Polo shirts are something that almost every man and woman owns and wears on a regular basis. These highly versatile shirts are a must-have and can be worn in a number of different ways.

Polo shirts can be seen on the golf course, tennis courts, and beaches. They are also a common sight at many semi-formal events and can also act as office wear in some cases. Polos can be paired with chinos, shorts as well as formal a number of other pants.

Despite being a popular and commonly worn item, it is not easy to find the perfect polo shirt as different types of fabric, cuts, and combinations provide a range of style possibilities to choose from.

The Origins of the Polo Shirt

While the exact timeframe cannot be confirmed, it is believed that the polo shirt first came about in the 1920s and was originally made famous by Rene Lacoste. He is considered to be the originator of the modern Polo shirt as we know it today.

The design he chose was an instant classic and remains unchanged to date, with only slight modifications being made by different designers and brands. The Lacoste line of polo shirts itself is famous around the globe.

The Perfect Polo for You

When shopping for any item of clothing, the most important aspect to keep in mind, arguably, is the material and fabric it is made out of. Pique cotton shirts are made with cotton yarn with a slight ribbing in it, providing a distinct look.

It is more suited to men with a heavy-set physique as the fabric provides a decent fit without bringing attention to the less flattering areas, including the chest and body. So, if you’re looking for men’s polo shirts, don’t forget to pay attention to the fabric for the body type you have.

If you’re someone that prioritizes comfort overlooks, you could opt for a cotton or cotton-poly blend. The material is softer and more comfortable to wear while providing a sleek, modern look. Whether you want to wear just the polo or if you want to throw on a jacket on top of it, they are both excellent options.

Polos are known for being a single, block color. Muted shades always work well and these can include white, black, navy, and grey, amongst others. You can slowly work your way up to stripes and patterns as you gain an understanding for what suits your physique. A key rule of thumb is to opt for colors that complement your skin tone or hair color instead of clashing against it.

Tucked or Untucked?

One of the most confusing things when wearing a polo is not knowing whether it should be neatly tucked into your pants of left untucked. In most cases, it is safe to leave your polo is you’re not wearing a jacket or blazer over it. If you are wearing a jacket, tuck in your shirt just so that your belt is covered.

Golfers usually choose to tuck in their polos while tennis players do not. There is no correct way to do it, get an understanding of what feels right and what looks better.

The Fitting

Polo shirts should be fitted but they should never be too tight. However, this does not mean that they should be baggy with a lot of slack material on your body. Find a nice balance that drapes fairly well over your body, without restricting movement or showing too many lumps.

There is no need to wear an undershirt or vest when wearing a polo. This helps you stay cooler in the summer and wearing a vest or undershirt can ruin the fitting of the polo itself. For ladies, a simple, breathable bra can do just fine under women’s polo shirts from Elegante. The length of the shirt should be according to your height, with the tail of the polo shirt ending just below your belt line.

The collar of the polo shirt should be kept down. A propped-up collar is guaranteed to ruin the overall aesthetic of the wearer. When it comes to the logo, opinions tend to differentiate. Some people prefer the larger, more eye-catching logo such as on Ralph Lauren polo shirts while others prefer the small and sleek branding, such as the Lacoste logo which can be found on the left side of the chest area on their shirts.

Some designers have chosen to implement a breast pocket in their renditions of a polo shirt. The issue is that polo shirts with pockets tend to become saggy much more quickly than those without it. The pocket itself is not very useful as putting anything inside it will pull the shirt out of shape.


Polo shirts are an extremely popular choice of clothing amongst men. While there are different designers and brands implementing their own ideas on the classic design, the original has largely remained unchanged and has only seen a few minor changes throughout the year.

It is more than likely that one guide cannot be ideal for every person. Fashion, in a lot of cases, is about personal preferences and aesthetic choices. This guide will act as an outline, teaching you about the major dos and don’ts, leaving you to make your own choices.