As the wind changes its course and the sun shines brighter, women rush to the markets in search of summer-appropriate clothes. The best fabric that makes summers bearable is lawn. If you are in search of the top lawn summer collection, you are at the right place.

We know that lawn is your savior to combat the heat and yet stay stylish through a wide variety of female unstitched suits. And so, Elegante is here with durable, high-quality, and trendiest designs of lawns that offer you the perfect combo of style and sophistication. 

So let’s not waste time and check out our collection, which will surely mesmerize you.

The Latest Trends In The Lawn Summer Collection

Among various brands and their lawn summer collection, women often get confused about which one to choose. To make things easier for you, Elegante has come up with a huge variety that ranges from vibrant colors to minimalist digital prints. Our store has launched an exquisite collection of unstitched dresses online that will add a perfect touch of color, beauty, and style to your closet. Let’s talk about the most famous trends of our collection.

Pink Hues And Petals

Floral prints are the epitome of summer fashion. The bright colors peeking out from floral designs offer a certain coolness to the eyes that makes the design much more attractive. In addition to that, floral prints provide serenity and peace that makes the summer season tolerable.

Women have always loved pink and other colors associated with it. So it’s only fair that the most sought-after design encompasses various shades of pink hidden amongst petals and flowers. The latest pink kiraz 2-piece unstitched lawn is a stunning piece from Elegante’s newest launch. The soft and breathable fabric on top of the cool design is perfect for the weather.

This digital printed lawn suit is best for creating your own style. We recommend getting this shirt and trouser stitched and pairing it with a plain pink dupatta. The plain dupatta will accentuate the design and make it much more appealing. 

Geometrics And Abstract

One of the most popular designs this summer is geometric prints and abstract art. Combine these two, and you’ll get a befitting lawn piece and a timeless design. It is a crowd-favorite trend because of its phenomenal style and fabulous design.

The Melosa unstitched lawn from our lawn summer collection is a luxurious piece of lawn. The intricate geometric design provides a hint of chic and beauty to your appearance. It’s a great piece for casual days and hangouts in the sunny weather.

The 2 piece unstitched shirt and trouser can be styled in multiple ways to make your outfit stand out in the crowd. With our artistic design, you can be the main character of every occasion.  

Minimalist and Elegant

The revival of simple designs is one of the best trends that has taken the fashion scene in the country by storm. If you are too tired to dress up extra in the scorching sun, minimalist designs and basic colors are the right choices for you. After all, who doesn’t want elegance, style, and glamour in one package?

This summer, you can take advantage of basic designs and create your own swoon-worthy statement pieces. To help you get started, we recommend the unstitched offwhite Yildiz from our lawn summer collection.

The simple digital print is a great option to add to your wardrobe. The unstitched lawn is manufactured with the highest quality premium fabric. This durable and timeless piece remains as new as ever, even after multiple washes. Oh, and the simple design creates a perfect balance with the other extravagant styles in your closet.

Turquoise Canvas

Summers are never complete without colors that resemble the ocean and make us at peace with the heat. That’s why it's important to own a few pieces in multiple shades of turquoise and green. It adds color to your wardrobe and flair to your life.


The green quinceanos lawn from our unstitched summer collection is the perfect piece. The design provides tranquility and peace. The three-colored pattern looks effortless and stylish. And the premium lawn fabric offers comfort to the wearer. This trendsetting pattern and the highest quality lawn is an excellent combination that makes this piece a must-have for every fashion-faithful customer.

Striking Vibrance

For all the color-enthusiast women who can’t look away from striking colors and bold patterns, this summer, you can create a whole outfit according to your style. Vibrant colors might seem too much for the weather, but they offer a particular calmness that boring old colors just can not. On top of that,  we can’t forget about the fact that cheery and bright colors release dopamine - the feel-good hormone.


So, to improve your mood and create a happy vibe, the best option is our black Isabel unstitched lawn. The black color might seem contrasting to the striking blue and green. But that’s exactly what makes this design more unique and interesting.


This striking two-piece floral lawn offers an exclusive take on the otherwise pastel florals. We are sure that this stunning piece is sure to get you noticed even in huge crowds.


Final Thoughts

We all know how difficult it is to endure the heat and humidity of the weather. The one thing that makes it a hundred times better and bearable is the lawn fabric. In summer, it keeps us cool and collected. Moreover, the softness of the fabric adds more to its charm and high demand during the heat-stroke climate.


The breathable fabric is perfect for summer and almost every other weather the country has to offer. But with so many brands competing to stay on top of the market, choosing one place to shop the latest lawn summer collection is tiring. That’s why we have brought the list of the top trends this summer. The best part is the availability of all the crowd-favorite designs at Elegante. It’s time to leave behind the hectic search for the best fabric and shop at Elegante for the perfect collection of trendy and stylish lawn suits.