NightWear Buying Guide

NightWear Buying Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Women are looking for the best nightwear buying guide to be well informed before shopping for their favorite sleepwear.

Nowadays, women’s nightwear is no longer just the outfit they wear to bed. It is the outfit they wear when they get home from a long day of meetings and deadlines. It keeps them at ease and helps them in getting a peaceful sleep. At the end of the day, all we want is to get out of our fitted or nice clothes and wear something that allows our bodies to breathe easily. 

However, looking for nightwear can be confusing because there are numerous night suit styles and options that women prefer to sleep in. Different types of nightwear are preferred in different places all over the world. This is because each place has different weather conditions and facilities. One major reason to invest in the best nightwear is that we sometimes have to spend the majority of the day in our sleepwear, and so they should offer comfort while being stylish and cozy.

There are numerous styles available in the market. These range from camis and shorts to babydolls and pajama sets. This guide is here to help you decide which style best suits you so that you spend your hours comfortably in them while doing all your chores, including lounging and catching up on your long list of movies.

Everything You Should Know Before Investing In Nightwear

Let’s take a closer look at the factors you should consider before buying your next night suit.

The Quality of the Fabric is a priority in our nightwear buying guide

One of the most important factors to consider before buying sleepwear for women is the fabric’s quality. Without a doubt, the material should be breathable and comfortable. Since our bodies breathe better while we sleep, it is critical to cover them with fabric that is comfortable, soft, and cozy.

You do not need any rough or dirty fabric that could irritate your skin and cause issues.

Among the breathable and soft fabrics are:

  • Cotton – The lightest and softest fabric. It is also the most popular fabric for nightwear.
  • Silk – A luxurious fabric that allows air to circulate more freely in our bodies. Some people prefer silk nightwear for sleeping and lounging.
  • Velvet – The best nightwear fabric for keeping you warm and cozy during the cold winter months. It is softer and cozier than any other nightwear fabric.
  • Velour – Another soft, plush winter fabric that is ideal for nightwear.

Think about the Fit and Size

Another essential factor to consider before buying any nightwear is the fitting. Tight or very fitted nightwear will not allow your body to breathe easily. It will have the opposite effect. Moreover, since we spend the majority of our days in fitted clothing, home is the only place where we can let the air in. For this purpose, Comfortable sleepwear is the best option that will not bother you when you sleep, relax, and unwind. 

In addition, when summer arrives, wearing tight and fitted sleepwear to bed can cause skin problems such as excessive sweating, rashes, and backne.

So, it is always recommended to choose slightly loose and oversized nightwear because this is the only resort to make you feel comfortable.

Maintenance is the Key

We do not have enough time to care for our nightwear because our days are hectic. Some nightwear, such as silk, velvet, and velour, require special care, whereas others, such as cotton and lawn, do not.

As a result, it is always advised to wear those nightwear regularly that do not require special attention and care, because they don’t demand much attention. On the other hand, those sleepwear that require a little more effort for their upkeep should be worn on special occasions only.

Before buying any sleepwear, make sure you understand how to care for it. Read the instructions; do they require hand washing or machine washing? Do they need soft or hard detergent when washing? Is it necessary to wrap them in special covers when they are not used?

You must know the answers to the preceding questions because they are essential. This way, you will be able to care for your nightwear in a better way, making it last longer. And so, you can wear and enjoy them for a more extended period.

Pick the Style that suits your preference and personality

There are numerous styles to choose from when it comes to sleepwear for women. You simply need to decide which style best suits you and your personality.

Young women prefer styles such as camis and shorts, satin slips, and babydoll nightwear. On the other hand, older women prefer long styles such as pajama sets and nighties.

It is entirely up to you to determine which style is best for you and whether or not it is comfortable for you.

Remember that the primary purpose of nightwear is to help you relax, so anything that does not provide you with a comfortable sleepwear experience is a wrong choice.

However, this does not prevent you from experimenting with new styles. You can try on one unique nightwear style to see if it is comfortable for you. If it is, add it to your wardrobe; if not, give it away or resell it.

Final thoughts

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about how to buy nightwear, it is time to go shopping!

Since you are now familiar with the nightwear buying guide, you can make an informed decision based on your preference. Begin with Elegante’s latest women’s sleepwear collection, featuring unique styles and beautiful prints. We have striped, floral, and dotted prints with various pops of color. Each nightwear set is soft, easy to care for, and loose-fitted to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

So time to say goodbye to your boring nightwear sets and welcome cute and breezy nightwear that will help you sleep well while also making you look beautiful.




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5 types of sleepwear for 2022

After an exhausting day of the hustle and bustle, going back to the house, getting into snug and cozy clothes, and sliding into an inviting bed with preferably a book is the ultimate wish. But happens if you do not have suitable types of sleepwear? Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Quite unknowingly, without the appropriate sleepwear, people deprive themselves of the prime healing time to rejuvenate for the next day.

Research proves that lack of sleep has dangerous effects on the human body. For starters, it affects your mood significantly and manifests in physical forms such as frequent sickness. Problems like cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes can be attributed partially to lack of sleep. Unfortunately, not many dietitians or doctors stress the importance of sleep, nor can many people tell their doctors why they have insomnia.

What you wear to bed may contribute significantly to your lack of sleep. Some fabrics and sleepwear designs are just not made to sleep in. Many retailers miss this fine point. They focus more on style than comfort. However, reputable stores like Elegante are pro-sleep and want their customers to have a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

What to focus on when shopping

2022 is about changing the focus on how you shop. Sleepwear is no different. Don’t just pick whatever you find aesthetically pleasing this year. Refocus on what the sleepwear is made of and how it will enhance your sleep quality.

  • Style: we all want to sleep like the Instagram models. No one wants to sleep in rags that can make you cranky as you wake up. But let’s get real. Style is essential, as is comfort.
  • Fit: tight-fitting sleepwear will make breathing difficult at night, while clothing that is too loose will keep on getting stuck under your own weight. This year find sleepwear that fits perfectly for a good night’s sleep.
  • Washability: if you can’t wash your sleepwear, it’s no use buying it. Buy sleepwear that you can wear at least 3 times a week, wash and repeat. Sleepwear for women is a long-term investment and is meant to last a long time. No one wants pajamas that wear and tear after a couple of soaks.

Look for style, fit, comfort and washability before getting yourself sleepwear in 2022. Most brands, like Elegante, will provide you sleepwear with these qualities. Now, let’s look at which styles are trending in 2022.

The sleepwear list

The good news is that this list will help you buy the most trending sleepwear of 2022. There are plenty of PJs out there in the market. However, we have picked out the ones that fit the scale of style, fit, comfort and washability. So read on.

Short sets

Who knew that you could be in total control of how you sleep? With short sets, you are giving yourself the luxury to sleep in the utmost comfort. The fabric used in most short sets is cotton or silk, making them soft. You get the best of both worlds; style and sleep. Furthermore, if you live in warmer climates or are traveling to one, you may want to keep this set with you; they are reliable and help you acclimatize. Say no to blankets and hop in a short pajama set.

Pajama sets

Pajama sets are the most popular must-haves all year round. Whether it is the winter season or the summer season, the only way you can relax is in cotton pajamas. They are loosely stitched and breathable. Cotton pajamas never cause skin breakouts, even if you have sensitive skin. Instead, cotton pajamas help you relax and sleep throughout the night. You can find complete sets and more on Elegante.

Long dress

If you are the type who likes to have a singular piece of nighttime clothing and need to unwind quickly, you may find that the long dress is your favorite. Made of cotton primarily with laces to accessorize, this dress has a long history. The long dress comes in many lengths, but floral prints take the cake. Get yourself a beautiful and comfortable cotton long dress sleepwear and enjoy rejuvenating in it.

Sleep top

Planning to binge-watch an entire season this weekend? The best sleepwear is a sleep top with a bottom that gives maximum comfort all weekend while you watch and while you dose off for a break. The tops are made of cotton, silk, or mixed fabric and can sometimes have a bit of stretch to them. This means your sleep top can do more than just help you with a good night’s sleep. It’s a versatile piece.

Capri set

Want to take a picture for your Instagram or just wow your friends? Buy that capri set and bling in your sleepwear wardrobe. A cotton Capri set serves two functions; the first is that they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winters. Second, they are durable. Having a cotton Capri in your wardrobe will be a true advantage this year. It can be styled with any other clothing, whether it be a lounge shirt or a sleepwear sleep top, or a short top, and you can find comfort in however you wear it.

Using sleep wears in public

A nightdress for women is not just limited to the bedroom; you can wear this comfy sleepwear anywhere you like. If you want to go to a grocery store to get some snacks, you can go in your pajama set or capri set.

Many people prefer to be comfortable on long-haul flights, given the atmospheric dryness they face. A preferable clothing choice is a capri set paired with something more formal. Traveling in tight fitted in tight-fitted denim or skirts, although proper and very appealing, can cause dehydration and leg cramps.

Many of your short tops can be used as sleeveless shirts inside your formal wear. If you have a plain white, waist-length, short top, you can pair it with formal pants and a blazer. A printed top can be similarly used for an informal setting.

Your friend’s house and slumber parties are the perfect places to wear sleepwear. Mix and match any of your sleep wears and show up at their house. You will not just have a goodnight’s sleep; you will also have a great time in style and Insta-worthy pictures.

Sleepwear is a big deal for women. We all need to have at least 6 hours of sleep at night. Buying the right kind of sleepwear enhances sleep quality and improves daytime productivity, leading to better success.

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