If you are in search of the best polo shirts to upgrade your closet, we suggest investing in some of the trendiest colors to stay on top of your fashion game. Lucky for you, this blog will tell you all about the top colors that are always in style.

Most people believe that designs and styles should be preferred over the colors of a shirt. While that may be true for some shirts, it’s not a rule that’s written in stone. Oftentimes, the simple polo shirt colors offer better style than any other highly designed shirt. That’s why it is essential to own a few pieces of different types of polo shirts in varying colors. 

Polo Shirts - A Wardrobe Staple For Men

Ever since they were first introduced, polo shirts became a wardrobe staple for men. Their ever-growing fame and popularity might be linked to the fact that polos are simple yet perfect for almost all occasions.  

Adding basic designs of polo shirts to your wardrobe might seem futile. However, polo shirts are extremely versatile and one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. It’s a great idea to buy trendy polo shirts in different colors, which can be styled with various other pieces of clothing to create an overall outfit that screams elegance and class.

The Best Polo Shirts And Trendy Colors To Own

1) The Neutral Tones

The best polo shirts are the ones that can be styled in tons of different ways. That’s exactly what neutral tones in polo shirts such as black and white offer. Moreover, they are a great building block for creating your own outfit. You can pair different pants and jackets to create your own style with neutral-toned polos.

The Confident White

One of the most essential colors of polo to own is basic white. It’s the ideal color since it goes perfectly with every kind of pants and jogger. It’s also the universal color that depicts a casual and minimalist style. Not to mention, it is quite easy to upstyle a basic white polo by adding fancy bottoms and a jacket to match with it. It is also perfect to wear for work and hangouts.

The white country polo that’s available at Elegante is the best example that goes well with every style and occasion. You can dress up or down in it. You can also go from an office look to an after-hours party look without changing anything about your outfit.

The shirt is made with 100% pique cotton.  It’s one of the most comfortable fabrics that offers a snuggly fit without making your polo look too tight. The premium cotton ensures that the shirt stays in top-quality even after multiple washes. That means this matchless white shirt will be in your closet for a long while.

Basic Black

A basic black shirt can work wonders for your style. It’s the easiest to pair with, and the dark color offers versatility and flair to your outfit.

The black elegante basic polo is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy the best polo shirts. It’s made of premium cotton that makes the shirt bright and crisp even after multiple uses. The shirt is detailed with simple mother of pearl buttons and rubbed cuffs that fit your arms.

You can either go for a dark look by pairing it with dark-colored pants and outerwear. Or you can create a contrasting style and go for a dark and light combination. With this basic black polo, the ramp is all yours to style and walk on.

2) Brighten Your Day

It’s important to add a pop of color to your style with bright and striking colors. These colors not only brighten your outfit but also lightens the mood and create a happy vibe. They are also the best polo shirt colors to attract the eyes of onlookers.

Classic Red

Red might be too bold a color for many, but we can't disagree with the truth that it certainly lights up our look. Especially when paired with light-colored beige pants. The color adds an extra oomph and confidence to your attire and creates a unique style.  

The red special edition polo from Elegante’s collection is one of the best polo shirts to own. The color is undoubtedly unique and stylish. It can be easily matched with various kinds of pants and bottoms. The bright color is perfect for special occasions and night outs with your friends.

Maroon And Striped

Do you know what’s better than a plain maroon polo? A simple maroon polo with a striped design. The color maroon adds a certain charm to your persona. It’s attractive and trendy and can be styled in dozens of ways to create show-stopping looks.

The maroon with black striped polo from our store fits all the above. The dark stripe adds a hint of mystery to the shirt, while the maroon ensures class and elegance. The finely detailed shirt is manufactured with the highest quality fabric. Despite the dark color, the material of the shirt keeps you cool and fresh even in the hottest of weather.  

3) Pastel Palette

Pastel colors are always a breath of fresh air. They lighten up the vibe and help us create an attractive outfit that radiates warmth and softness. Hence, it’s important to own a few pieces of pastel shirts too.

Powder Pink

You might have grown up believing the stereotype that pink is for girls only. However, that’s so far from the truth. If you know how to carry and style it, a powder pink shirt can give you a charming and cheery look.

The basic pink polo from Elegante’s premium collection is one of the most sought-after items from our inventory. It’s a popular color among pastel enthusiasts, and rightly so. The shirt oozes style and elegance and is perfect for date nights, parties, and casual get-togethers. We recommend styling it with light-colored chinos or jeans to create a chic and comfortable outfit.

Final Thoughts

Adding colors to your wardrobe is one of the best ways to upgrade it from basic to stylish. Fortunately, we have got you covered. Elegante has a great range of the best polo shirts one can offer. The biggest advantage of shopping from us is that you will find an exquisite variety of colors and designs. This is where yo