If you’re one of those women who always like being extra, chances are joggers are way too casual for you. But what about one of those days when you want to stay comfy and also look good? This guide will help you fine-tune jogger outfits and give you a dazzling look!

What Are Joggers?

Before we begin, let’s talk about jogger pants. Joggers or jogger pants are casual pairs of pants that come with a drawstring waist. Over a couple of years, jogger pants fashion has been accepted as more of a routine wear rather than being limited to athleisure. Their similarity to sweatpants in terms of material and overall fit may not be easily distinguishable to all. Unlike sweatpants, joggers are more tailored in appearance and come in elasticized cuffs.


The best part about joggers is that whether you have a casual outfit in mind or are aiming for a sleeker look, you can accomplish it all with the right styling. Fitted joggers are amazing for a date night out, whereas baggy ones keep the look casual. Without further ado, let’s get you started on how to wear jogger pants.

Ideas for Jogger Outfits that offer an exclusive look

When you’re buying joggers, make sure the fabric is good so it doesn’t lose its shape over time. You also need to be careful of the structure; the ones with some structure are likely to keep their shape for a while.


If not styled correctly, wearing joggers can make you look like you just rolled out of bed. Therefore, you need a pair that fits you well and also goes well with other clothing pieces.

1.  Balance It Out

The ideal way to dress up jogger outfits is to pair the pants with a fitted top or a bodysuit. Even the fitted joggers will be a bit baggy, so the top will create balance. Ankle strap heels are a great option for your outfit. Just make sure that your pair tightens a little above the ankle. Your pants covering the strap will kill the vibe. If your pants are too long, you can use the elastic ankle to scrunch it up to your calf for a different yet appealing look.


Pair these embroidered pants from Elegante with a shocking pink bodysuit to match the embroidery. These jogger pants are ideal if you want to stay comfy with a hint of style. Made with top-notch quality fabric, they are sewn to fit perfectly. Add pink or grey footwear to complete the look with flair.


2.  Keeping It Casual

What’s better than a sporty look in your jogger pants outfit? Pair your pants with casual sneakers and a plain or graphic t-shirt, and you’re good to go. These printed sweatpants from our collection, paired with a neon t-shirt, are bound to look amazing.


The style of the pants ensures that they can be dressed with subtle sneakers. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose neon sneakers for an overall striking look. Throw on a leather jacket for a chilly night to create a great look. The fabric of the sweatpants provides extra warmth on chilly days. However, its material also makes sure that it’s not too warm on hot days. On top of that, it’s soft and airy to make you extra comfortable!

Source: Elegante

3.  One for the Summers

If it’s a warm summer day and you prefer to show a tad more skin, crop tops are a great item to be paired with joggers. Any basic crop top can elevate your outfit from casual to edgy and make your appearance as striking as ever. For the winter, you can throw on an oversized bomber jacket to keep yourself covered without compromising on the look.

4.  Make It Extra Chic

Who says combat boots are out of fashion? They have come back in a big way! You can pair your joggers with some combat boots and make your jogger outfits effortlessly cool.


The great thing about combat boots and joggers is that you can also still look really chic by throwing on an oversized sweatshirt if it gets cold. If you’re not big on combat boots, you can go for chunky heels. These heels come in various styles and designs, and you’re bound to find a pair that your feet agree with.

5.  Never Go Wrong With Co-Ords

Joggers in winter can be styled to make you look chic and put together. All you need to do is pair the pants with a top of the same color and layer to keep warm with contrasting coats and boots.


Matching sets are chic, comfortable, and evergreen. That’s why we recommend getting the black jogger pants from our inventory and pairing it with a similar shade of shirt. The slim-fit pants are designed to provide structure to your look. It will also make you look lean and give a slender illusion. Throw on some white chunky sneakers and a white jacket for the complete look.



6.  Sneakers & Tracksuits

If you are not a fan of dressing up in joggers and prefer the athleisure look, simply pair the tracksuit with a basic tee. Choose a pair of sneakers to finish the look. If you want to add some color to the outfit, pick some fun print sneakers. They will take the attention away from the basic outfit and make you look cool.


This black neon signature tracksuit from our collection is one of the most selling items. Its design and fabric complement each other. And when worn, it complements your whole look too. The lightweight terry material is perfect for every kind of weather. It’s comfortable, soft, and breathable too. This means you can throw on this tracksuit and be ready for a run around the block, or get set to buy the groceries.