It won’t be wrong to classify striped shirts as one of the most versatile and popular essentials that nicely fit in all dress codes and occasions. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about styling and buying striped shirts.

One of the best things about this design is they are easy to wear, which has helped them maintain their popularity over the years and made them a staple for every man’s wardrobe. Unlike other formal or casual shirts, you can wear them across the year, style them with different pants, and suit all seasons and occasions. 

The primary reason behind the wide acceptance of stripes is that it’s a universal pattern, and unlike other prints, it complements all body types. Plus, all the popular men’s fashion brands incorporate stripes of different styles, colors, and designs into their men’s clothing lines, proving they are timeless classics and can definitely create a tailored style.

The best Striped Shirts for Men

We all can agree that stripes are a go-to classic. They can offer a great foundation to layer or be styled alone as well. in summer. You can use striped shirts for men to accentuate other items in your closet as they go nicely with formal attire, as well as everyday jeans.


Elegante brings a fine collection of men’s striped shirts tailored to complement casual and formal settings alike. Here are some of the best picks that you need to get your hands on:

1.    True Blue Striped Dress Shirt

When it comes to formal wear, you can never go wrong with blue, and when the blue comes with white stripes, it’s the cherry on top! This piece is undoubtedly forever stylish and easy to wear. The cool blue paired with white stripes is ideal for summer and deserves a spot in your closet. It features a button-down collar, so you can pair it with navy blue dress pants and a blazer for a striking office look.




2.    Pink and White Striped Button Down Shirt

Gone are the days when pinks were reserved for women only. In this day and age, men can proudly wear pink and look as dashing as ever. The pink and white striped shirt from our collection is one of our best-sellers and is loved by men of all backgrounds. You can wear this shirt in formal settings with dress pants, swap the pants for light blue jeans, and throw on a denim jacket for a more casual, relaxed look.




3.    Light Beige White Striped Shirt

You're doing it all wrong if you don’t have at least one beige shirt in your closet. It is a neutral, calm, and relaxing color with a soothing and relaxing effect. Plus, unlike other pastels, it has established itself as a classic option for business and formal dress codes, giving it the potential to be one of the most expensive colors in your wardrobe. Our piece is made with an infusion of cotton, and the bold stripes are definitely going to be your favorite for this season.



4.    Green & White Oxford Stripes

Styling a striped shirt outfit for men can be fun with green and white Oxford stripes. This shirt is finely tailored with premium quality fabric, ideal for summer. Pair it with a fawn pantsuit, and you can make it work for winter too! The subtle detailing features an inner placket with a classic button-down collar. The best things about this shirt, giving it a unique touch, are mother-of-pearl buttons, adding to its overall aesthetic.



5.    Casual Light Blue Dot Striped Shirt

If you are bored with the basic stripes and need a twist to spice up your outfit, you have landed in just the right place. Our light blue striped shirt featuring diamonds is ideal for semi-formal and casual settings. It is a sophisticated pick, easy to pair with a pair of jeans as well as formal pants. The classic cutaway collar gives you all the more reason to have this fine pick in your wardrobe. 



6.    Gray & White Oxford Stripes

Men looking for a toned-down option with neutral shades must have this gray and white shirt in their closets. This shirt features thicker stripes, which give you a broader look, ideal for lean body types. The quality is exceptional and well-suited for warm seasons.



Tips to Style Men’s Outfit With Stripes


Now that we have covered all the must-have pieces, let’s move on to the dos and don’t of styling stripes:

1.    For the Beginners

If you are new to the stripes game and reluctant about wearing them, start with subtle colors with thinner stripes. Join the trend with a casual t-shirt, then move on to formal shirts once you are comfortable with the style.


2.    Be Careful With Colors

Although there is no color restriction, wearing subtle colors is ideal for formal settings. Go with navy, white, beige, gray, or lighter tones of pink for a classy appearance. Avoid brighter shades like yellow, red, purple, etc.


3.    Choose the Right Fit

The right fit makes all the difference in the world and has the potential to make or break your appearance. Always get tailored striped shirts that fit your measurements, complete your shape, and contour your physique.


4.    Never Stop Exploring

Fashion is all about exploring and always relying on your instincts. Don't hold back if you want to try an odd combination or don a multicolor-striped shirt. Breaking the bland wardrobe and going against the trends is never a bad idea if you have the confidence to pull it off.


Final Thoughts

That said, stripes can be fun and attractive if you style them right. The right amount of patterns and varying colors can make your outfit stand out without making it go sideways. Truthfully, striped shirts are every modern man’s best friend for all occasions, and there is no reason you shouldn’t have stripes in your collection.


Elegante has a finely-tailored range of striped shirts you need to get your hands on. We believe in making fashion fun and comfortable. Therefore, all our shirts are made of the finest quality fabric, and the stitching is top-class. Without further ado, get your hands on the best pieces available, and rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.