Men seem to have limited options when it comes to impressionable style and may run short of ideas and styling advice when they are scouring for it. Perhaps you want to go to the movies on your second date and are stuck with the same two-year-old red t-shirt. Even worse is when you have a job interview and can’t seem to put together an outfit to impress your potential employer. Fret not most of us have been there when our favorite suits don’t even make sense to us anymore. We see others pulling off cardigans or cigarette pants like pros, and our trusty old red t-shirt seems to be screaming for help.
Style, believe it or not, is all about knowing the kind of dressing that suits you the best. We all want to look dapper with a cigarette in one hand, donning a warm leather jacket relaxing on a sofa outdoors with a couple of friends, but can we all look stylish doing it?
Whatever your reason is to look good, you can easily pull off a look with just a few tweaks and changes in your dressing. Note that style is not about expensive clothing; no brand can guarantee you that you will look stylish. So throw out the notion of expensive brands being the only way to look great.
Style is a way of life that you need to learn or adapt to. It takes a bit of learning and dedication; it takes time to get your style right. Hence expecting instant results could be a recipe for disaster. You can also upgrade your wardrobe with prudent shopping through sales and other budget-friendly stores if you live on a budget. Remember, style is not limited to money; you know what looks the best on you; here is a styling guide for men.

Dressing up well is a skill

Before jumping on the styling bandwagon, know that styling is about skill and awareness of the self and individual strengths. Some cuts don’t work well with certain body types, and some styles don’t compliment personalities. The skill is in choosing the right colors and brands that extol your features and personality. Maybe you look at very bold colors that are hard to pull off. The key to styling yourself perfectly is by upgrading your knowledge and skills in choosing the right fabric, the right colors, the right brands, and the proper fitting. Without these, you set yourself up for a fashion miscarriage.

Identify your style

As one of the most crucial steps, know your authentic style. Many people can tell you what their style is and then tell you they are not happy with what it has turned out to look like. This blog is for these people, and we hope you are reading it. However, 90% of the time, people add something like, “I don’t have an eye for good style,” “I don’t know what looks good on me.” These types of thoughts often cloud our judgment.
The best way to learn what you love the most is to take a piece of paper and write down the names of those whose style you really like. Note that these people could be anyone, from your friends, family, or even celebrities.
People often write names like James Bond, or Tony Stark, which is perfectly fine. This shows that you can tell what style feels like and identify people who can dress very well.
The next thing you do is list down all the impressive things about their clothing. It could be anything, from the colors they choose to the cuts they wear. Whatever your eyes find attractive, write it down even if you think you may never look good sporting any of it.
Now that you have a list, start scouring it for clothing you think will look good. You can begin by finding stores within your budget that carry the clothes. Elegante has many stylish outfits for men and has a variety in each to choose from.

Get the right fit of clothing

The right fit goes a long way in deciding how the clothes look overall. The best outfit for men is the one that sits perfectly on the body. You will solve 90% of your problems if you can get clothing appropriately tailored.
Loose clothes make you look disproportionate. The excess fabric creates a sloppy, fatter, or even shorter outlook. Having too loose fittings are a big no.
Some men have a problem wearing clothes that are either too loose or big because they prioritize their comfort; however, with the proper fitting, you can achieve the style you are looking for and at the same time enjoy the comfort of your outfit. Appropriately fitted men’s shirts can be found at Elegante in both casuals and formals. They are not just exquisite but also very comfortable to wear. Here are a select few we think you should try out:

1.  The Brown & Being Gingham Check

Check shirts are very popular and a must-grab. Sometimes elegance comes in soft and neutral colors; hence, you can always grab the latest checkered shirts if you want to look dapper.


2. The Stripes

One of the most appealing men’s apparel designs is stripes. You cannot go wrong with them unless you have a pre-disposition of looking overweight in them. Wear your polo shirts in stripes or buy your next tailored dress shirt with white stripes. If you are someone who wants to play it safe yet look their best for the meeting with your new boss, try something green and white. Elegante has introduced green and white Oxford stripes dress shirts collection. A cool breezy fabric that will make you look clean and crisp throughout the day. The perfect outfit for your office day!

3. White but not basic

White has the potential to make you look very attractive. Believe it or not, it looks good on all men and has a classic charm. Especially if the white is made out of high-quality fabric. At Elegante, we use a material that does not wither away and can be washed or dry cleaned repeatedly. Styling yourself in Elegante’s white geo print shirts, a black belt, and navy blue pants to stand out.


Live and breathe style with stylish people

When you want to make a change, it is quite possible that people see you as the odd one out. Avoid those who don’t understand the process of wardrobe up-gradation or stylization. Most people will like to see you wearing select few things because they are used to it. If you want to change yourself, ensure that you don’t listen to others. Surround yourself with people who support your change and relate to it. They say you are the product of the people you move with. So choose style-aware people to hang out with.

Try classic before going wild

The best way to figure out if a style is comfortable is to try it on. The second best way is to see it on someone else. People tend to think they can look stylish if they start sporting unique stuff and wear things no one else wears. That may be the worst choice you make for yourself. The reason is simple- those styles may either be outdated or not exactly complementary to current trends. A better idea is to try on clothes that have already been rewarded with the ‘stylish stamp.’ Once you can easily carry the classics and the evergreen styles, you can start personalizing your closet. This time you will know how to handle crazy.

Stay clear of graphics, logos, and wild prints while starting out

Many men ask how they can achieve a more mature look when starting out. The best men’s dressing style is when you eliminate clothing with graphics and wild prints. When your clothes have too many pictures, they make you look younger but probably not mature enough for the look you are trying to achieve. Try simple and bold colors with sleek cuts and good fits to achieve a mature look.

Solid and Neutrals will take you a long way

Remember, neutrals are a man’s best friend, even after you have come a long way from being a beginner. They never let you down when it comes to fashion. If you want to go for bold colors, you might have difficulty mixing and matching them. It is far better to opt for natural colors as they find their own pairs. These colors are body-defining too. If you love to go to the gym, you may want to add these colors to your wardrobe. Neutral colors like white, black, grey, navy, brown, khaki, olive, and light blue are largely available in t-shirts, pants and formal shirts.

Build with confidence; its never there to begin with

If you think you don’t have enough confidence to start building your stylish wardrobe, it is perfectly okay. When you first started driving, you were not a hundred percent confident either; you became better at it with practice. It is the same with styling. Start with the classic neutral styles. Once you wear them, your confidence will get a boost. These styles will not fail you. Keep improving your technique, adding your personal touch, and experimenting with the wild side. As you go from a starter to a pro in a few years, you will realize how far your confidence has also come.


Starting out with style isn’t difficult. All you need are tried and tested tips, and you are on your way to becoming a guru yourself. If you are looking for some stylish pieces, don’t forget to check out the men’s range at Elegante. You will be surprised how easily they will fit your wardrobe.