A piece of clothing that can be found in every fashionable man and woman’s closet, polo shirts are a common sight for people of all ages, whether they are at a beach party or on a golf course. Comfortable, versatile, and effortlessly worn, it is not difficult to see why polo shirts are so popular amongst modern men and women.

The polo shirt has a rich and color background. Having originated on the polo field and made famous by Jean René Lacoste, it became an instant classic.

Despite being hugely popular, there are still a few things that are important to consider when it comes to polo shirts. These small but important style choices can be the difference between you looking average and amazing.

Collars That Fit

When shopping for a men’s polo shirt, make sure that the collar is just the right size. Polo shirts fall in between a formal dress shirt and casual-wear t-shirts. If you want a shirt with a really small collar, then a Henley might be a better choice.

Similarly, a collar that is too large can seem out of a place for a polo shirt. It is best to stick with the original size which is neither too large, not is it too small. There’s a reason why the design of the polo has remained unchanged for so long.

For Occasions

It is important to understand that polos are worn in a lot of different situations. This has resulted in polos of many different types of materials and fabric blends being available on the market.

The Pique cotton polo has a signature woven pattern that distinguishes it from other polos. The textured material is breathable with the sleeves usually having a ribbed finish. It is not uncommon for this to be worn at semi-formal events where a suit and tie is not a requirement.

Polos made from a cotton-silk blend are also quite popular. On the other hand, a cotton-linen blend makes the material more breathable which makes it ideal it the polo is to be worn in the summer season.

Such fabrics occupy a nice space between a t-shirt and an Oxford shirt, making them perfect to be worn on casual and smarter settings alike.

Polyester rich blends are more suited to sports. Polo and tennis are where the polo shirts are most commonly seen but they are also worn during golf, tennis, badminton, and a host of other athletes. The polyester helps with moisture-wicking and keeps body odor to a minimum which makes it the material for athletes.

The Right Fit

When it comes to finding the perfect fitting polo shirt, paying attention to two particular areas can yield excellent results. These are the waist and the arms. A well-fitting polo is similar to a t-shirt. It should skim your body and have room for free movement without being too baggy.

The ribbing on the collars and cuffs of polo shirts provides them with more structure as compared to t-shirts but they should not draw too much attention. The sleeves should reach the middle of the bicep even in the case of a women’s polo shirt. If they go all the way to the elbow, it is a sign that the polo is too large.

These is no need to wear an undershirt with a polo. An undershirt can cause the collar to crumple while also being likely to slip out from under the sleeves. The collar of a polo shirt should always remain down. When buying a polo, ensure that the tail does not extend further than midway down your back.

What to Wear on Top of Polos?

While polo shirts might be sported more commonly in the summer, they are an excellent option for year-round wear. A polo shirt is a great replacement for a button-down if you plan on wearing a lightweight suit with it. A blazer with a pair of chinos can also work well.

In the fall, a nice sweater can be the perfect option for a textured look in place of a t-shirt or a button-up. Make sure the polo is tucked in and use a belt to avoid looking sloppy.

Why Jeans Are Not the Only Option?

Polo shirt and jeans are a classic combination but that does not mean that they are the only choice of trousers that you must stick to. Polos can be paired with chinos, joggers, shorts, formal trousers, and more, depending on the time and place.

Each option has its own style which allows the wearer to have their own unique look. Polos can look equally good with a pair of jogging trousers and trainers or with chinos and a pair of loafers.

Thinking about these dos and don’ts can help ensure that you look smart before you head out. Feel free to implement some personal stylistic choices while paying homage to the original.