A Polo shirt can be as diverse as you want it to be. It is one of the most fashionable shirts that can make any man stand out. Depending on the occasion, you can always dress up or down with this one or add pieces to your Polo shirt, a 2. O version of a standard T-shirt. Whether going to a casual dinner or wearing it on a hot summer day, here are a few fantastic ways you can rock your Polos.

Long Sleeves Polo

Who said that Polos are just for summers? You can rock them on wintery nights too with long sleeves Polo shirts. Pair them with chinos, sneakers, or a leather jacket. You really cannot go wrong with Polo shirts in any season or on the days when you can’t crack the code of what to wear to your work meeting.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Got muscles to show off? Do it in style with a short sleeve polo shirt. The design is timeless and makes many heads turn. The style works best with denim jeans and a pair of white sneakers. You could up your style by adding a blazer with loafers to give it a classy look. Be confident with whatever way you choose to style it because that is all you need.

Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted Polos are your go-to choice in warmer or cooler months. They come in cotton and wool depending upon the season and have a comfy feel. Style them with a suede jacket and slim trousers.

Polo Shirts Paired with Sweat Pants

If you are out and about but want the comfort of your pajamas all the while looking pleasant and appealing, then polos with sweat pants are a great combo. Polish your look with crisp and sexy low-top sneakers and carry a snapback or a weekend bag. Make sure your clothes aren’t too baggy to maintain a neat look. The combo is perfect for a long-haul flight too.

Polo Paired with Shorts

Try your Polos with denim or cotton shorts. It’s easy to carry yourself during the summertime while looking the best. It is an effortless way to stand out and maintain your style. Pair the Polo with chinos and always go for monochrome colors. Keep the Polo untucked and make sure it is well-fitted.

Polo Shirts and the Love Affair with a Blazer

From going out with your mates for a casual dinner at the local steak house to attending a business meeting, your safest bet is to wear a Polo with a blazer. If you want to attend a more formal gathering, always opt for the black Polo with a dark suit. Get ready to be noticed.


The days where you spent hours wondering how to dress are long gone. You can rock a Polo shirt in many ways than you thought you could. It is the most versatile outfit in your closet, and we just told you the secrets of wearing it in the best way possible. You can find different kinds of Polo Shirts with other mix and match items at our Elegante.PK store. Make your life easy and your closet less messy!