We have all become quite familiar with hoodies or hooded sweatshirts this past year. Anyone who did not like wearing hoodies now allegedly cannot live without them. No one blames the newbies, as it was the ultimate loungewear attire that kept us all warm and cozy while the rest of the world was going crazy with dropping temperatures.

On the other hand, hoodies did not remain homebound; they officially became a public fashion statement. Furthermore, hoodies were used as a fashion staple that doesn’t seem to go out of style anytime soon. They can be seen almost anywhere, from branded stores to the streets and runways.

So it is not surprising if you have ever wondered how to style a female hoodie in a way that looks more than just ordinary. But you don’t have to wonder any longer. Here are five styles that can turn your lazy hoodie outfit into a well-dressed, show-stopper hoodie outfit.


1- The Laidback Style

The “Laidback” look is one of the most popular ways to wear a hoodie and takes no time to put together. Pick any of your hoodies or hooded sweatshirts and pair them with a pair of matching sweatpants to complete the sweatsuit look. Sweatsuits were all the rage during the lockdown, and thankfully, that craze has not subsided yet, as they can be both comfy and stylish. Women are seen going shopping, having lunch, going to the gym, playing sports in these easy outfits.


A full sweatsuit, hair done up in a high ponytail, and a pair of bright kicks, and you are ready to rock and sing.

2- The Baddie Style

This hoodie outfit style is ideal if you want a sleek yet classy look for a hoodie that will make you feel powerful and decent. In addition, this “Baddie” styling technique is excellent for traveling and evenings out since it makes you look fabulous and well-dressed while remaining comfortable.

Take any plain black hoodie and pair it with some excellent latex or leather pants to give an edge. Pull up a leather jacket or a boyfriend blazer on top for a chic look. Combat boots or knee-length boots will be perfect for this style.

Add a pair of black sunglasses, a hat, and a designer bag to complete the look, and you have got yourself a baddie outfit.

3- The Dress-Up Style

Another way to “Dress up” your female hoodie is to transform it into a dress. Choose oversized hoodies for this look as they are huge enough to fall mid-thigh and leave no room for a wardrobe malfunction. Underneath, you can pull up a nice pair of biker shorts or even a skirt to cover all the bases.


Cinch up the waist with a thin or chunky belt to give the hoodie a slimmer look. With the addition of a cute pair of shoes, boots, or heels, the outfit can be transformed from casual to trendy, unique, and sensual.


4- The Athletic Style

This outfit is the polar opposite of the oversized hoodie style. If you do not want to wear an oversized hoodie or hooded sweatshirt, try styling it as a cropped hoodie as an alternative. One of the best things about this style is that you do not need to buy a separate cropped hoodie. Any regular hoodie will suffice for this look.



Take any type of hoodie and loop a small belt across the space between your chest and waistline. Then, pull the hoodie out of the belt as much as needed to achieve a cropped fit, smooth down the edges, and – voila, you have got yourself a cropped hoodie.

Wear it with yoga pants, sweatpants, or biker shorts, a beautiful pair of sneakers, and a waist bag for an athletic-style hoodie look.


5- The Denim Style

There can never be a post on styling a hoodie outfit without including jeans. It is simply not fair. You can wear any of your hoodies with an essential pair of blue, black, or white denim. The choice is yours. Denim shorts are also an excellent option for keeping your appearance casual and simple. You can even tuck your hoodie in for a more feminine look, but otherwise, keeping it casual yet chic is the way to go with denim.

You can spice up the look with some knee-length boots and jackets.

To Wrap It Up

A hoodie is one of those versatile clothing items that every woman should have in her closet at all times. It is a great all-year-round garment that works in any season. You can wear it in various ways, including casual, stylish, sexy, and even fancy. The best part is that hoodies look good on people of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a big girl or super slender, a hoodie will end up looking fabulous. The options are limitless. If you are a fan of zip-up hoodies, you can try the same styling techniques with a zip-up hoodie as well. Having a closer fit, zip-ups can be layered with coats, t-shirts, and jackets to bring out different colors, textures, and themes.

However, choosing the right type of hoodie is essential if you want to keep it for years to come and dress it differently every year. Always ensure that the material of the hoodie is of the highest quality and that the size fits you well for the purpose you are buying. Hoodies can grow out of size with washes and wear. Fortunately for you, Elegante sells high-quality hoodies with attractive color schemes at reasonable prices.