what smart casual actually means.


It's a dress code that's not too formal but not too casual either, making it ideal for a wide range of occasions. The smart casual dress code men combines the perfect elements of both formal and casual wear, and the end result is an outfit that looks professional and smart while also keeping you comfortable.


As fashion trends change, the hype for smart casual dress codes is increasing day by day. And why should it not when this attire aims to create a polished and put-together look without sacrificing ease and practicality? After all, we all love our comfort a little too much. By balancing formal and casual elements of various outfits and paying close attention to fit, color, and texture, you can create a look that's perfect for a wide range of occasions.


However, to look stylish and well put together, you can’t just throw on anything from your casual and formal clothes and expect to achieve a well-dressed, smart casual look. You must follow some rules, and we are here to tell you exactly that. 

Key Components of Smart Casual Dress Code

Blending Formal and Informal Elements

To ace the smart casual outfit, you must understand its defining features. It involves knowing how to combine the formal and informal elements of your wardrobe to create a perfectly balanced smart casual dress.


The best way to achieve this balance is to lay out a casual outfit. You can choose your favorite T-shirt, jeans, and hoodie. Your best bet is to choose a T-shirt that’s casual but not tacky. This isn’t the time for graphic tees. Instead, you can pick a solid-colored tee.


The teal blue basic tee from Elegante would be a great choice. It’s a timeless piece and a perfect color that oozes elegance and comfort. Blend it with some formal pieces to achieve an unmatched look. We recommend swapping the hoodie with a patterned blazer. You can also wear any kind of formal shoes that go well with this outfit. And voila! You’ll nail the dress code.


Color Coordination

While mens casual clothes allow for mixing and matching colors and patterns, it's important to do so in a way that complements your skin tone and doesn't clash. You can’t just mix and match any color with the color of your liking. Instead, to create a stylish outfit, you can go for neutral colors. Navy, gray, and beige are often safe choices, but bold colors can also work well when used in moderation.


The best way to style bold colors is to pick a classy polo and pair it with dark-colored pants. The Green raglan polo from our collection goes well with almost every fit. You can match faded black color dress pants with this shirt and complete the look with a beige or off-white blazer.

Fit and Proportion

Like every other dress code, it’s important to consider the outfit and proportion of your attire. A casual dress code means you can wear baggy clothes. At the same time, formal code demands a well-fitted prim and proper outfit.


Smart casual dress code is similar to formal when it comes to fit. The clothes you wear should look like they are yours and not borrowed. They should fit well and be in proportion to your body shape. This means avoiding clothes that are too baggy or too tight and ensuring that everything you wear flatters your physique. When clothes fit well, they create a streamlined and sophisticated look. And that creates the perfect smart casual outfit.


If you are looking for a casual shirt with seamless stitching and a perfect fit, the aqua linen casual shirt from Elegante is an amazing option. It balances the casual element but still maintains a touch of class and grace. The shirt is sewn to achieve a high-standard look. So, whether you decide to dress up or down in it, we are sure you will look commendable.

Textures and Patterns

The aim of adding textured and patterned apparel to your outfit is to tone down the formal part of your dress. You can use textured outfits to add depth and a hint of interest, and personal touch to your outfits. The key is to choose fabrics that complement each other in terms of weight, texture, and color. This can create a sophisticated and unique look that sets you apart from the crowd.


If you are going to take on this tip, it’s better not to overstep. A good rule of thumb is to pair one patterned item with more subdued pieces. You can pick the white embroidered shirt from our store and pair it with jeans.


The white color with the embroidered pattern and jeans or chinos creates a cohesive look. It will definitely help you reflect your personal style while also adhering to the principles of a smart casual dress code.