Choosing the right attire for an interview is as stressful as the interview itself. This detailed guide will help you pick the perfect interview attire for men to make an impression that lasts.

Wearing the right clothes that fit your style as well as the company’s, makes all the difference in the interview. While you prepare for your interview, be sure to understand the company’s culture to dress appropriately and catch the recruiter’s eye. The company’s website will tell you a lot about whether the dress code is formal or casual. If you are still doubtful, you can always call and ask about the company’s preferable dress code.

Whether you are applying for a formal business environment or a more casual setting, this guide will help you pick the right outfit.

Job Interview Outfits for Men

Research indicates that 55% of the first impressions solely depend on how you dress and walk through the door. Additionally, you would be surprised to learn that hiring managers say that clothes play an integral role in the final decision of choosing between two similar candidates.

Regardless of the job or industry type you are applying for, looking neat and tidy are the fundamental prerequisites that you must fulfill. If you wish to reflect your personality with your dress, go ahead. However, you should remember that an appropriate interview attire for men must steer clear of loud clothing choices like ties with bold patterns or characters.

Tips for a Formal Business Environment

The standard interview attire for men is business formal, and it’s essential to get it right when opting for a company that sticks to a formal dress code. Dressing appropriately and aligning your outfit with the company’s culture will help you make an impression and nail the interview.

You can choose any of the light-colored formal shirts from Elegante’s collection. However, one that we’d recommend is the white formal shirt. It is stitched in breathable cotton, which means you won’t get any pit stains that we usually get due to sweating through warm fabrics. And the white color is perfect for attracting your boss’s attention toward your sober styling sense.

It gives off stylish vibes while also ensuring that you look sharp as a needle. The color, the fabric, and the simplicity of the design will help you land the job of your dreams. Moreover, you can wear every kind of tie with the white shirt. No more running to the store to look for a specific tie that goes with one color only!


Some other tips that can help you are:

  • Wear a single-breasted two-piece suit
  • Solid colors or small pinstripes are the best options
  • Wear a simple, elegant tie
  • Avoid bowties and loud patterns
  • Polish your shoes and make sure they are free of stains or scratches

Interview Outfits for Men for a Casual Business Environment

When going for a creative or IT industry where the environment is more relaxed and the company does not follow a formal business dress code, opt for business casual. Adding a personality to your outfit for this type of industry is always recommended.

You can make your outfit more dynamic by choosing this casual yet classy button-up shirt with a collar in a contemporary style. This piece from Elegante exhibits energetic vibes, and the employer will look at you as a forward-thinking, smart yet casual person. The Irish Blue color is a laid-back color that shows creativity. The button-up style is a head-turner that shows a great sense of fashion.


However, many people make the mistake of going over the top with this attire, which may leave an unpleasant impression.

Follow these tips to look professional and wear business formal the right way.

  • Wear formal trousers or chinos
  • Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, or shirts without collars
  • Avoid open-toe shoes
  • Wear polished, stain-free leather shoes

Interview Attire for Men for a Casual Environment

When applying for a job at a start-up, dressing up can be quite tricky. There are no specific interview clothes for men in such settings, as start-ups usually don’t have a designated dress code. Usually, people make the mistake of going casual, thinking that their outfits won’t matter. Take our advice: don’t.

The best option is to wear a slim polo shirt with Chinos. When going for an interview, you want to make a good impression, look neat, and show that you have put effort into preparing for the interview. The maroon polo shirt from our men’s collection shows exactly that!

It’s not too plain or casual. But it’s still casual enough that you don’t stick out among the employees. The maroon basic polo is made with premium pique cotton. The fabric is comfortable for casual days at the office. However, the fabric is still a bit crisp to provide a stylish and sharp look best suited for casual start-ups.


Follow these tips to ace your attire for a casual interview:

  • Make sure the outfit looks neat and polished
  • Avoid wearing jeans and choose chinos or dark trousers
  • Steer clear of suits, dress shirts and pants, and ties
  • Pair your chinos with casual loafers

Dressing for an Interview in Worker Environment

A suit and tie are inappropriate if you're applying for a job as a laborer, at a factory, or anywhere where you'll be working outside all day. Even so, you should resist the temptation to dress in your go-to t-shirt and ripped jeans.

The secret is to observe what others are wearing in the workplace and then dress a bit more stylishly. If you're having trouble deciding what to dress for your interview, you can choose a smart t-shirt from Elegante.

The teal blue basic tee is perfect for dressing smart yet casually. The regular fit cotton material ensures you won’t be too hot during the interview. It is made up of soft yet elegant fabric. A nice pair of jeans with this t-shirt will definitely upgrade your look.


How to Dress for an Interview: Tips from Experts 

This detailed guide must have helped you in making a decision and choosing the right interview attire for men. Before your interview, make sure you check all the points below.

  1. Ask around, surf the web, and research the company. The insights will give you an idea of what to wear.
  2. Regardless of the setting, keep the outfit office-appropriate, stylish, and minimal.
  3. Avoid loud colors, graphics, bold prints, or writings. It won’t make a great impression.
  4. Many people make the mistake of wearing strong cologne. Don’t do that, and wear a subtle cologne instead.
  5. Avoid ankle socks and make sure you wear plain matching socks without any prints
  6. Get a good haircut, trim your facial hair, or shave to look neat and tidy.
  7. Tie your hair back if you have long hair.
  8. For formal interviews, choose a well-tailored two-piece suit.
  9. For casual interviews, pair a matching blazer or a sweater with your pants.
  10. Stick to classic and neutral colors.
  11. Ensure your nails are clean and trimmed, especially if the job is in hospitality.
  12. Carry your resume and other relevant documents in a laptop bag or a briefcase.
  13. Make sure your shirt is crease-free, and shoes are polished to maintain a professional appearance.