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The wedding season is in full swing, and just like women, men are running around from one store to another in search of the perfect wedding shirt for men. If the search has tired you and you need clarification about which shirt to choose, let us help. Today, we are your fashion guru to help you learn how to choose the right wedding shirt.


Since the advent of time, stylists and fashion enthusiasts have always put their all into creating and marketing top-of-the-line dresses for women for all events and occasions. On the other hand, men, style, and fashion aren’t words that we hear together on a daily basis. On most occasions, men just pick a formal shirt, throw on a blazer, wax up their hair, and leave for the event. But since fashion has become a lifestyle for many, we are now paying much-needed heed to men and wedding shirt ideas for them.


So, without further ado, let’s learn what we have in store for men and how to style it.

How To Choose And Style A Wedding Shirt For Men?

1. Understand The Theme

Generally, weddings are formal events with special unspoken dress codes. However, choosing the right fit also depends on the type of wedding you are attending. After all, you wouldn’t wear a perfectly tailored black tie suit to a casual beach wedding.


So, first things first, read the invitation carefully or hit up the happy couple and ask them what kind of wedding style they are planning. Is it an intimate wedding or a grand event? Is the venue near the beach, a country house, or a Marquee?


If the invitation says a beach or a casual wedding, you can go for dress shirts and pants and forget about the tuxedo. The ideal shirt for a beach wedding must be colorful to represent the theme. But don’t overdo it with prints, and also check the trending mens wear for wedding. It is best to stick to basic light colors when choosing a shirt and go with a darker (but not black) shade for pants.  


This white and peach houndstooth shirt from our collection is a great choice for a beach wedding. The light colors offer a casual yet elegant look. The cotton fabric is ideal for the beach, and the button-down collar adds extra style to the shirt. You can pair it with dark grey dress pants and be ready to steal the show.

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2. Know The Basics Of A Shirt

As much as dress shirts appear plain and simple, they are not. Minor details in a dress shirt make it more and less formal than others. Hence, before deciding on what to wear and how to style it, you must know the basics of a dress shirt that differentiates one from another.

The Collar

The most noticeable design of a dress shirt is its collar. The right style combined with an appropriate tie makes a collar pop out more. It also offers a noticeable charm to the entire outfit.


There are various kinds of collars that are best for wedding guests. You can choose them based on your facial features, tie style and color, and/or your blazer's design. Whichever style you choose, make sure that you like it and can confidently wear it.


Some common types of collars in a wedding shirt for men include:

Classic collar: It’s the plain traditional collar that is often found in most formal shirts. The pinpoint of the collar can be minimized or maximized to make the shirt more appealing.

Spread collar: This type of collar spreads away, and it typically appears tall and more formal.

Reverse style collar: Deemed the best for a bow-tie event, the reverse collar is the complete opposite of the pinpoint collar. The corners are folded instead of sharp, and the flaps are inside the neck and hidden away from plain sight.


When opting for a collar, your preferences matter, but you must choose one that goes best with your tux and tie style. The classic collar is a famous and widely chosen design because it matches every style and theme.


This Plain navy blue shirt with classic open collar from Elegante’s formal collection is one of the high-selling items for this exact reason too. The collar looks flattering with every kind of coat. On top of that, the stripes add another pop of style. The tailoring of the shirt is fit to perfection, and the fabric is of top quality. All in all, it’s one of the best choices when searching for an amazing wedding shirt.

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The Cuffs

Oftentimes, we don’t pay attention to the cuffs of a dress shirt because it’s hidden by the sleeves of the tuxedo. However, choosing a shirt with the right cuffs is still as important, if not more, than picking out the right color.

A suitable cuff adds more grace and style to the overall look, even if half of it is concealed. The best cuff options among the mens latest wedding dress trends are

Barrel Cuffs: This type of cuff is the simplest yet elegant-looking cuff style. It has one or two button cuffs that are streamlined to appear more formal.

French Cuffs: This looks much more stylish than the typical barrel cuffs. It folds over itself and is kept in place using cuff links.


While the latter might be a better choice for a grandeur wedding, barrel cuffs are easier to carry with a tuxedo. The forest green formal shirt from our store is one that never fails to capture the eyes and attention of people. Its single cuffs with two buttons, classic collar, and intense color complement tuxedos and tie perfectly. It also adds up to a sophisticated look.

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The Color

The color of the shirt makes a huge impact on the tuxedo. Choosing the color of the shirt starts with choosing the color of the tuxedo and pants. You can opt for a simple-looking black tuxedo paired with a white shirt. Or you can choose to be more fashionable and go with various other suit color palettes.


Among recent fashion enthusiasts, brown is a widely loved color. A Dark brown tuxedo with a lighter shade of shirt offers warmth, style and looks majestic. The brown gingham dress shirt is ideal to create a similar style. The rich yet neutral tone of the shirt can help you create an unsurpassed impression. The shirt is sewn to perfection. Hence, it provides a comfortable yet fashionable fit. Moreover, the micro-checkered pattern adds a touch of luxury to it. You’ll be turning heads left, right, and center if you attend a wedding in this shirt!