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We are made to believe that looking our best means we have to always stay up to date with fashion and never repeat an outfit. However, that’s far from the truth. Instead, men who know how to stay on top of their fashion game with mix and match outfits are the ones who are most attractive. And today, we will help you create a wardrobe that’s perfect for this. 


When people say that clothes make the man, they aren’t entirely wrong. What we wear and how we carry that outfit creates a huge impact on our personality. But let's face it, creating a stylish and versatile wardrobe can be challenging. Especially for men who don't consider themselves fashion-savvy. Don’t worry, as we are here to guide you in the best way to master the art of owning mix and match wardrobe pieces. This way, you will create a wardrobe that is both functional and stylish! 

Wardrobe Essentials For Creating Mix And Match Outfits 

Well-fitted Dress Shirts

We all know that dress shirts play a crucial role in every man’s wardrobe. These shirts are essential whether you want to dress up or down. And they are ideal for mixing and matching wardrobes since they are versatile and easy to style. 

Brown and Beige Gingham Check Formal Shirt

One of the most significant steps in creating mix and match outfits is to play with colors that complement each other. That’s why opting for neutral colors and earthy hues is a great way to create a stylish outfit. 

The brown and beige gingham check formal shirt from our store is an excellent piece. Its color can add style and sophistication to any outfit you want. Moreover, the color makes for a great option to mix and match with other shades, patterns, and prints. You can easily pair it with dress pants and a blazer for a formal look. Or, if you are in the mood for casual attire, it can be dressed down with jeans or chinos. And it’s a great layering piece to be worn under a sweater or a blazer for added warmth and style.

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Classic White Cotton Shirt

Solid colors are perfect for the mix and match outfit style. And we are sure that the color white is the foundation for this. So, don’t forget to add the white cotton shirt from Elegante to your closet. After all, it’s the most versatile piece that offers a vast range of styling options.


You can wear this crisp white shirt in a variety of settings, such as formal meetings at the office and casual hangouts with friends. This shirt is the perfect choice for creating an elegant black-and-white outfit for a date night. Or you can play with other colors and pair it with a navy blazer or a beige sweater. Whatever you pick, we are sure you will look admirable. 

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Versatile Polos 

The love most men have for polos is quite commendable. You will find closets filled with polos in every color, shade, and pattern. That’s good for you, though. Polos are a staple in men's closets, and rightfully so. They come in several colors, patterns, and fabrics, making them versatile and essential for creating stylish and unique outfits.

Basic Maroon

The basic maroon polo from Elegante checks all the requirements of a perfect attire. It is classy and elegant. The color exudes royalty, and it can be quite easily paired with almost every other piece of clothing to create mix and match outfits. 


If you want to look classier, you can pair it with dress pants and a great pair of shoes. And if you want to radiate a more laid-back vibe, the maroon polo goes well with neutral-toned jeans and joggers. 

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Navy Blue Pique Polo

To build a wardrobe that comprises mix and match casual office outfits for fall, the navy blue pique polo is the one not to miss. This half sleeves shirt made with 100% combed cotton is a wonderful option for fall outfits. The fabric is comfy and breathable, and the navy color is well-suited for the weather. Moreover, you can style it with light-colored pants or dress it up with your favorite blazer and dress pants.  

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Comfortable Bottoms

When it comes to building a trendy and stylish wardrobe, we can’t forget about our comfort. And that means we can’t forget about jogger pants. 

Classy Black Jogger Pants

The black jogger pants from Elegante’s inventory are the best example of classic, comfortable pants. They are the epitome of simplicity, yet they are perfect for every style and outfit. For a casual day, you can pair these pants with a plain T-shirt and go about your day with comfort and ease. That’s not it, though. You can wear these jogger pants to create a formal look too. Just pair these up with a button-down shirt and dress shoes. 


These pants can also be layered with different pieces of clothing to create a dynamic look and add a personal touch to your outfit. Pair it up with a colorful striped shirt or a graphic tee, and wear a denim jacket on top. With black jogger pants, the outfit ideas are limitless!  

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Patterns And Prints

Shirts with patterns and prints are a great addition to any man's wardrobe, especially when it comes to creating stylish and unique mix and match summer work outfits. They're perfect for adding color and pattern to your attire, and they come in a range of styles and fabrics, making them versatile items for any occasion.

Navy Blue Floral Printed Shirt

You might think owning a floral shirt is too much. But we disagree. Adding patterns to your outfit is the best way to show individuality and style. Hence, adding the navy blue floral shirt to your cart at Elegante is one of the best choices that you can make. 


The navy blue floral printed shirt provides a new sense of style and adds elegance to any outfit. It can either be paired up with denim and jeans for a comfortable look or dressed up with a blazer. What makes this shirt more special is its unique pattern that’s just the right amount of flair. It’s neither too much nor too less. And it’s ideal for creating a more personalized mix-and-match look.