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6 Ways to Style Men’s Casual T-Shirts

If there is one thing in the fast-moving world of fashion that has remained constant and relatively unchanged, it is the t-shirt. A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, the t-shirt is a casual and comfortable item of clothing that is highly versatile. A well-fitted t-shirt is an ideal choice for various occasions, and styling it gives a crispy and cozy vibe.

T-Shirts come in different cuts, with various patterns and many colors. All this may feel like too much to process but know that t-shirts flatter all body types. Looking for the cut and colors that make your outfits look good is important. The fabric, style, print, and fit of the t-shirt are crucial aspects in making you decide which t-shirt will go with a particular style. Here we discuss six ways to style men’s t-shirts. There are probably more than six ways to do it, but we narrowed it down to the six most popular ones. Let’s find out which ones they are.

The Classic: T-shirt and jeans

You probably have done this a million times by now. The white t-shirt and blue jeans pairing is a classic combination proven timeless. Made famous by iconic stars such as Marlon Brando and James Deen, this minimalist look is suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions such as a date, a night out, or a casual business meeting.

black t-shirt

The beauty of this outfit lies in its simplicity. Ensure that the jeans and t-shirt fit you well to avoid looking sloppy in either. Pair classic suede boots, Chelsea boots, or even some trendy sneakers with the outfit to complete the look. It is a look that suits everyone and is easy to pull off.

The Casual: T-shirt and trousers

You have trousers lying around, and this combination is practically a no-brainer! The look can be described as subtle but elegant. This outfit can be worn to many events and even to your workplace. Various trousers, such as pleated trousers or modern “cropped” style trousers, can be paired with a well-fitting t-shirt for a restrained but classic look.

Footwear and accessories add some flair to the outfit, but generally, sneakers work best. T-shirts and trousers give off a restrained and understated vibe while also being exceptionally comfortable. The style is easy to pull off for almost everyone and can be a go-to option for anyone when unsure of the dress code.

The Relaxed: Unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt

You have seen it flaunted tons of times. It is a perfect fit for the fall season. This look is optimal when the weather changes, but it is not cold enough for a jacket yet, and layers are what you are craving for. A nicely-fitted t-shirt can be worn under an unbuttoned shirt combined with chinos or jeans to complete the outfit.

This style can be customized in a lot of ways. You can put together plain, striped or printed t-shirts with plain shirts or flip them around to have plain t-shirts with flannel or striped shirts. Denim shirts are also an option if you’re looking for something that makes you stand out without looking too flashy. Try different combinations to find something that looks and suits you best!

The Daily Wear: Using t-shirts as a base layer

The t-shirt was initially meant to be used as a base layer with regular clothes to be worn over it. T-shirts are often worn as business shirts as this provides a casual impression without looking out of place in a semi-formal setting. However, t-shirts can also be worn under sweatshirts as everyday wear. This combination is modern, chic and casual.

T-shirts can also be worn under sweaters if it’s a little chilly. While some prefer their t-shirt to be tucked in when they’re wearing an additional layer on top, you can have it sticking out just slightly under the top layer too. There is no rule regarding what is and is not the correct way; wear it however you like it!

The Timeless: T-shirt under a jacket or blazer

Instead of wearing a button-down shirt under a jacket, wear a t-shirt for a lighter, more casual look. To upgrade this look, swap your jacket for a blazer. There are many options of t-shirts you can combine with a jacket or blazer for a contemporary look acceptable for a workspace.

Pick to look elegant or opt for a sportier option and combine it with a jacket or a blazer to complete your look. It is important to note that when wearing a t-shirt under a jacket or blazer, make sure the t-shirt has a round neck. Accessorize with comfortable shoes and a watch.

The Informal: T-shirts as loungewear

T-shirts are known for one thing: the comfort they provide. Most t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, which accounts for the soft texture that lends it the comfort and cozy feeling. If you need one article of clothing to wear when relaxing at home, it is a plain t-shirt with matching pants.

T-shirts were designed to be comfortable and have retained their basic purpose over the years. They do not restrict movement, and the ones for loungewear are made with an extra stretch. Pairing them with sweatpants is ideal when all you have to do is stay home and relax. The men’s casual t-shirt is a staple everyone should have in their wardrobe.

The t-shirt is a timeless article of clothing that has remained relatively unchanged. There are countless styling possibilities. Tees are comfortable and highly versatile. They are also available in plain, striped, patterned, or printed designs with varying styles such as round necks, V necks, crew necks, Henleys, etc.

A well-fitted t-shirt is a reliable option when pairing for formal and semi-formal use. The relaxed fits are suitable for more casual use. Soft pastel colors and muted tones are guaranteed to suit nearly everyone. They are also a great option when used as a base layer under jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, or even sweaters.

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Summer fashion trend
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Summer Fashion Trends 2022

The year 2022 is turning out to be much hotter than we anticipated. When the sun is shining brightly, you try to keep your clothing bright, breezy, and light. Looking at previous fashion trends, we see baggy and oversized clothing were all the rage. Curvy designs and slim fits were almost overlooked amid the craze for oversized tops and baggy bottoms.

This year’s fashion forecasts have something new to keep you cool but away from baggy clothes. This year’s summer fashion trend will help you update your wardrobe by revamping your look.

If you have been paying attention to the fashion runways and magazines, you have probably noticed that they have hinted at a “blast from the past.” Long and flowy dresses, denim on denim, stripes, fringes, and bright colors are all over billboards. Our television screens can also be seen resurrecting trends from the past. To say that this is not disappointing is an understatement.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the happening summer 2022 fashion trends for you to watch out for when shopping for your summer wardrobe.

Colors of All Kind

If you go through your closet for the last two to three years, you will notice more clothes in neutral and pastel colors. We all were obsessed with these colors. Ranging from nude to beige, off-white, tea-pink, and pistachio. Now the time has come to say goodbye to these colors, keep them safely somewhere, and welcome bright colors with open arms.

The color wheel for summer fashion is going to be strong this year. Bold, bright, and funky colors will make a statement. Bright pink, cobalt blue, dark orange, scarlet red, and lime green will take up residence in your wardrobe, adding a playful and cheerful element.

With these vibrant colors, you can experiment with any style and cut while enhancing your confidence and courage to play with the bold side of the color wheel.

No More Trails

The red carpets were all about trails during 2021. Whether it was a wedding or a summer outfit, trails became a thing. This summer’s clothing trend will lean more toward sleek and minimalistic looks. Smaller or no trails to carry.

Slim-fitted, less-oversized, and streamlined apparel will dominate summer fashion this year. Look for tops that fit you well and highlight your curves on your next shopping spree. Look cute and comfortable in the perfect fit.

Prints and More Prints

Prints are back in trend. But who is to say they were out of a trend? As a wardrobe staple, prints never go out of style. With thousands of patterns and new printing techniques being discovered every year, prints appear to find their way into every season’s apparel, whether it is summer, spring, autumn, or winter. Style and experiment with block prints and digital prints, available across multiple fabric types.

The most popular fabric type, printed lawn, is available in a plethora of collections designed by small-to-very-large brands every summer. Lawn happens to be light, breezy, and comfortable, making it ideal for dealing with the heat of the blazing sun during the hot summer days, which South East Asia sees a lot of. Elegante has launched an unstitched lawn collection with vibrant prints that are highly unique. Experiment with single print dresses or mix and match prints to create suits, trousers, shirts, or ghararas.

Rustic Accessories

Complementing accessories are the only element that add a personal touch to the entire outfit. Bring the rustic ones back, and the outfit becomes a game-changer. This year rustic accessories have taken center stage. With its vintage style and color, rustic jewelry is a class of its own compared to gold or silver plated jewelry. It exudes culture, adds a touch of history, and brings out warm vibes that enhance any of your everyday outfits to chic status. Rustic jewelry will dominate all other types of jewelry this year. Whether you dress up for a casual day at work, university, or hang out with friends, you can sport the same rustic piece.

Rustic sandals and bags have also made a few magazine headlines for setting the trend for summer with their unique color and quality. Do not forget to include rustic accessories on your list of items for your wardrobe for summer 2022.

Texture is Back

Yes, you heard it right. Texture is back in full force this summer. Prepare to include a few textured pieces in your wardrobe. You can already find textured clothing in addition to prints selling in top shops. Texture adds depth and class to your summer wardrobe, especially enhancing monotone and duotone outfits. Try monotone white, beige, blue, or black textured shirts and trousers with accessories if you think prints are a bit too much. Such clothing is highly appropriate for formal interviews, meetings, brunches and sometimes can be sported throughout the day. Opt for subtle textures and get your dress tailored to perfection. Unless you can get the fit right, such clothing can easily make you look out of shape.


Athleisure is the hottest summer trend for 2022 and has been going strong for a while now. Designed to keep you comfortable when you work out, athleisure is multipurpose and can be worn outside gyms also. Tracksuits and co-ord sets are widely used for their versatility while being comfortable.

Getting an athletic outfit is a valuable investment. Going for a run? Athleisure. Running errands? Athleisure. Going to a class or a conference? Athleisure. Shopping? Athleisure.

Though the 2020 lockdown certainly played a role in hyping up athletic wear as every day and comfort wear, it did stick around long after and was lifted to the status of trendy wear. By the looks of it, it plans to stick around even more in the coming years.

Elegante has a comfortable range of tracksuits for women. Add the best picks to your summer wardrobes this season.

The list must have given you an idea of what to expect this summer. This year’s summer fashion is undeniably energetic, relaxed, cheerful, and vibrant. You can easily update your summer outfits without busting your budget. The trends are here to stay and for the rest of 2022, let’s rock them.

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Dress for Work
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How to Dress for Work?

Dressing appropriately is one way to convey commitment, value, and professionalism. Our clothes communicate our personality traits to our superiors, who, unfortunately for us, have the power to make or break our professional careers. This means we should be paying more attention to our work dress. How we dress for work is something our bosses consider sub-consciously, and for certain jobs consciously, before giving us a job or a promotion. Although you should always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, you should also vary your working clothes based on the firm’s values for which you work.

Before heading for an interview, business meeting, event, or conference, you must have opened your cupboard and wondered, “what should I wear?” and stood staring at your wardrobe for a while. The answer may have magically appeared right in front of you if you work in an environment where formal clothing is a norm, and your closet is full of them already. On the other hand, if the working environment of your organization or industry is more traditional, for example, if there is a policy of only ever dressing up in eastern wear, the answer may be entirely different for you.

For men, the same cannot be said to hold true. Give them a neat button-down shirt, formal slacks, and khakis, and they are ready to go. A plain shalwar kameez with a waistcoat and oxford shoes will suffice for formal eastern attire. When professional women enter the picture, the playing field becomes more challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to eastern work apparel, as there is no defined formality for different occasions in Pakistan.

It is challenging but not impossible. To assist you, we have listed some proper professional clothing for each type of working environment, so you can dress for the position you want rather than the position you have.


Casual Business Work Attire

Going with casual business attire is a win if you work in a firm or agency, such as a production house, where the working environment is not just informal but also comfortable.

Button-down shirts and blouses look great with straight trouser pants and khakis. Jeans can also come and go but try skinny or straight jeans only. Baggy jeans have no place in any work environment.

Dress up any medium-length kurti with straight trousers, capris, or shalwars for an ethnic look. Long gowns are also welcome. Colors can range from vivid to bold, whatever suits you and your personality the best. Accessorizing is essential. Use small pieces of traditional jewelry. Carry lovely small purses that are not too dazzling or gaudy. Wear sandals, pumps, khusas, or low heels.


Business Casual Work Attire

To take it up a notch or two, go from casual business clothes to business attire.

Pair medium and long-length Kurtis with simple ankle-length straight trouser pants minus the embroidery and lacework. Avoid conventional jewelry and instead opt for jewelry that does not demand immediate attention. Wear a slim chain, studs, little stone-studded rings, and bracelets to keep it basic and minimalistic. Carry simple purses and wear low heels, plain khusas, and sandals.


Professional Work Attire

Dressing professionally is essential if you work in law, corporate, or banking. Casual or smart casual has no place in this dressing mode because anything less than professional attire should be avoided at all costs.

Banks, particularly Islamic banks, frown on women wearing western attire at work and make it a policy for women to always dress in eastern attire. If you work in those banks or law offices, it is advised to avoid wearing shirts with bold or vibrant colors that have been printed or embroidered. Always choose two-piece suits in solids or basic colors with minimum embroidery and lacework and no bold cutwork. Kurtis should always be medium or long length, with full sleeves and straight ankle-length pants. A dupatta or scarf is essential. Add a traditional shalwar and avoid any other variation.

Accessorize with simple and minimalistic jewelry such as simple chains, rings, bracelets, small studs, and sleek watches. Wear low heels, pumps, and khusas and carry small, essential bags.


Formal Work Attire

Formal work attire is similar to professional work attire, except it is typically designated for award ceremonies, work dinners, benefits, and other evening events. It preserves professionalism even outside of the office setting. You should always be cautious when dressing in formal business clothes because you are representing your organization and its value, which should always be in a positive light.

Wear simple kurtis with flared pants and long solid-color dresses. Avoid wearing anything with large prints, such as florals, and bright hues, such as magenta. Three-piece suits are also appropriate for a formal business atmosphere. Keep your accessories to a minimum, opting for an essential chain, bracelet, earring, and watch. Wear heels and pumps with a  simple clutch.

Gender Neutral Work Attire

If your business does not have a gender binary dress code, you can dress in gender-neutral work clothes.

Sweaters, cardigans, shirts with jeans, and khakis are appropriate for a casual setting. Pair slacks, trousers, crisp chinos with sweaters, button-downs, or cardigan shirts for a more formal work environment. Button-down shirts with trouser pants and blazers are appropriate in a business context. Pantsuits are an excellent option for a formal situation as it does not get any more gender-neutral than this. Although you can add a touch of pink, red, or peach to highlight feminity. Adding wristwatches and simple bracelets will complete your look.

It is always necessary to look put-together at work to be considered seriously. No one wants to follow orders from someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed and is late. Clothes give a perception of professionalism. They tell others that we know what we are doing. If we can take care of ourselves well enough, aka keep ourselves well-groomed, that gives our bosses the signal that we can take care of more responsibilities handed down to us. Imagine showing up to your workplace in pajamas. You would stand out like a sore thumb with inappropriate workplace attire. Fall in line with the dress code or, better yet, excel and develop your own sense of style in each category.

Elegante carries a wide choice of clothing for women for the formal workplace at affordable prices. You can enhance your wardrobe by getting your formal clothing custom stitched using the unstitched lawn or adding a new pair of trousers for your casual wear. Visit us anytime for more formal wear for women.

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Styling Guide For Men
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A Beginner’s Styling Guide For Men

Men seem to have limited options when it comes to impressionable style and may run short of ideas and styling advice when they are scouring for it. Perhaps you want to go to the movies on your second date and are stuck with the same two-year-old red t-shirt. Even worse is when you have a job interview and can’t seem to put together an outfit to impress your potential employer. Fret not most of us have been there when our favorite suits don’t even make sense to us anymore. We see others pulling off cardigans or cigarette pants like pros, and our trusty old red t-shirt seems to be screaming for help.
Style, believe it or not, is all about knowing the kind of dressing that suits you the best. We all want to look dapper with a cigarette in one hand, donning a warm leather jacket relaxing on a sofa outdoors with a couple of friends, but can we all look stylish doing it?
Whatever your reason is to look good, you can easily pull off a look with just a few tweaks and changes in your dressing. Note that style is not about expensive clothing; no brand can guarantee you that you will look stylish. So throw out the notion of expensive brands being the only way to look great.
Style is a way of life that you need to learn or adapt to. It takes a bit of learning and dedication; it takes time to get your style right. Hence expecting instant results could be a recipe for disaster. You can also upgrade your wardrobe with prudent shopping through sales and other budget-friendly stores if you live on a budget. Remember, style is not limited to money; you know what looks the best on you; here is a styling guide for men.

Dressing up well is a skill

Before jumping on the styling bandwagon, know that styling is about skill and awareness of the self and individual strengths. Some cuts don’t work well with certain body types, and some styles don’t compliment personalities. The skill is in choosing the right colors and brands that extol your features and personality. Maybe you look at very bold colors that are hard to pull off. The key to styling yourself perfectly is by upgrading your knowledge and skills in choosing the right fabric, the right colors, the right brands, and the proper fitting. Without these, you set yourself up for a fashion miscarriage.

Identify your style

As one of the most crucial steps, know your authentic style. Many people can tell you what their style is and then tell you they are not happy with what it has turned out to look like. This blog is for these people, and we hope you are reading it. However, 90% of the time, people add something like, “I don’t have an eye for good style,” “I don’t know what looks good on me.” These types of thoughts often cloud our judgment.
The best way to learn what you love the most is to take a piece of paper and write down the names of those whose style you really like. Note that these people could be anyone, from your friends, family, or even celebrities.
People often write names like James Bond, or Tony Stark, which is perfectly fine. This shows that you can tell what style feels like and identify people who can dress very well.
The next thing you do is list down all the impressive things about their clothing. It could be anything, from the colors they choose to the cuts they wear. Whatever your eyes find attractive, write it down even if you think you may never look good sporting any of it.
Now that you have a list, start scouring it for clothing you think will look good. You can begin by finding stores within your budget that carry the clothes. Elegante has many stylish outfits for men and has a variety in each to choose from.

Get the right fit of clothing

The right fit goes a long way in deciding how the clothes look overall. The best outfit for men is the one that sits perfectly on the body. You will solve 90% of your problems if you can get clothing appropriately tailored.
Loose clothes make you look disproportionate. The excess fabric creates a sloppy, fatter, or even shorter outlook. Having too loose fittings are a big no.
Some men have a problem wearing clothes that are either too loose or big because they prioritize their comfort; however, with the proper fitting, you can achieve the style you are looking for and at the same time enjoy the comfort of your outfit. Appropriately fitted men’s shirts can be found at Elegante in both casuals and formals. They are not just exquisite but also very comfortable to wear. Here are a select few we think you should try out:

1.  The Brown & Being Gingham Check

Check shirts are very popular and a must-grab. Sometimes elegance comes in soft and neutral colors; hence, you can always grab the latest checkered shirts if you want to look dapper.

Brown Gingham Dress Shirt

2. The Stripes

One of the most appealing men’s apparel designs is stripes. You cannot go wrong with them unless you have a pre-disposition of looking overweight in them. Wear your polo shirts in stripes or buy your next tailored dress shirt with white stripes. If you are someone who wants to play it safe yet look their best for the meeting with your new boss, try something green and white. Elegante has introduced green and white Oxford stripes dress shirts collection. A cool breezy fabric that will make you look clean and crisp throughout the day. The perfect outfit for your office day!

Green & White Oxford Stripes

3. White but not basic

White has the potential to make you look very attractive. Believe it or not, it looks good on all men and has a classic charm. Especially if the white is made out of high-quality fabric. At Elegante, we use a material that does not wither away and can be washed or dry cleaned repeatedly. Styling yourself in Elegante’s white geo print shirts, a black belt, and navy blue pants to stand out.


Live and breathe style with stylish people

When you want to make a change, it is quite possible that people see you as the odd one out. Avoid those who don’t understand the process of wardrobe up-gradation or stylization. Most people will like to see you wearing select few things because they are used to it. If you want to change yourself, ensure that you don’t listen to others. Surround yourself with people who support your change and relate to it. They say you are the product of the people you move with. So choose style-aware people to hang out with.

Try classic before going wild

The best way to figure out if a style is comfortable is to try it on. The second best way is to see it on someone else. People tend to think they can look stylish if they start sporting unique stuff and wear things no one else wears. That may be the worst choice you make for yourself. The reason is simple- those styles may either be outdated or not exactly complementary to current trends. A better idea is to try on clothes that have already been rewarded with the ‘stylish stamp.’ Once you can easily carry the classics and the evergreen styles, you can start personalizing your closet. This time you will know how to handle crazy.

Stay clear of graphics, logos, and wild prints while starting out

Many men ask how they can achieve a more mature look when starting out. The best men’s dressing style is when you eliminate clothing with graphics and wild prints. When your clothes have too many pictures, they make you look younger but probably not mature enough for the look you are trying to achieve. Try simple and bold colors with sleek cuts and good fits to achieve a mature look.

Solid and Neutrals will take you a long way

Remember, neutrals are a man’s best friend, even after you have come a long way from being a beginner. They never let you down when it comes to fashion. If you want to go for bold colors, you might have difficulty mixing and matching them. It is far better to opt for natural colors as they find their own pairs. These colors are body-defining too. If you love to go to the gym, you may want to add these colors to your wardrobe. Neutral colors like white, black, grey, navy, brown, khaki, olive, and light blue are largely available in t-shirts, pants and formal shirts.

Build with confidence; its never there to begin with

If you think you don’t have enough confidence to start building your stylish wardrobe, it is perfectly okay. When you first started driving, you were not a hundred percent confident either; you became better at it with practice. It is the same with styling. Start with the classic neutral styles. Once you wear them, your confidence will get a boost. These styles will not fail you. Keep improving your technique, adding your personal touch, and experimenting with the wild side. As you go from a starter to a pro in a few years, you will realize how far your confidence has also come.


Starting out with style isn’t difficult. All you need are tried and tested tips, and you are on your way to becoming a guru yourself. If you are looking for some stylish pieces, don’t forget to check out the men’s range at Elegante. You will be surprised how easily they will fit your wardrobe.

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5 Type of Men’s Trousers Every Man Should Own

If you think wearing the right shoes and shirt is the real deal while going out, I have news for you- to stand out and look handsome, get the bottom right. Yes, you read it right. If you get your hands on the right pair of trousers, you are making all the other accessories look a lot better too. However, if you manage to choose a pair of pants that do not complement your style, then your overall look will take a nose-dive.

So what do we do to prevent a fashion miscarriage? You wear Elegante trousers for men. We have all been there where our wardrobes were stocked with only two to three pairs of trousers that we wore with everything we owned, but let’s face it, we are putting people to sleep with the dull aura we have been pulling off for a decade.

Elegante has different trousers for men that you can mix and match with your polos or tees. Pick and choose colors that look impressive yet fashionable. Men’s trousers look amazing if they are not screaming in super bright or uneven colors. You can always invest in trousers that rock your look at all types of events. Whether it is a formal dinner with a very important client or a casual day out with your family, multipurpose trousers can go a long way in carrying your personality.

Things to think About

Did you know that there is always an abundant variety in the trouser aisle at any shopping site? That means there is more than one way you can rock your bottoms in any season. The following pants are some of the must-haves. Most of the available trousers for men are fairly talked-about, and you can find them online also.


Corduroy was a popular type of trousers back in the ’70s, and they have gained a lot of popularity in today’s fashion for men. Although the material is a bit warmer and is perfect for winters, you can sport cords flawlessly any time of the year due to the fabric’s ability to stand all kinds of temperatures. Pair these trousers with a warm-colored jumper or blazer. Furthermore, you can wear cords at any regular setting and pair them with a basic color T-shirt for a casual look. At Elegante, we style you with some fantastic cords that will help you stay stylish throughout the year.


If you have minimal trouser variety in your closet, we are sure that you have a pair of sweat pants amongst them. Men love feeling comfortable no matter where they are, but they want to stay in style, especially in winter. When sweat pants only give off a homely lounge look and feel, how do you achieve both style and comfort?
You can achieve both by adding stripes to your sweatpants. Elegante has changed how you dress up for outdoors in winters because we help you dress in different types of trousers for men. We successfully experimented with sweatpants allowing you to remain comfortable while looking dapper in the striped sweatpants. You can also wear them in warmer seasons due to the fabric’s cozy feel.

Drawstring Trousers

If you want to head outdoors in the summers with minimal effort, drawstring trousers are your wardrobe staple. The fabric needs a little ironing and compliments anything you wear on the top. You can pair your trousers with joggers or white striped sneakers, and if you want to hide the strings, you can always do so by wearing a button-down shirt or a sweatshirt. However, you can always show them off. In that case, you can rock them with a roll-neck or a basic T-shirt. You can wear drawstring trousers indoors when it’s chilly; hence owning one will never be a waste of money.

Slim-fit trousers

When you think about skinny at the bottom, do you always think of denim jeans? Do away with denim slim-fits. This time rock skinny pants in style in a cotton or sweatpants fabric. You can spice things up by buying them in many different colors, and it all depends on the event you are going to. If you are looking for trousers for men, Elegante has no limits.

Mesh and play with dark colors for your slim-fit trousers to design a classic outfit. But do not be afraid to do something different with these skinny trousers; you can use bold colors too. The secret behind rocking slim trousers is to ensure that they are not too tight. After all, you should be able to move around, and if you are uncomfortable, the entire look will look awkward.


Chinos are every man’s best friend, especially those who are super concerned about how they pull off their look. They are the safest yet fashionable clothing item you can own. They are relaxed, easy to style, and look just perfect with everything you wear. You can rock them with tees, polo shirts, or a loose-fit shirt for loungewear. Chinos are perfect for all seasons; whether cold or super-hot, they have a relaxed yet comfortable feel, making them multi-seasonal. If you have a work event or a formal dinner date, opt for darker colors such as charcoal, navy, or black. However, if you are only going out for a casual lunch or dinner with your friends, then you can opt for burgundy chinos that allow you to stand out in the crowd.


Elegante has changed the way men dress up for their events. Getting the shirt right is a challenge, but the real challenge is to get the bottom comfortable and stylish when substantial attention goes towards our trousers. If you wear the perfect polo shirt with dull trousers, you are essentially killing off the entire look. There are numerous types of trousers for men, but with the above options, you will never have a fashion issue, nor will you have to compromise on your comfort.

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how to measure your body
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How to Measure Your Body – A Complete Guide

When you go shopping, the biggest challenge is to find well-fitting clothing. Sometimes you do not have the option to try on the shirt you really liked, and sometimes it’s just plain ill-fitting even if you do get to the trying room. At that point, you hang the article back because who wants to waste money on something they are unsure of. This means you didn’t get the item you liked and probably have to settle for something that will be available out of sheer convenience.

Online shopping is a different ball game. Almost all brands have e-commerce stores and an online presence. Knowing your exact measurements becomes very critical when you purchase online. You don’t have to try on clothes that don’t fit. But once you press the “Order Now” button and complete the processing, you anxiously anticipate and imagine what the item would look like. No one wants to be disappointed after waiting days for the shipments to arrive only to find out that it does not fit them.

How to avoid this kind of fashion disappointment? You can read on and learn how to take your body measurements. Elegante’s online store has a size chart attached to every item, which helps you match your measurements before every purchase. This way, you can avail the best shopping experience and make sure you purchase the correct size.

General Considerations before starting to take measurements

Consider the following before starting the measurements:

  1. You mustn’t have thick layers of clothing on you when measuring your body. Clothing like sweaters, coats, and pullovers prevent your actual measurements from coming through.
  2. It is advised that you wear only a thin layer of fitted garments. This way, you will get the correct measurements.
  3. Stand with your feet together while taking your measurements. Be relaxed as much as you can and avoid slouching at all times.

Jot down your accurate body measurements and keep them on you while shopping.

What you will need to take measurements

An inelastic tape is essential. When getting the suitable measurement tape, be sure that it is flexible as it can bend. You can look online for good ones as there are many brands available. Take your body measurement at least twice to be sure and remove any inaccuracies.

What to Ensure

For all your body measurements, you should pull the tape measure so that it lands flat on the skin surface. However, do not compress the skin; you will only get an inaccurate reading.

Ideally, you should record your measurements in a progress chart every four weeks to ensure you do not end up buying the wrong size.

Men’s Measurement

Alpha and Numeric Men’s Shirt Size

Men’s shirts usually come in Alpha sizes; they are labeled Small, Medium, or Large. There is no rocket science in there. Casual shirts come in alpha labeling, whereas formal shirts for men are numbered with the sizes. To figure out what alpha or numeric size you are, take your measurements and compare them on the size charts available on the Elegante website.

How to measure men’s shirts?

  1. Start by measuring your neck, as most formal wear translates collar size to this measurement. Wrap the measuring tape around your throat. Once you have the tape in place, place two fingers between your neck and the tape and take the measure. Your fingers will allow some space for breathing once you button the collar.
  2. For the chest measurement, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest and backside. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground and pin the tape between your arm and side as you wrap it around yourself to ensure accuracy.

How to measure men’s trousers?

Measuring your lower body can be tricky.

Your waist starts at the height you wear your trousers. However, if you are unclear where your pants should be, you can always begin measuring your torso, approximately an inch below your belly button. Stand tall and place one finger between your body and the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement. This way, you will get a comfortable measure.

For the inseam and outseam, it is advisable to wear shoes and wear a trouser that fits you. For the inseam, measure the underside of the crotch to the bottom of the ankle. The correct measurement will cover the ankles and not show socks while you stand.

For the outseam, take a measure from your waist to the ankles.

Women’s Measurements

When it comes to women’s shirt measurements, the following measurements will prove to be helpful.

  1. When measuring the neck, wrap the tape at the base of the neck and above the collar bone. This will give you a precise measurement of your neck.
  2. For the shoulder measure, start off by measuring the base of your neck right in the middle of the shoulder and along the shoulder’s tip. Ensure that the measuring tape does not slip at any of the ends.
  3. To measure the arm length, bend your arm slightly and measure your arm from your shoulder, to elbow, then to the wrist. You will need a friend or colleague to help you measure your arm as it can be challenging to do so on your own.

How to Measure for women’s trouser

Waist and Hips

Do not use your old pants for the job. Measure your torso right below the rib cage, bringing the tape slightly closer to your belly button. Ensure the measuring tape you are using is not bent or twisted as you wrap it around your waist.

Wrap the tape across the largest part of your hip area and take the measure. Do not wrap too tight, as this can throw off the hip measure. Please note that hip bone is not the ideal hip measure.


Once you know how to measure your body, you will never experience a fashion disaster. You can confidently choose the best clothing item online from any store, provided they have a sizing chart available.

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