Winter is the season to show your sartorial prowess, layering up with cozy garments. Say hello to the chilly weather with hot chocolate and cozy attire. If you are struggling to fuse the functionality of your winter garb with style, we are here with the best winter mens fashion tips to help you create charismatic looks with a flair.


How to Ace the Winter mens Fashion Game?

Winter mens fashion, at its basic, should be a perfect blend of warm fabrics, stylish designs, proper layering, and accessorizing. The clothing in your wardrobe should be versatile as well as good quality to help you nail men’s dressing. No need to go over the top, you can mix and match your existing wardrobe pieces and add some new ones. Follow these tips to get started for this year’s winter mens fashion.

1.     Time For the Layering Game

Fashionable men look forward to the winter season as they love to layer outfits. They want enough variety in their looks, and sometimes need to wear three or more layers to stay warm. Even with lots of layering, you can manage to look stylish with these tips.

  1. Choose cotton and merino wool as your base layer, as these fabrics feel like your second skin.
  2. Mid-layer may consist of a long sleeve shirt or tee. Combine it with the cable knit crew neck sweater, a sweatshirt, a cardigan, or a wool blazer as needed.
  3. Finally, for the top layer, choose an overcoat for a refined look.

2. Long Coats are a Man's Wardrobe's Mainstay

Long overcoats that go past the thighs are the best option to complete the winter dress for men. They embrace you and keep you warm from the cold wind. You may need to take them off once indoors, so make sure what you wear inside is presentable. Here are some coats that you can consider keeping.


A peacoat is meant for a smart casual look. It adds elegance. Either pair a navy jacket with jeans or elevate your outfit in a suit.

Wool coat

A wool coat is a timeless piece of clothing, coming in handy as the temperature goes down. You can opt for colors such as navy, charcoal, or camel for your coat.

Wool blazer

The wool blazer is ideal for casual and semi-formal occasions. Pair it with a button-down shirt for events or a roll-neck for chilly nights.

Trench coat

A trench coat is yet another stylish piece for a charming winter outfit. It is a staple piece that you can get for yourself in neutral hues.

3. Wisely Choose Fabrics

Choosing the right fabrics for winter mens fashion clothing is very significant. Cashmere, wool, linen flannel, and corduroy are great options as compared to cotton. Apart from these, suede and nubuck can also be ideal options for winter clothing.


This aqua linen shirt from Elegante is an excellent piece to form a base of your winter outfit. Wear it with a cardigan, a sweater vest, or a jacket to make sure you are feeling adequately comfortable and warm, not compromising an inch on style.

Aqua Linen Shirt From Elegante


4.     Focus On Winter Accessories

Accessories play a major part in revealing your personality more than your clothes do. In winter, you have to add suitable accessories as a part of your ensembles.

  • Hats and beanies add charm to your look, besides keeping your head protected and warm.
  • Fur or fleece-lined leather gloves are a must for your hands to keep them protected from the chill.
  • Sunglasses are an integral accessory when you are out to soak some winter sunshine.
  • A scarf can be a highly sophisticated accessory for your attire. Pure wool is the best fabric to choose for a scarf in chilly weather. It can be wrapped in different ways to elevate the style quotient.
  • Wool socks keep your feet relaxed and cozy. Opt for socks in neutral colors to easily pair them with all of your outfits.

5.     Boots: Not Just Footwear

Footwear plays a vital role in establishing your fashion sense. Plus, shoes and boots keep you warm, dry, and snug in harsh cold winters. Sturdy boots like rounded toes, and a toe cap, can help you stay firm on rough terrain. Some options are desert boots, snow boots, and work boots. You can also opt for sneakers in different styles.

6.     Choosing  Hues

Building a voguish winter outfit? Besides the ever-popular neutral hues such as navy or white, consider opting for bright colors such as red, green, or royal blue. These are currently trending in Winter Mens Fashion.


This striking red tracksuit from Elegante should be a must in the modish man's wardrobe. With its snug fit and stylish look, the tracksuit will surely be your frequent pick in the cold season.

Red Adidas Tracksuit from Elegante


7.     Maintain A Snug Fit

For the cold days and nights, men need to go for clothing with a snug fit so that they can feel warm. Not just for your shirts and jackets, slim-fit jeans, joggers, and sweatpants are also a helpful addition to your wardrobe.


Take these comfy sweatpants from Elegante in navy color as an example. Unlike baggy pants and jeans, these would be a better choice to make sure you don't feel the chilly air.

Navy Blue Sweatpants from Elegante


Outfit Ideas For Winter Dressing For Men

Want to use this winter season to show everyone your style prowess? Try the following winter dressing ideas.

Urban Mens Winter Fashion

Urban look is the trend for streetwear these days. Follow these tips to create a charming urban look.

  • All dapper and fashionable guys are wearing leather jackets. Layered over flannel shirts and black jeans, they portray the classic urban look.


  • Another ideal outfit is a cable knit sweater, a cozy beanie, and joggers. Makes for the perfect combination of stylish urban attire.


  • You can opt for stylish attire with a black hoodie and sweatpants outfit, a popular choice for streetwear. Make a base with a basic black tee and round off with low-top black sneakers.


  • An outfit that inspires smart casual urban dressing is a cotton long-sleeved button-down shirt layered with a sweater and jeans. This attire is complete with minimalist white sneakers.


Mens Fashion Winter 2022-2023 Trends


Below are more tips on outfit ideas to follow. These will make sure your look is on point each time, helping you stay on top of 2022-2023 trends.


  • Leather has been trending in the past, and it will not slow down anytime soon. Go for leather jackets, hoodies, and different clothing items made of leather.
  • Denim is still the top choice, whether we talk about sherpa-lined denim trucker jackets, jeans, or shoes. Denim on denim trend is also raging these days.
  • For a refined look, men are opting for structured shoulder jackets such as coats with an extra pad in the shoulder area to give off a boxy look.
  • Jackets like puffer, bomber, and shearling are trending high.
  • The color trends department is beaming with vibrant hues, with yellow, royal blue, red, and cognac being in fashion.
  • Cowboy trends inspire pieces in people's clothing, such as hats and high cowboy boots.
  • Beanies are not the new thing in men's attire, but it is trending in new and different styles.

Final Verdict

Winter wear means warmth and comfort. But if you are worried that chunky knits and baggy jackets aren't helping much with the style factor, our tips on winter mens fashion will surely get your worries sorted. Elegante, a premium quality clothing brand, brings you clothing essentials that are according to the latest fashion, plus incredibly comfortable. Staples from Elegante will assist you to make a strong fashion statement to woo everyone.