Today the fashion industry speaks louder than ever before. There are countless styles that women and men can flaunt with out-of-the-world in never seen before color palettes. There is no one correct way to style yourself, and it all boils down to what you like and how you can pull it off. The fashion industry is no longer dominated by one staple design that is up for grabs; instead, clothing goes far beyond just aesthetics. Today women love to wear what is convenient yet fast and chic. Women want to stand out in their uniqueness but also want to breathe.

Fashion giants have also taken the same line and made it clear that your style defines you. You can be who you are in what you wear and look beautiful. In 2022, women have shifted from the corridors of open street malls where elegant saris were on display and from bazaars that sold unstitched fabrics with heavy hand-made kaam. Today’s youth is aware and believes in going the extra mile to look stylish and unique but with a catch. The mystery here is in simplicity, and we at Elegante believe that true style lies in the art of creating pieces cut out of quality. Your fabric is your canvas, and you can experiment as much as you like. But with some guiding principles and some hot and trending designs, you can take your outfits up a notch.

Women’s Love Affair with Kurtis

The word “Kurti” originated from long shirts called “kurta,” worn in the subcontinent for centuries. People back then were as keen on how they looked as we are today. However, the long flowing outfits cannot be worn today for several reasons. The classiness can be maintained nevertheless. Today, women of the subcontinent are breaking stereotypes and working long hours, traveling as far as a man has ever been, and being completely hands-on with whatever they like to do.

Those long hours can be nerve-wracking if your clothes aren’t right. You wouldn’t want to be sitting in a chair feeling itchy because you chose something uncomfortable to wear. Kurtis in today’s fashion era go far beyond just looking noble; instead, they are a way to relax and carry out your day without feeling uncomfortable.

Kurtis, today, are worn in many ways with a mix and match concept and in very soft and casual colors. You feel comfortable whether you are working six or twelve hours a day, and let’s not forget that every woman feels confident in a Kurti no matter how she styles it

Kurti Styles in today’s modern fashion era

Kurta but with Pockets

Did you know you can do away with a purse because your kurtis are no longer just an average piece of cloth? You can have pockets to stuff your phone or jewelry in. Why should only men have all the luxuries of having pockets in their shirts and pants and a woman cannot due to limited styles? Today you can do anything with an unstitched Kurti material. Choose cotton unstitched Kurti with vibrant color and stitch it with perfection with a v-neck and quarter sleeves. Don’t forget to tell the tailor you want some pockets on each side. The best colors that would rock such a style are sea green, mustards, and blue. Pair it with some chic white sunglasses because the day may be hot, and your comfort needs to be a priority.


Front slit Kurti

It is pretty old school to have your Kurtis with no cuts and mystery. You can always slit your Kurti in half and show off your pants. Such styles are best shown off when they come in darker tones like navy blue or black. One shouldn’t stop just there, you can always turn it into a frock style, so it falls perfectly on your body. If you are into a breathable little fairy-like dress, you can always go for pleats and A-line stitching. A round neck with front buttons will uplift the slit Kurti because you don’t want to keep it too simple. Buttons can add fusion and mix in your style. Try using bright color buttons on your dark-toned Kurti.


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Tail Cut Style

If you are into long shirts still, fret not, there is a style that offers amazing cuts and fixes. Many believe that long shirts don’t have much going on for them. But in 2022, the styles are pretty different. Style your long Kurti with a U-cut hemline. It will add visual length and look unique. You can select a lawn unstitched kurti and keep the printed end on the hemline. If you are looking for something different, try inverting the U-cut on the hemline that will have the sides of the kurta fall deeper, giving your kurti a classic look.



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A mother-to-be Kurti

Many pregnant women complain that they don’t have much to shop for because most brands don’t make specific clothing. But Elegante has realized that pregnant women, too, want to look beautiful. You can select an unstitched cotton Kurti and style it in a square shape with zippers on the sides that can be used to feed the baby when it comes. The zippers will also add a design element, and the design will keep you comfortable as your belly grows. You can opt for vibrant colors with polka dot patterns that are not just cute but very refreshing. Don’t forget to add a round neck because you need to be relaxed during your pregnancy.


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The Bell sleeves

In 2022 if anyone is talking about something, it is about those bell sleeves women are in awe of. These bell sleeves were initially found on western tops, but desis have adopted the style and create d a jaw-dropping fusion that is fun to recreate. Select any unstitched Kurti material with floral prints for this style to stand out in the crowd. Pair the Kurti with some bright-colored straight pants, and the bell sleeves will add their style statement.


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Off-shoulder kurta

For the bold and the beautiful, this subtle look will stand out with a monotone or duo-tone unstitched kurti material. However, it is better to go simple on the design elements for this style. Geometrical patterns such as parallel lines would look amazing with off shoulders, whether you choose a dark tone or a light one. Pair it with your hair tied up high with bronze makeup, which should work wonders for you.


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There is not just one style to anyone can swear by. Women do exceptionally well in many new styles and designs. Add designs that keep you comfortable and add to your productivity. Thanks to online fashion stores that have revolutionized the fashion industry with their unique and high-quality fabrics and styles, it is easier than ever to procure unstitched kurti fabric and have it delivered to your tailor for new and fascinating designs. At Elegante, you can find unique designs to keep your wardrobe fresh and updated.